Sabaat Episode 3 Story Review – Confrontations

The first half of this latest episode of Sabaat was fast-paced and relatively more impactful. The story moved forward to the next phase with this episode. My favorite part from tonight’s episode of Sabaat was Anaya’s reaction when Miraal hit her. Although this drama is definitely not free from stereotypes but there is always something in every episode that is unexpected. I do feel however that some of the scenes lose their impact because the dialogues and situations are too plain.

Miraal and Naani

I am glad that Miraal and naani’s confrontations were shown for a reason. It was also good to see that Miraal did not undergo an immediate personality transformation. There are plenty of dramas on air right now in which spoiled girls are shown insulting older people/relatives for no reason. I am however waiting to see how naani’s passing away is going to affect Miraal in the long run. So looking at naani’s pictures made Miraal realize that her naani was right after all. Naani’s interactions with Miraal always suggested that she wanted to bond with her granddaughter yet somehow she never showed Miraal pictures from her younger days to make her realize that she indeed was like her. This was the kind of situation that showed that although the writer had a good idea to connect these two characters but the way it was executed wasn’t exactly convincing.

I wish naani would have been shown trying harder to make Miraal realize that they had a lot in common. Just saying that she could see herself in Miraal simply wasn’t enough. Also, every time I heard her say that, I never thought that she was talking about outer appearances. And if that was included too and she had pictures to prove it then it would have made much more sense if she had sat down with her granddaughter and shared those memories. The fact that looking at her pictures was like a revelation for Miraal did not work for me at all.

Naani finally decided to tell Miraal off and the build-up leading to naani’s death was covered convincingly. It remains to be seen whether Miraal will feel guilty later on or not. Sarah Khan is performing well, it is good to see her playing a character different from the ones she usually plays.

Sabaat Episode 3 Story Review - Confrontations

Anaya and Miraal

I loved Anaya and Miraal’s confrontation especially because Anaya did not stand there quietly and hear Miraal shout at her. The slap was definitely uncalled for but it was because of it that we got to see Anaya’s strong personality. She tried to hit Miraal back and was not intimidated by her. Later on too she wasn’t scared of going alone to Miraal’s house and confronting her. I think Anaya’s track so far is written much more convincingly than that of Miraal. There were no confusions at all, I understood why she did not want to share these details with her parents and the reason why she wanted to go to Miraal’s house was also made clear by her. The scenes with her friends however could have been chopped down.

Miraal could not stand the fact that her brother was influenced by someone other than her. Her confrontation with Anaya showed a much more unsettling side of her personality. Even though she has always been shown as a spoiled brat but I wasn’t expecting her to slap Anaya. Basically, Miraal will do whatever it takes to have her own way! I hope as the story progresses we see other shades of her character as well because so far there is an overdose of negativity there!

Anaya’s character is more balanced. She is the good girl but at the same time she is not afraid of confronting or even hitting someone to pay them back in the same coin. There is a rage in her but unlike Miraal she uses it wisely. Anaya’s relationship with her parents is exactly what most of us want to see in Pakistani dramas. Unlike the parents in Ishqiya, these two can tell if Anaya is disturbed and do not hesitate communicating with their daughter. Mawra Hocane is performing brilliantly so far, Seemi Raheel and Muhammad Ahmed are adorable as the sweet and caring parents. Even though the dialogues are quite plain but these two make them work.

Sabaat Episode 3 Story Review - Confrontations

Final Remarks

Although I am enjoying watching Sabaat and looking forward to the next episode but I feel that so far the story lacks depth. I am wondering if Miraal’s fiancé will make an appearance sometime soon. He should have been shown tonight even though Miraal doesn’t seem to be interested in him anymore.

I haven’t warmed up to Hassan’s track just yet perhaps because he is supposed to be the not-so-attractive character at the moment. Anaya and Hassan’s track is also littered with clichés so far. Ameer Gilani’s performance was not up to the mark in this episode. Although the director added background score to make the Anaya/Hassan scene more impactful but it did not make up for Ameer Gilani’s blank expressions.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • yes i agree !!
    sara acting was good in today episode ..
    ameer gelani is still unimpressive but khair mawra ne bhi seekh li ye bhi seekh jaayega acting ..yahi to hota aa raha hai is industry mai :D ..ameer gelaani ka dost abbas ashraf imran ashraf ka bhai hai .. baaqi aap ne sara aur mawra ka comparison karkai kya zbrdast kaha hai ..meri to soch us taraf gaye he nahi ..good haan ..!!

  • I found this episode to be plain and boring. Ameer Gillani wasn’t performing well. Ameer is class fellow of Mawra when they were doing law so this is different type of nepotism. A feminist like Anaya shouldn’t have said, ‘Mein tumhary leye chooriyan laaon gi’ because it literally means k jo log chooriyan pehnty hain wo kamzoor hoty hain. Writer too the creative liberty aur Naani ka fuse a4anak urra diya even though Doctor said she is completely fine now. Idk but i am not warming up to sara khan and her character. It’s like i am watching this drama but not really watching it. I think i am going to loose my interest in this play if it doesn’t pick up.
    PS: Why this comment section? Previous one was really good. Bring that back. Plus admin your thumbnails look horrible. It’s like i am scrolling through haqeeqat TV’s videos on YouTube.

  • This comment board again?

    Liked the episode. Naani jis waja se mr gaeen wo koi solid reason nhi tha. Miraal pehle v to badtameezi krti hi thi. Agr ye krna hi tha to kuch zyada badtameezi dikhate miraal ki jo naani k dil k lgti.
    Ameer gillani’s acting is not so impressive yet.
    Love anaya’s parents. No doubt, the best part of drama.
    Mawra is doing really well.

    Good review FA!

  • This comment board again?

    Liked the episode. Naani jis waja se mr gaeen wo koi solid reason nhi tha. Miraal pehle v to badtameezi krti hi thi. Agr ye krna hi tha to kuch zyada badtameezi dikhate miraal ki jo naani k dil k lgti.
    Ameer gillani’s acting is not so impressive yet.
    Love anaya’s parents. No doubt, the best part of drama.
    Mawra is doing really well.
    Waiting for next episode.

    Good review FA!

  • Gr8 review Fatima, I was not going to watch this drama as not a fan of any actor, but started watching bcoz of your reviews and I m loving this drama. Just like Yaqeen ka safar, this one has a filmy feel to it. First episode was a bit slow but second and third have been excellent. 2 scenes were little difficult to digest- 1 in the hospital where doctor mentioned that daadi is out of danger , then howcome she died (even tho the scene was powerful and it did make me emotional) and another one in the college, there could have been many other ways to get hassan’s address.

    Anyways the performances so far have been excellent. Im liking Hassan too, he is also doing very well, and all the confrontation scenes and background music has been powerful, looking for ward to this drama. So far so good.

    • Thank you so much tiger. As someone who lost a dear friend who was young and perfectly fine in the hospital seconds after the doctors told us all that she was perfectly fine, I could totally relate to that scene.

      That getting the address bit really took the longest time, not the best

      I am glad you are enjoying watching this one, I am hoping that it will get better.

      Appreciate your feedback tiger, keep reading and commenting.

  • Miral is good but eagerly waiting for most awaited charming character Usman Mukhtar of drama.

    I am watching this drama because story behind Nani and secondly Usman Mukhtar

  • The episode was nice but I wasn’t expecting Nani to be killed off this soon. But then she did serve her purpose…of showing us that though horrible so far, Miraal’s character is not irredeemable. And though Miraal showed genuine concern at Nani’s illness and remorse at her death, she also didn’t waste time in going back to her cranky self at the funeral. That scene for me, was unnecessary…as was Miraal slapping Anaya. I mean she just zooms in all cool and calculated, serves some insults along with some attitude and then out of nowhere…kaboom. I mean she seemed more angry back at the house (still wearing the same coat…inside…after many hours…and despite central heating… I’m only assuming that cuz they’re super rich…but then she’s watching movies on a laptop instead of a giant TV so who knows their real net worth???) than she did in her confrontation with Anaya. Anaya’s reaction was both appropriate and human…it’s lovely to see a protagonist who’s not all forgiveness…some people need to be punished. I’m loving Mawra’s very natural performance… she’s really brought the ordinary girl with an extraordinary backbone to life. But I’m still on the fence about Sara, she was good in the second half when she was worried about Nani and then shocked at her death but her performance lacked the forcefulness it should’ve had in the university scene. Ameer Gillani hasn’t shown much range as an actor yet. He’s not bad but he’s not exceptional either. The lack of expressions when Hassan finds Anaya at the funeral was telling. And once Usman Mukhtar enters the scene, we’ll have not one but two wooden guys on our hands. Anyways, I like this drama and love your comprehensive reviews.

    • So glad you’re enjoying watching this drama. You know I look forward to your dil se comment ;) I liked Usman in Anaa, he fit that role so well, waiting to see how he does in this one.

      Thank you for loving the reviews.

  • Assalamualaikum Fatima. Great review. While watching the drama, I was also not expecting for Miraal to hit Anaya, but it shows how Miraal is not going to back down if someone gets in her way. I find the story to be progressing very nicely. I also wasn’t expecting poor Nanni to die, I cried watching that scene. I never knew my Nanni, I was about 4 years old when she passed away, but I always remember her for being a great person and a great Muslim. I miss her so much! There’s always a lesson to be learned in dramas, and particularly in this scene it’s that you should always respect your elders and not do anything that will make them upset or angry with you. As for Ameer’s performance, in my opinion he’s doing good. It’s his first drama, I feel like people should give him some room to improve. Acting is not easy, and it takes some time to perfect your expressions and dialogue delivery. I feel like as the drama progresses more, his performance will be better, as seen in the teasers.

    • Waelukum Asalam Marium, thank you so much for liking the review and for sharing your views here. I enjoyed reading your comment, keep reading and commenting.

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