Sabaat Episode 8 Story Review – Lackluster

This was yet another average episode of Sabaat. Although this drama has only been on air for 7 weeks, there is already so much repetition. I was hoping that Sabaat will take off now but even with some tangible development in this episode, some of the dialogues yet again were plain and the story seems to be going around in circles! Can we please move to the next phase, if there is such a phase that is! There were so many scenes tonight that added nothing new to the story. Watching Miraal telling her fiancé off was never ‘interesting’ but it is getting even more boring with every passing episode.

Miraal’s personality has been well-established by now, the scenes that were shown tonight gave no further insight into her character. Every episode of Sabaat has more or less the same scenes, there is nothing new about the locations or the information these scenes give. Ameer Gillani’s performance tonight in some of the scenes was the best so far. Mawra Hocane also acted superbly and I am glad she has sported a look in this drama which is well-suited for the character she is playing. Anaya’s parents’ scenes continue to be the highlight of every episode. The leading characters do not have the kind of charm which these two supporting characters have. Seemi Raheel and Muhammad Ahmed’s realistic performances add to the beauty of these scenes.

Hasan and Anaya

Tonight’s episode opened with Hasan trying to understand why Anaya’s parents rejected the proposal. Thankfully this misunderstanding was not prolonged but even then there were quite a few scenes that could easily have been chopped down. Anaya’s conversations with her friends are always so plain and their scenes together are most often used as filler scenes. Hasan and Anaya both completed their studies and Anaya topped in her batch. Yet, she was not the least bit excited and she was heartbroken. In fact, she did not even know that she had secured the top position, that was so illogical! Anaya was upset because she made a wrong decision because of which her parents were humiliated. Miraal was ecstatic because this is what she always wanted. Her character is getting more annoying and shallow with every passing episode! The ‘layers’ I was hoping to see are clearly nowhere to be found.

Hasan decided to go to Anaya’s house and that is when he found out what actually happened. I was hoping to see Anaya’s track going in a different direction but her parents want her to get married. Eventually, perhaps she will end up getting married to Hasan but honestly speaking I don’t find myself rooting for these two. The characters and the track is just not appealing enough. Anaya’s scenes with her parents were sweet and heart-warming as usual.

Sabaat Episode 8 Story Review - Lackluster

Hasan’s mother managed to stop him from leaving the house and finally she decided to put her foot down. It is good to see her finally contributing to the story even though her dialogues were not the least bit impressive. This particular development made perfect sense.

More of Miraal’s Narcissism

Miraal’s scenes tonight showed once again how her moods changed depending on what her parents decided about Anaya and Hasan. When she was sure that Anaya was out of Hasan’s life for good, she was ecstatic. Later on, when her father came to tell her that he had to show some flexibility, she started getting nightmares again. Whatever nani said to her clearly suggested that basically it all boiled down to having things her way, nothing more and nothing less.

Miraal’s mother rightly pointed out that her father had contributed to making her the twisted person she was now. Even when he agreed to accept Anaya as Hasan’s wife, he was not willing to go to Anaya’s house. He also thought that he needed to get his daughter’s approval. Miraal’s father has definitely failed to play the role which a father should be playing in the house. He has created a monster. If anything, this track basically shows that parents who go out of their way to please their children make a huge mistake. Children need boundaries and if they get ‘addicted’ to having things their way all the time then they grow up to be like Miraal. Having said that, the way Miraal’s state of mind has been shown on-screen is not entertaining or engaging in any way.

Sabaat Episode 8 Story Review - Lackluster

“Jo mera raaz nahi rukh sakta wo mujhe kya rakhe ga” was one of the many dialogues tonight which affected the overall impact different scenes had. Sarah Khan’s entire look for this drama is clearly well-thought-out. There are times when she looks a little too perfect. Even in the more casual scenes, she is wearing more make-up than is necessary. I really hope there is a good reason why we are being shown that Miraal wants to get Anaya killed! She must be really crazy to do something like that. I am also waiting to see when she will get rid of Ali for good because surely someone like her shouldn’t be holding on to someone she cannot stand!

Final Remarks

With every passing episode, I am losing hope that this drama will offer anything grand in the upcoming episodes. Tonight’s episode of Sabaat was visually pleasing as usual but the characters do not have the impact or the appeal which would make this drama more interesting and intriguing. The preview of the next episode showed Hasan’s mother going to Anaya’s house with the proposal.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Fatima what about the article Meray Paas Tum Ho vs Dil Lagi comparison I requested you to write an article on this topic please write it please please

  • I agree with you completely, Fatima. I was looking forward to this drama because it seemed to non-traditional but I’m just not enjoying this. Anaya’s relationship with her parents is the only vaguely sweet thing.
    I just don’t like miserable Miraal, and there’s no layers to her character that make her a compelling character to watch, either. Every week I think this time Ali has had enough of her and is going to break the engagement, but no, they’re apparently still engaged, which is ridiculous because neither of them seems to even like the other.

    • Same here Maha, the OST and the promos suggested it would be grand but I honestly feel Hum is ruining every single play that it promotes as the next big thing in some way or the other.

      Miserable and moody Miraal! Hum TV is relying on Usman Mukhtar a bit too much, I doubt that he can save the day now!

      I appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

    • exactly Mr ali cool rich handsome guy with zero self respect always being a door mat for miraal and i hate hassan character he doesnt know acting how one richi rich spoiled brat changes suddenly literally in a day showing his rebellious side to his family mutlab bhai kia masla ha apne business ko sambhalne men ?? mehnat to udhar bhi chahiye bus 5 hazaar ki nokri kr k cool banna ha

  • I second you. The only good thing in this drama is the relationship between Anaya and her parents.

  • Lackluster is the perfect description for this episode and the review is so so apt. To me, this has been the most disappointing episode of Sabaat so far and it’s all because of Anaya’s reaction. I mean I get that she had developed feelings for Hassan and was crushed by how his father humiliated her’s but to lose all interest in her career is something I can’t understand. I mean she was passionate enough to top her class and yet couldn’t even bring herself to smile when she found that out? Not okay. This should’ve made her realize that there’s more to live for than a guy that she’s only had 2 or max 3 decent convos with. I seriously hope that Anaya would decide to work and not get married right away… that’ll be a huge disappointment for me and an utter waste of time on the producers’ part who’ve done nothing but try to portray her as a realistic, goal-oriented girl from day 1. Let’s hope that the makers do not turn the saving grace of this drama (Anaya) into a typical heroine suffering from the pangs of unrequited love. Also if her mother knows that she can’t stand Suraya Ka beta, toh why’s she trying to marry her off to him? I’m not belittling the institution of marriage, but when are the maker going to stop pitching it as the ultimate goal of every female and her mother??? This drama should’ve been different…still hoping that it would be.
    As for the Fareed house psychorama…it was just more of the same. The father being bossy, the mum having bouts of courage amidst silent spells, the son trying to be independent (with an obviously empty bag) and the daughter becoming more unhinged everyday. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it Miraal who brought up the subject of what her fiancé failed to do for her and then kept on goading him till he blabbered the whole thing out in front of the Lecturer friend? If she didn’t want her friend knowing about it, why bring it up? I’m tired of seeing Miraal in all her depressed-yet-not-a-hair-out-of-place glory. Oh Usman Mukhtar…where art thou???

    • I think they have dragged Usman Mukhtar’s entry and everything else! You are right about Miraal and the fiance, the dialogues and the situations are just so badly written, no depth, no sense!

  • a lovely review, it’s exactly what i thought on all the above that u mentioned, plus that Ali should get away from Miraal before she gets him killed, because if she gets to the hitman first then Anaya won’t be the only one to die

  • The review is on point Fatima! I wonder if there is a next phase to this drama at all. The best part of this drama is the bonding that Anaya and her parents share as a family. Their scenes are nicely done and I always find myself looking forward to their scenes together. Be it a serious conversation or a light one, they’re a treat to watch.

    On the contrary, there is always a certain thing about Hassan and family and their scenes are more mechanical than anything else. When Hassan’s mom was talking to his father, it looked so plain. I lost count of how many times she widened her eyes to make an impact, but it was just plain. However, good that atleast she spoke now. I wonder why Miraal’s approval is so important for her father to go ahead for this rishta. Miraal planning to get Anaya killed is just lame. She is turning into a psycho and that’s where I think Dr Haris will make an entry.

    Anaya, on the other hand, earlier used to speak how she doesn’t want to go into the kitchen after her degree because that’s not what she wants to do, like other girls. She was shown as a progressive girl and now suddenly she’s so worried about this guy that she doesn’t even check her result, forget showing happiness about being the topper.

    I like Hassan’s house though, it has beautiful views and looks like the director has stressed upon making the drama look pleasing. I think it is the same house that Altamash had in Anaa. Dr Haris, please make an entry soon and save this drama!

    • Thank you so much, good to know that we are on the same page. Totally agree with you Sheetal, Laila Zuberi’s acting has been truly unimpressive in this drama.

      Yes definitely! The entire focus on making the drama visually pleasing to make up for the lack of substance. I doubt he can save this drama but here’s hoping!

      I enjoyed reading your comment, keep reading, and commenting.

  • Fatima Ji,

    To review Sabaat, a drama that has lost it’s direction, has probably lost it’s plot and may be lost it’s soul…. requires tremondous amount of patiences….. You doing so is simply amazing…

    You do not let go or give up on any drama so easily …… you have always given a fair chance to the drama production team and it’s actors….. This review is in detail and very well written.

    A post from N…. in this group mentioned “Oh Usman Mukhtar….where art thou???”
    (Thank You N….. You said it….)

    Usman Mukhtar is a very good actor….. A short and sweet cameo in Janaan and he was amazing as Altamash in Anna….
    ( looking forward to a lot more from him)

    I am of the view, that the makers of Sabaat had this in their minds that Usman Mukhtar is the drama’s USP, this is where the drama production team lost everything good they had)
    Another post from Shameem Ji is right in mentioning…. “I don’t think even Usman’s character can help Miraal now”
    I would like to add with due permission….
    “I don’t Usman will be able to save this drama now”

    Yes, I am being very agressive in my views of Sabaat, being unfair to the production team, it’s actors and story line….

    I will be more than glad if Sabaat comes out with flying colours from here on….
    ( I will certainly owe all of you an apology for being harsh on this drama….. time will tell, I guess)

    Fatima Ji, restriction on reviews by the management is not fair….

    I was hoping you would also review “Dilruba” some time soon….

    I am with this group and will certainly watch Sabaat till the very end…..
    Fatima Ji, looking forward to your reviews and once again sincerely appreciate your patience and the quality of never giving up…..

    • please read text as ” I don’t think Usman will be able to save this drama now” Thank You (Ketan)

    • Thank you so much, Ketan for your kind words. Means a lot to me. Really truly appreciate your love and also your analysis is absolutely correct. I think Hum was banking on many things other than the script!

      Keep reading and commenting. What a lovely comment, it made my day. Bless you.

  • I find it annoying that miraal is just a well packaged fitna sister character that appears in literally every drama trying to break apart the main lead. The makers didn’t even try to make the character different or unique beyond the looks.

    • So true! Completely agree. A modern version of balaa, only balaa was much more interesting in the beginning.

  • If miraal and her father are killed off every single person’s problems in this drama will be solved. There is nothing exciting about miraal’s character she is just an overly spoilt brat. I’m surprised how hasan puts up with her. If she were my or anyone else’s sister I’m pretty sure they would have slappped the hell out of her.

  • To the point review Fatima, this drama is like a body without soul, Story is forced, characters are shallow and everything looks counterfeit except Anaya and her family.
    I have never seen such useless ppl with low life like Ali and Miraal’s cousin, they are in this play to be insulted by this lady called Miraal( the monster).
    Hassan’s mom is awake after the Rishta fiasco. I can’t understand Miraal’s hatred toward Anaya that she needs a hit man to kill her( is she a gangster or what).
    Story looked promising in the beginning but right now it’s going downhill. Still no Usman Mukhtar after 8th episode and next promo shows he won’t b there in 9th as well.i watched this show in 15 min thanks 😊 to the forward button.
    Pathetic Show!

    • Thank you so much Simi! Miraal has been given a lot of apt titles by all of you LOL!! This drama is like balaa part 2, the modern version of it! Wise move, I wish I could do the same haha.