Sanam Episode 04 Review – Taking Bechargi To a Whole New Level!

Ohkay so, this episode of Sanam was quite slow & focused more on elevating the level of Harib’s bechargi, whereas Aila’s psychological disorder got no coverage, which should’ve been the focal point right from the beginning, but then, who’s concerned about showing the right thing, right?

Aila, just on the basis of her assumption accused Harib of cheating on her & in stead of dealing with his own issues like a man, Harib chose to depend on his ‘friend’ Shehroz to do the heavy-lifting. I don’t get one thing, Harib got married to Aila for himself after ‘thinking things through’, so why does he depend on his friend so much so that he literally walks away from his personal problems & in stead of trying to do the damage control himself, he expects Shehroz to do everything for him? Marriages don’t work that way where every single time, in stead of talking things out, you depend on an external entity to do things for you, but then again, that has been the writer’s agenda since day 1, where she is trying to show us everything to make us feel that this marriage ‘shouldn’t’ work since Harib is deprived of peace, tranquility & anda paratha rolls in this marriage!

Honestly speaking, they tried to show both Shehroz & Aila in such a negative light, but all this while, in stead of feeling their negativity, I was wondering if there was ‘one’ decent decision that Harib has made in his life? He has failed in choosing a good friend for himself & he has also failed in choosing a wife that completed & complemented him. All this shows that Harib lacks the basic sense of judgment & he can’t really read people, whereas they have shown Harib as a self-made man who has achieved a lot in his life single-handedly, so I guess they shouldn’t have shown him as such a slow-witted person, who couldn’t understand what his ‘friend’ was trying to insinuate. Aila obviously has some issues & even Harib knows that now, so I guess he should’ve known better that taking a breakfast tray to her room & calling her ‘Aila Jaan’ isn’t enough. Harib needs to educate himself on how he should deal with Aila when she is having such ‘episodes’ but he goes into this mode of self-pity that doesn’t allow him to think straight!

Aan’s mother was heart-broken & so was Aan, but it was good to see that Aan tried to assure her mother that Harib’s wife was mistaken & also, Aan’s mother chose to support her daughter. I liked the fact that after feeling a little low, Aan’s mother rebounded & went back to being her old self. Mrs. Shaukat got to meet Harib & that’s when she realized that just like Aan was innocent in this situation who got accused for no good reason, Harib was a bigger, rather an ultimate bechara who was dealing with so much baggage already. In just a single meeting, in stead of telling his new-found mother the truth about Aila’s psychological condition, Harib chose to tell her that chapter of their story which would make her feel bad for him only, which is why in the next scene while preparing breakfast for Harib, Mrs. Shaukat chose to call Aila ‘shukki’ & that explains all!

Aila & Shehroz’s scenes were actually hard to watch. It is so obvious that in stead of helping Harib, Shehroz is doing everything to create a rift between Aila & him. Shehroz has been dependent on Harib financially & that is why, he shamelessly mooches off Harib & just when Harib expects him to pay back by emotionally supporting him, Shehroz back-stabs him. I am not sure how long are they going to stretch this chapter where Harib will continue to trust Shehroz & Shehroz will continue to back-stab him. I wish Harib finds out about his intentions soon enough to spare us some more psychotic drama that Shehroz has started!

Overall, this episode was quite average. Hareem Farooq’s acting was definitely better in this episode but I am afraid that it can’t be said about the choice of her clothes. Maya Ali is amazing as Aan but I felt that she was emoting a little too much in some scenes. I guess Maya Ali needs to contain her expressions in some scenes because I feel acting should come naturally to her since she has garnered a lot of experience by now. OKB, well, he hasn’t done anything extraordinary so far but yes I will thank him for making me giggle with the bechari look that he had pasted on his face throughout the episode. Since this drama is showing us something new, so let’s appreciate them for the fact that we have seen so many women who get walked out on by their husbands, but this time around, it is the husband who is in the bechari light & it was his wife who chose to walk out on him, so yeah, that was interesting LOL & honestly, I have no sympathies for Harib’s character because BOI, you jumped into that pit yourself, so you should know that you need to come out of it on your own too. Also, I totally respect all those actors who are playing the role of Shaukat Qureshi’s family, but I actually pity them because their scenes are so uninteresting & boring that they don’t give me anything to talk about, sorry guys your talent & your efforts are being wasted in this drama. Well, the precap of the next episode was quite ‘interesting’ where we will get to hear some very clichéd dialogues & some typical reactions like slaps but what’s amusing is that time around, the victim of ‘domestic abuse’ is a man & not a woman, haha! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this ‘amazing’ episode of Sanam. ;)

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ps: My apologies to all my dear readers for such a late review. It was a long weekend here & I was out with family friends, so, long story short, I couldn’t watch & review Sanam on time & I know you guys understand. <3 :)

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