Sabaat Episode 7 Story Review – The Rejection

Finally an episode with some interesting developments and quite a few scenes which suggested that the drama will now be moving forward to the next phase. The characters continue to be one-dimensional, their journeys, however, might be slightly more interesting now that there has been a major clash of values. The background score yet again was too loud and unnecessary at times. All the scenes, however, contributed something new to the story. I am waiting to see more variations in the characters, hopefully in the upcoming episodes.

Anaya Says Yes But….

The whole ‘blackmailing track’ was used to make Anaya fall in love with Hasan. Although she already liked him, everything that Hasan did to help her out in this episode and the previous one definitely leads Anaya to make her final decision. Mawra Hocane was convincing as the girl who was in love and ready to settle down. I am glad that the writer has shown that a girl who wants to be independent is not averse to the idea of getting married. A girl can get married and pursue her dreams at the same time. Anaya and Hasan yet again proved to be rather immature because they did not think things through. I really liked the scene in which Anaya told her mother about Hasan. Anaya’s bonding with her parents has been the best aspect of this drama. Their scenes are always realistic and all the actors involved share remarkable on-screen chemistry. That is the reason why it would have been so much better if Anaya’s father was in the picture too when she disclosed this news. A heart-to-heart talk with her parents, especially her father prior to their meeting with Hasan’s parents should have been shown.

Sabaat Episode 7 Story Review - The Rejection

I was unsure about Hasan’s father until last week since there were times when he appeared to be a reasonable person. However, the way he played games tonight was yet another move that wasn’t well-thought-out. That is the main issue I have with this script, the characters can at times act in ways that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Also, this was the kind of scenario which has been done-to-death in our dramas. Most often we see the boy’s mother doing what Hasan’s father did tonight. Anaya’s father’s reaction made perfect sense, Muhammad Ahmed made this scene really emotional. The handshake was an interesting addition to this scene, it showed the coldness with which Hasan’s father greeted Anaya’s father, something which he felt instantly.

Miraal’s Narcissism

Miraal is definitely a narcissist who isn’t only in love with herself but she constantly feels the need to have things her way. The way her naani’s words came to haunt her repeatedly in this episode also reflected the underline guilt she felt but it wasn’t something she was going to address. Although she kept on thinking about all the warnings her naani gave her, there was absolutely no change in her attitude. On the contrary, she is still on a mission to prove her deceased naani wrong. However, I always feel that there was a need to show more direct interactions between Miraal and her naani, then these flashbacks would have been more impactful.

I hope that as the story progresses Miraal’s state of mind will be explored even more. Self-importance above everything else and lack of empathy are the two most significant traits of a narcissist. The fact that Miraal was willing to kill Anaya to get her out of the way suggested that she really does need professional help. She controls everyone around her and she cannot come into terms with the fact that Hasan has for a change made up his mind about something without her help. Her father’s dialogues when he met Anaya’s parents clearly showed where that mentality came from. Her father is definitely an enabler.

Sabaat Episode 7 Story Review - The Rejection

Miraal’s mother’s apology tonight was a nice surprise since most often she does not have much to say. The mother is a good woman who can clearly see that her daughter and husband are on the wrong track but she is too submissive. This character most often seems like a caricature, unlike Anaya’s parents who have definite personalities and presence.

The writer through Miraal’s conversation with her friend has tried to convey that there has been some change in her personality after her naani passed away but that change cannot really be seen. Apart from the fact that Miraal is lost at times, she is just as self-absorbed and shallow as she was before. Sarah Khan looked really attractive in some of the scenes tonight but her character isn’t turning out to be as appealing as I was hoping it would be.

Final Remarks

This was an entertaining episode overall and there was a major shift in the story. It was however not free of clichΓ©s. Hasan will leave his house after finding out what actually happened and then perhaps Miraal’s father will suffer a big loss in the business at some point, that is what the scenes in the office tonight suggested. There must be a reason why the developments in the office are being given so much screen time. The preview of the next episode was intense, I am waiting to see how the story unfolds.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Fatima please make an article Meray Paas Tum Ho vs Dil Lagi and compare them in every aspect just like you compared Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Na Maaloom Afraad 2 please please I beg of you make this article please

    • Sami, thank you for the suggestion. That is an interesting idea, will definitely write something on those lines.

      • Yeah please write this article Meray Paas Tum Ho vs Dil Lagi and do the same comparisons as you did in PNJ vs NMA 2 article please please please

        • I had to go back and search for that article LOL! I didn’t really remember it. Sure I will definitely do that, I appreciate your feedback.

  • It was a good episode of Sabaat as compared to last one. Fareed seth ney game kheli hai by showing his key paisa ka guroor and status aur aulad key liye especially for Miraal he can go to such extent. Miraal tou mujhey Game of Thrones ka koi khatarnaak character ya WWE ki undertaker lag rahi hai her waqt bus larney aur maarney key peechey hein. I am fed up of her one dimensional character, dosron pey hukum chalana aur puppet ki tarah dosron pey hukumat karna. Baqi Mawra is only sane and appealing character. She knows how to balance her personal life and professional life which she aspires to have. Usman Mukhtaar lagta hai sirf card key liye rakha hai to attract audience. I am liking kashf right now. By the way, well written review sister

    • Thank you so much bro. It is always great to hear from you. Bilkul aisa hi hei! Hahahahaha your comments about Miraal, chaa gaye ap! Background score bhi kafi sazishi hota hei. Anaya bhi kabhi kabhi bongis maar jati hei LOL!! Seriously, bari drag kr di hei Usman Mukhtar ki entry, better be worth the wait. Kashf is one of my favorites right now, a different story bs wo behnu wala track is done-to-death, I wish that our drama writers would leave this sibling rivalry far behind, Maat se shru hua and there is no putting an end to it! Tung aa gaye hei dekh dekh ke k lrka ya lrki pasand kisi ko hota hei aur shadi un ki behan ya bhai se ho jati hei!

      • Indeed sister. Sibling rivalry should be omitted out from dramas as it doesn’t not usually happen all around. However, except this track, Kashf is best drama. I must say Hira Mani’s choice of choosing character is very prudent. Sabaat needs fast pace and Usman Mukhtar should make entrance. Naani sey tou ab mujhey darr lagney laga hai. Jab bechaari Miraal room mein akeli hoti hai naani ki entry ho jaati hai. Naani achey tarah sey revenge ley rahi hai Miraal sey ab.

        • Bilkul, it is a different concept isi liye aise cliches ko nahi add krna chahye tha dramay mei. Recently itne sare dramas mei ye sb hota dekha. Totally agree with you, Sabaat needs to pick up pace and so far kuch buhat naya dekhne ko nahi mil raha. LOL @ naani, sahi baat hei.

  • your review is totally on point…..But I have some serious issues with miraal’s character. her fiance should literally get himself out of this relationship. ever since the first episode I have only found her excessively annoying. I can’t even hate her. she is just a glamorous version of a kharoos phuppo

    • Thank you :) Or someone like her should just break the engagement since she dislikes him so much! I agree with you she is annoying for the most part, I can’t stand her most of the time, she needs to get a life. However, if they are headed towards showing that she will end up going completely mad then it makes sense. No high hopes from her character, however. Sarah Khan looks the role after all Miraal is self-obsessed and shallow but is that appealing? Most certainly not!

  • Balanced and justified review. A better episode. Everyone acted better too in this episode. It is good to watch Mawra play a character which is different than usual.

    • Thank you so much Sarah, I always try and watch every new episode with an open-mind even then overall I am disappointed with this drama. I really hope that it truly takes off from here on. I agree with you the performances were on point in this episode.

  • Better episode. Mn yhi soch rha tha k itni asaani se hasan anaya ki shadi kese ho skti hai. Or sb itni smoothly to nhi ho skta. Mjy ye development bht achi lgi. Aagy dekhen gy drama kya turn leta h. I guess ab drama next phase jaane wala hai. Anaya or hasan k beech phirse kese sb theek ho ga or miraal ka haris se interaction.

    Looking forward to it.
    Apt review FA!

    • Yes true, itni asaani se ye sb nahi hone wala tha. Ab lagta hei shayad Hasan ki actually journey start ho jaye towards self-reliance and independence.

      Thank you AH. Sorry, I couldn’t reply to some of the comments last week because of the routine in Ramazan along with the online classes! Looking forward to our discussions.

  • You pointed out the flaws and good points perfectly in your review Fatima. There is nothing left to say. I am also watching Sabaat in the hope that characters and story will start getting more interesting with time but like you have mentioned in your review there are always some scenes which are immature. Anaya betrayed her parents trust by putting her through this awkward situation.

    • Thank you so much Seher. I appreciate your feedback and I am glad we agree. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Nice review Fatima! It was definitely a better episode than the previous ones aired so far!

    It seems Miraal is headed towards a psychological disorder for which she’ll have to see Dr. Haris. But if they want to show a psychological disorder, they shouldn’t show the annoying part of her behavior! One moment she seems depressed and the next moment she becomes the controlling person.

    Hassan’s friend has to be the most disloyal friend ever! He is busier impressing his friend’s sister than helping his friend.

    The best scene of this episode is the one Anaya shared with her mother! It was nicely done and the way her mother reacted showed how good their bond is! Why didn’t Hassan accompany his parents to Anaya’s house. Given the situation, it would have been better if he had been there with them. But anyway, hope the drama takes off from here! Waiting for Usman’s entry. I, however, think that the drama would be half way through by the time Dr Haris makes an entry.

    • Thank you, Sheetal. You are so right! Hasan should have accompanied them, it would have made sense. Hasan’s friend is so annoying! Some of these characters really need to get a life ;) The fact that they are making the viewers and fans wait like that basically shows just how much HUM banks on star power!

  • Guys I didnt like much in this at all. Honestly not much going on. Aur plot idhar udhar se inspiration lee hui hai. parents goand ask for rishta , zaleel the family and come back. Who wears such big earrings as hassan’s mo to get a rishta. And for heavens sake, when an intelligence officer goes to a criminal’s room, do citizens just accompany? without more officers?

    • Yes, not much to like for sure but slightly better and interesting than the previous two. I was also wondering just that! But then I also wonder if he was an officer or not! This track has been handled quite callously for sure like it is a joke.

  • I have stopped watching it bcx of both the lead ladies and misfit hero. But Fatima your reviews are so upto mark as if you are writing our heart out
    Keep up

  • An apt review as usual. The first half of the drama was a bit boring but the second half more than made up for it. The whole (non)proposal scene was brilliantly done. Mohammed Ahmed was outstanding…I mean when he cried…I seriously wanted to let the kiraye ka qatil, that Miraal wanted, loose on Farid. Mawra’s reaction and the don’t-speak-only-emote approach was perfect for that scene. Thank God there’s no marriage on the cards yet…Hassan has some more growing up to do and Anaya should also not be in a hurry to settle yet. Miraal however badly needs the right kinda man (only psychiatrists should apply) in her life. This fiancΓ© should go…fast…like right now. I feel like it was Hassan’s defection, more than Nani’s death that’s making her so depressed. She’s always mooching around, in dark clothes (but heavy make-up) and depressive moods but if someone (Usman Mukhtar) can guide her out of this state of mind into some semblance of normalcy then her character arc could be fabulous. Though not a UM fan, I think it’s high time he came and gave this character some much needed life and light. Over all a nice epi but one thing really bothered me…woh mitthai Ka dabba bohat hi chotta tha πŸ€”

    • Thank you, N. You’re so right about Muhammad Ahmed’s crying scene, he makes all the scenes so emotional. He is the best aba in our dramas for sure. You feel an instant connection to all his characters. I think it is both, she feels guilty for treating her naani the way she did and she feels she isn’t in control because Hasan doesn’t listen to her anymore.

  • Gr8 review Fatima, Im continously enjoying this drama, even tho there is nothing new in it but it def keeps me hooked and i never get bored, its very filmy. Good that hasan and anaya didnt get married so easily, it will be nice to see hasan’s journey after leaving his home. amir gilani is really good as a newcomer. and remaining also act well. i hope mohammed ahmed doesnt start irritating like in ruswai.i agree with u completely that the father behaved exactly as many manipulative moms in other serials. anyways looking forward to this serial.

    • Thank you tiger. I am so glad that you are enjoying watching this one. I loved Muhammad Ahmed’s acting in Ruswai, felt for him more than the heroine haha! Yes, he totally acted that way. Somehow our writers cannot let go of cliches. I am also hoping that it will take off soon.