Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 9

“Jaan day du ga, Shano kisi ko nahi du ga” – Khalil made sure that everyone who was in any way related to Shano clearly understood that as long as he is alive he was going to do everything to ensure that one day he gets married to Shano. Shano is as madly in love with Khalil as he is with her but the difference is that she does not think that getting married to someone you love is important. She believes that she can continue loving Khalil for the rest of her life even without getting married to him. Shano’s dialogue in the last episode about mohabbat and shadi and her reaction when her father told her that there was no way that she was going to get married to Khalil in tonight’s episode went to show that she does not care whether she gets married to Khalil or not. But she also makes sure that her father knows that if she doesn’t get married to Khalil then she was not going to get married at all.

Tonight’s episode was filled with scenes which I absolutely loved. Shano’s expressions when her Taya informs everyone char lashein daal ke aya hu were priceless! The way Khalil turned the tables was not surprising at all – I expected nothing less than that from our hero! The Taya abu knew only too well that getting his son married to Shano is only going to bring even more trouble but Fayyaz wants to get married to Shano therefore he is helpless. The way the tangay wala told Amin the story was just perfect! He started off by telling only half of the story and that too the part which he knew Amin wanted to hear and then he went on to tell the details which he knew would be shocking and upsetting for Amin! As maulvi sahab pointed out everyone knew about Khalil and Shano’s engagement and they wanted to see the two of them together.


We also found out tonight that Khalil knows nothing about what happened in the past. Probably because he lives in the city and such things are discussed more in the village where everyone from the immediate family resides. Also, girls are exposed to such information more than the boys. Khalil also thinks that Abdur Rehman is his real father. Like every other episode of Sadqay Tumhare the conversations alone were enough to keep me glued to the television screen. Shano’s conversation with her father was amusing just like all the other conversations – she always leaves her parents clueless! Shano knows what she wants and she has complete faith that there is absolutely nothing wrong in feeling the way she does for Khalil therefore there is always a lot confidence and honesty in the way in which she expresses her love for Khalil. I always find myself rooting for Khalil and Shano like a teenager while watching this show and whenever they “win” I can’t help but feel happy!


In my opinion this episode was flawless, every single scene was beautifully acted out and directed. I paid a lot of attention while watching this episode and I was especially looking for flaws but I failed to find any except for that one scene in which Rashida mentions that two of the boys were in the hospital although Fayaz’s father hadn’t given away all the details yet. Mahira Khan has totally won me over, in fact she wins me over and over again with every episode of Sadqay Tumhare. Her expressions are always flawless and the way she has brought Shano’s character to life on screen is beyond commendable. There were a few scenes in tonight’s episode when Khalil’s character actually looked scary! I am not sure if it was meant to be that way or Adnan Malik went a little overboard. Apart from that Adnan Malik has been phenomenal as Khalil, yes he is very OTT but that is what I love about this character. Shano and Khalil give the phrase “madly in love” a whole new meaning! A big shout out to Samiyya Mumtaz and Rehan Sheikh for a brilliant performance throughout this play and particularly in this episode. Rehan Sheikh’s expressions were spot-on when the tangay wala told him what happened and when he was talking to Shano. Rashida is venomous and it is a pleasure watching Sammiya Mumtaz being so perfect in this role. Shamil Khan, Irfan Khoosat and Qavi Khan are the kind of supporting actors which can only be a part of a dream team. I can’t help but praise everything about this play. Sadqay Tumhare always manages to take me into a world of its own where I am completely detached from my surroundings and yes from reality too. Shano and Khalil are Romeo/Juliet and Laila/Majnu for me. These love stories did not have happy endings but they are the most popular ones nevertheless! Their story reminds me of all the beautiful love quotes I have ever read and all the touching love stories I have ever seen on-screen. Thank you Khalil-ur- Rehmna Qamar sb for sharing your story with us.

Does this drama have the same effect on you? Which was your favorite dialogue or scene in tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts!


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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