Sadaf Kanwal And Amna Ilyas Get Candid At HSY’s Show!

HSY has totally improved his show since the first season. The acclaimed designer makes his guests comfortable enough that they go on revealing different facts about themselves as well as openly talk about the industry.

Supermodels Sadaf Kanwal and Amna Ilyas visited HSY’s show and the women were very much open about their feelings and opinions. Here are some things they shared on the show:

  1. Sadaf continuously kept telling people that she does not have any surgeries done. The model has heard people say that she has got about 80 procedures done. So, She categorically denied all those rumours.


2. Amna Ilyas shared that she got down with dengue last year and her platelet count fell to dangerous levels. She then realized that all she has been working on in her life money, fame, career are secondary. Since then she spends more time with her family and now she feels more content.


3. Both Sadaf and Amna shared that they personally have never experienced the traumatizing casting couch but yes, it exists like it exists all over the world.


4. Aman Ilyas talked about people who nowadays use social causes just to gain fame. She then talked about the reason she raised awareness about the stigma against dark complexion. She said she had to do it because she does not want young girls to suffer through any insecurities.


5. The girls also had some advice for their contemporaries. As Amna gave Nadia advice to work more on her fashion sense. At the same time, they wanted to tell Sunita Marshal to lean more towards acting.


The ladies can always make a show more entertaining indeed!

Pakeeza Dar