Sabiha Sumar’s Film “Good Morning Karachi” to release soon!

Pakistan’s film industry is flourishing each day with a pace unmatchable and adding a new name in the list of the movies one would surely love to watch, Sabiha  Sumar’s Good Morning Karachi is all set to make a power release in the country. The movie was also premiered in India at the 15th Mumbai Film Festival where the idea behind the story was highly appreciated.

The story is about a girl who belongs to a lower middle class of Karachi and dreams about turning into an actress. The journey then starts when she gets a small break in her career. Sumar once said, “This film is about the youth realizing their dreams and it is a very real portrayal of the changes in Pakistani society at present. It’s a coming-of-age-story about the young men and women in the country”.

Known for her work for the welfare of Women, Sumar’s first film ‘Khamosh Pani’ too, is a beautiful work she has rendered to the film industry. The movie was previously known with the title of ‘Rafina’ which is actually the name of the main lead on screen but now that the movie will be making its release in the country, the title of the movie has been changed to Good Morning Karachi.

Let us see what response the film earns in the home country,


Nida Zaidi



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  • Looking forward to that. Her first film Khamosh pani was a good movie in Punjabi language, but it was too serious with not much entertainment value. Her drama ;Mi Raqsam’ on geo was also too dull and boring. Hope this one will be entertaining not much serious.

    NZ also include the cast name, and trailer of film it is available at

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