Sanam Episode 08 Review – Teri Kasam Ye Hai Mann Mayal TWOOO!

Oh My God! This is unbelievable. Well actually, this instinctive reaction is coming after watching the precap of the next episode but I’ll come to that later. Anyways, basically this episode had nothing to offer & it was quite slow. I am kind of annoyed at the pace of the drama & this is not a good sign because we are just in the initial stages of the drama & seems like the director has already started taking things slow to test the remaining amount of the patience the viewers had in them after watching Mann Mayal. I seriously think that HUM TV should have thought things through & they should have given the viewers a chance to recover from one apocalypse that they just experienced by not airing Sanam right after Manna Mayal ended because with each passing episode, this is turning out to be Mann Mayal 2! Literally, showing one apocalypse after another is never a good idea & that is the reason why the viewers are not feeling this drama at all.

Well, honestly speaking, I was surprised to see Aan spending more time with Harib even after she saw how that created an issue for Harib previously. Aan was shown to be quite independent & she was doing this welfare work on her own, especially for herself but now it seems that she can’t even go to see those kids herself without tagging Harib along. Anyways, looks like Shabnam took my advice seriously & now she has actually started her catering business because like Aan announced, now she would also be delivering dinner because her delivery service is not confined to the breakfast only. Aan also declared sincerely that she will continue to do so till Harib gets married & his wife takes care of his taste buds but I was wondering, what if Harib once again gets married to a girl like Aila who doesn’t know how to cook, will Aan & Shabnam still do catering for him? I am sure they would since they are so faarigh & have nothing else to do! I am not sure if Aan is simple-minded or a bit too conniving where she is conveniently ignoring the fact that spending time with Harib & literally going in & out of his place can cause a dent on her image? I am sure Shabnam tells Aan to deliver the food to Harib only, which doesn’t meant that she has to sit with him, monitor if he is eating his food properly, pour a glass of water every time his chokes & return after witnessing the sight of last morsel making it to Harib’s mouth!?!?! Seriously gurllll, find yourself some activity & oh, is it just me or someone else also rolled their eyes when Aan was being ‘chummy’ with Shehroz…!!! *eye rolls*

So, Aila’s parents found her & they took her with them. It was good that Aila’s step-father gave her a piece of his mind but I am sure Aila’s mother Aisha would never allow her daughter to get better by facing the reality that she has some mental issues as Aisha herself is in denial. That thing was sorted & seems like Shehroz had an ‘insaniyat’ pang once again, where he started whining about how he was of no use & couldn’t save Aila & Harib’s marriage, like seriously, ye sab Aila ko taarhnay se pehle sochna tha na, huh! It is actually quite amusing how the writer is making sure that we all do not forget about the profound words that were uttered by Sallahuddin’s mother which were ‘in logon ka koi deen emaan hai bhi ya nahi’?

Well, it literally took 5 seconds for me to realize that Fatima is going to test my patience even more & I literally hate when the kids in our dramas are given more coverage than they require aur upper se phir Masha Allah aisay batameez bachay hon to phir to Allah hi Hafiz hain. We get it Fatima you’re from London, but ye Pakistan hai, kukroon kurroon, wake upppp!!!!!! Seriously, it looks like the writer is always going to keep Harib surrounded by people with mental issues, may be this is the writer’s way of avenging the fun viewers made of her husband’s work in Mann Mayal, so she decided to throw one psychopath after another our way to turn us viewers into a psychopath too. Just when Aila’s character took a backseat, the writer brought forward 2 such characters where the mother has an anxiety (love this fancy shancy word) & the kid that is plainly & scaringly annoying!

I think the writer has tried to add in a lot of scenarios to add more content in this otherwise khalam khali drama but sadly those situations are either so bizarre or so done & dusted that they are just coming across as fillers & bad ones at that. Sara is being given so much of coverage but you know what, her entire story didn’t stir any sympathy because they introduced her as someone who walked over bechara Harib for the sake of money. Very conveniently Sara blamed her parents for getting her married to a Richie Rich but she can not say that now as even she seemed a little too concerned about the utility bills she’d had to stay worried about if she got married to Harib. Like they say ‘neeyat saaf, to manzil asaan’, so since Sara’s neeyat wasn’t saaf, she & even her parents used the Richie Rich for his money, so now she can not use it against him to turn him into a villain in front of Harib that too when she is living in an apartment that he bought for her! If Sara’s husband is the culprit, so is Sara for being attracted towards him because of his wealth. So, just like Sara’s scenario is bizarre, the scenario of Shabnam’s in laws is so typical & pathetic that it is not even funny because we have seen such relatives in our dramas a million times who choose to stay associated with someone because of their wealth. It is so obvious that Shama is interested in Aan because she being the only child will be entitled to everything that her parents ever had & owned, so what’s so new in here that the writer ‘assumed’ that we will like or enjoy watching?

Well well well, I think if they had shown that Sara moved with her Daadi Amman to this apartment, that would’ve made far more sense than showing that she moved with her child because Fatima surely is a Daadi Amman in a small packaging. It was actually so annoying to see her ‘doubting’ her mother’s intentions because she spotted her sitting with a guy & she also used it to threaten her mother, like seriously, is she a kid or an agony aunt? What’s even funnier was that Sara called Harib to help her out in curbing the doubts in Fatima’s mind, as if Harib is Fatima’s father & he knows how to handle Fatima? Like seriously!?!?!?! They all seem so weirdly lifeless that it is not even funny because yes, the thing that left me shocked was seeing Harib seeking Aan’s help by asking her to act like Harib’s girlfriend to tame a what, 7 year old? Like seriously!?!?! Also, like I said, the writer has made sure that Harib will be surrounded by at least one pagal at a time, so now Sara has filled in that void that was created by Aila’s absence & now she will start behaving like a possessive psychotic girlfriend who would give Harib a hard time every time she will see him with Aan. Oh so-called writer jee, hamain pata hai appne Harib aur Aan ko milana hai to 10th episode mai hi ye miracle dikha dain, ye paglon ki toli dikhana zaroori nahi hai baar baar!!! Well in the initial part of the episode, Harib did say that he wanted to help Aila out with her mental issues, so now looks like the writer took care of that khuwaab too because now Harib will be taming a 7 year old & will be tolerating her tantrums haha!

I will say that I enjoyed the entire rishta scene where Aan shooed Rehan; the Woodpecker by telling him about her family’s background. Shabnam’s reaction was funny & I liked the fact that Aan was being honest. Princess Harib is depending on Prince Aan (pun intended) a lot more than he realizes but I found it good that Aan still stays unaffected by everything that is happening in Harib’s life, like she seemed pretty ohkay with the fact that Harib was having a conversation with Sara, similarly, she is not making excuses to not get married in a hope that may be Harib will propose her, just a few things that I liked about Aan’s character so yep!

Overall, this episode was slow, boring & cringe-worthy. It is so obvious that our patience is going to be tested with each & every episode. I am actually still laughing at an idea that Princess Harib & Prince Aan will pose to be a couple in front of a 7 year old & then they will continue with this act as they wouldn’t want to upset this extra-small sized Daadi Amman, like seriously!!! I think ‘like seriously’ is going to be my go-to expression while reviewing Sanam because I am not sure how many times Team Sanam will make me say that. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this khofnaak episode of Sanam that reminded me of the scary Mann Mayal!

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