Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 5

This drama proves that sometimes one liners like “apne ap se bahar bara buzdil hun mei” “ap bhi purtey parhatey ho ya sirf rukhwali krte ho” “mulaqat ki hami bhur lu tu mulaqat zarur krta hun” ” pehli baar us ke chehray pe ghussa nahi tha, akr bhi nahi thi” and many more like these make the viewers understand situations and characters more than long paragraphs of in-depth analysis. All through tonight’s episode these one liners made me go aww, they made me laugh and definitely said a great deal about all the characters. The excessive use of Bha ji by Shano to make sure that Fayyaz knows that he is no more than that for her was a minor addition that made a big difference. I am sure many viewers like me could tell how Fayyaz must have felt every time Shano addressed him as Bha ji. The way Shano says ami G even after her mother hits her showed that she knows she is right and that her mother’s behavior will not change anything at all, she remained unaffected by her mother’s response! How amazing was that! Khalil is a completely different person around Shano not because he is under the influence of Maqsood’s lecture or afraid of his khaloo but because he is in love! Shano is not Khalil’s zid but she is his love because if she was only a zid he wouldn’t have been so lost around her. The opening scene of tonight’s episode revealed a very different Khalil and from there on the viewers were going to be introduced to a whole new side of Khalil. When Khalil hears Shano telling Fayyaz off he does not know what to expect, he expected Shano to be completely different and she is just that but only when she is with Khalil.


Khalil makes sure Fayyaz knows that he is not his match at all. The way he literally bullied Fayyaz into silence was hilarious. Khalil was out to impress Shano and he knew exactly how to go about it. I would give full marks to Mukarram Kaleem for playing the annoyed yet helpless Fayyaz brilliantly.The letter which Khalil wrote to Shano was actually much more than just a love letter; Khalil means business, he wants to know if Shano is with him or not because if she is with him then nothing else matters. He is not going to waste time because he is intelligent enough to know what is coming ahead. When Khalil returns home after meeting Shano he is a changed man, the satisfaction on his face shows that he has found what he was probably not even looking for, like a man who stepped on a hidden treasure when he wasn’t even searching for it. Life has a new meaning for Khalil, he looks forward to Shano’s reply so that he can figure out what he wants to do next. In the last episode we saw Maqsood lecturing Khalil about love and how essential it was to respect the person he loved. Although that conversation was beautifully written but Khalil did not need to hear any of it because being in love has taught him everything he needed to learn…” pyaar se ziada us ki izzat krta hun”, Khalil tells the postman but he is not going to beg his khala khalu to accept his proposal.

Samiya Mumtaz plays the zalim samaj with perfection; what is a good love story without the samaj ki dewar standing in its way! Sadqay Tumhare to me is like a beautiful fairytale; we have a gorgeous leading lady, a handsome hero and the perfect vamp. It is intelligently written because everything is blended well, the romance and the humor. Humaira’s reaction when she meets Khalil and the way she describes to Shano how she recognized him later on was another beautiful aspect of tonight’s episode. Hearing those dialogues was like listening to a perfectly penned down piece of poetry.

Adnan Malik and Mahira Khan’s flawless performances along with the sizzling chemistry between the two makes the romance between them a treat to watch. Both of them deliver the romantic dialogues in such a way that they melt your heart and do not sound cheesy at all. Both these actors have brought their characters to life in a way that you can’t help but look forward to their scenes. Each and every scene deserves to be cherished. I have already watched the episode twice and intend to watch it over and over again! I am in love with Shano and Khalil’s love story, every episode of Sadqay Tumhare has delivered till now. The second this drama starts I know that I will be glued to be my television screen for the next one hour. Sadqay Tumhare is very special to me, I haven’t enjoyed a romantic play this much in a long time. A big thanks to the entire team of Sadqay Tumhare for a job very well done.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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