Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 12

“Wo mari hui Shano bhi Khalil ko nahi day gi!!” …. From the first scene of this episode to the last one with Rasheeda in it we saw a very desperate Rasheeda trying everything in her power and more to ensure that Khalil stays away from Shano. For a split second I thought that Rasheeda might be looking out for her daughter, it could be that she does not want Shano to end up doing something she regrets later. The way she feels about Khalil and why she doesn’t want Shano and Khalil to get married is not a secret any more. Rasheeda’s meeting with the pir was very interesting. Even this man who knows nothing about her found it difficult to relate to her problems. He obviously thought that it was Rasheeda who needed help and not Shano or Khalil. On the one hand Khalil is getting closer to God in order to get what he wants because he is convinced that the love he feels for Shano is a gift of God and He is the one who gave him the power to fight Fayyaz and his friends. On the other hand Rasheeda’s faith in God is nil, she actually thinks that extreme measures like black magic will give her a way out. This is turning out to be a fight between good and evil, it is a battle between love and hatred. On one side there is Shano and Khalil’s love and on the other side there is nothing but hatred which Rasheeda feels in her heart for her sister and almost everyone who does not do things the way she wants them to.

The flashback scene was definitely something which many of us have been wanting to see. Hearing people talk about something can never be as relatable as watching it unravel on screen. I would have really liked it if we could have been shown how Abdur Rehman found out about Rasheeda’s relations with her brother in law. Inayat looked very resigned to her fate and dejected in the flashback scene, it was almost as if she knew that there was no point in blaming anyone. Even right now she does not come across as a person who would take revenge or ruin her sister’s life in any way. I am guessing that Rasheeda was lying about Inayat not being her sister!


Khalil finally decided to ask Shano how she would feel about a court marriage, he is quite sure that she will refuse and he does not want to do anything like that either. The most powerful scene of tonight’s episode had to be the one in which Rasheeda tells Khalil off; his reaction and Samiya Mumtaz’s expressions were spot on. Only Khalil would hand over the money for the crockery he broke in rage – yeh hamare hero ka style hai!! The meeting between Shano and Khalil once again was overloaded with romance which I am glad is a permanent part of every episode of Sadqay Tumhare. The song sequence could have been cut short. I am waiting to find out what turn the story will take from here, aur kitni jangay lrni pare gi Khalil ko?? We will get to see some new characters a new twist in the story in the next episode.

I cannot praise the acting by all the actors enough, all of them manage to impress you in every single episode. The actors in the flashback scene as well were chosen very wisely; all of them were faces we haven’t seen in dramas before, they looked like the younger version of the characters they were playing and the acting was commendable as well. Khalil-ur-Rehman’s powerful dialogues are definitely very impressive. After watching this serial I am sure that Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is one of those very few writers who write when they actually feel like they have a story to share and not because a production house requested them to write on certain lines.

Which was your favorite scene from tonight’s episode? Any predictions about where the story will go from here? Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode.

P.S Good news for all those viewers who are watching Firaaq:)



Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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