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Jacks(assumpti)on Heights – Episode 15!

Oh my! It was such a slow episode that I struggled to keep my eyes open till the end. There was some progress in the story in this episode but things have been so slow that it’s getting hard to keep my interest intact in this drama.

I did like the confrontation between Jamshed & Bhatti. That was one powerful scene of this episode. After they had a spat, Jamshed tried to imply that he has not gotten involved with Michelle because he wants to get a green card & even if that’s true, it makes me wonder why Jamshed fell for Michelle. They should’ve shown some grounds as to what Jamshed saw in Michelle to fall in love with her? I feel that the writer & director have invested a lot of time on unnecessary things but they skipped to show the detailing where it was required. The question still remains that why Michelle & Jamshed fell in love with each other, that too so abruptly?

Michelle is taking care of her boyfriend & she knows he wouldn’t appreciate it but still every single time she somehow manages to convince him to accept her help. I liked the fact that Jamshed is egoistic enough that he didn’t just accept everything that Michelle offered right away but tried resisting at least & this makes me wonder again, how come Michelle had such good friends that she was ready to ask them for a favor that too for the sake of Jamshed? All this while we’ve known that she has shied away from every single friend of hers & it was only Rizwan all these years whom she was comfortable with, so it looks very unlike Michelle that she would burden herself with someone’s favor to help Jamshed out but oh, she has been doing all such things lately that she wouldn’t have, so no surprises there.

The second & the last scene that I liked in this episode was Imaan & Sikandar’s confrontation. At least she has the guts to speak the truth on his face & show him the mirror, so hats off to Imaan for having more brains than a 30+ y/o Salma, but then again, Tai Jee took it as another opportunity to blame it all on her DIL. Looks like Sikandar has it all planned & he knew he could use Imaan as a trump card that would stop Salma from leaving him & luckily for him, it worked because after that Salma; being stupid that she is, started having second thoughts which makes me think that how come she doesn’t know that if she decides to get the police involved, they would obviously check Sikandar’s previous criminal record too & they would never let Imaan stay with him because anyone would know that a child that too a girl is not safe with a felon? Plus wouldn’t they ask Imaan as to who she wants to be with? Sikandar knows too well that Salma is not only gullible but she is weak, which is why he gets the confidence to do what he feels like because he knows that his family & home are being taken care of by Salma & she is never going to leave him. It’s so frustrating that even after he openly threatens her, she still tries to cover him up.

Becharay Bhatti Sahab, lagta hai unke din buray chal rahay hain. It’s ridiculous that instead of showing some concern for her husband, Cathy, who is incapable of being nice, started bombarding him with annoying questions again. Looks like she doesn’t know how to be considerate which then makes me wonder why is she so annoyed & disturbed if Bhatti has befriended Salma? Does she really think that she can treat him like a doormat & he wouldn’t retaliate? All this while Cathy was always indifferent to Bhatti, so she should continue to stay in her own anti-desi bubble happily & is it just me or Bhatti’s bhai bhabhi’s parasite-ness is getting repetitive & old? Share your thoughts or rather new assumptions & guesses please!

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Zahra Mirza.

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