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Thora Sa Aasman Episode 15 16 17 Review – Enemy Acting Like a Savior!

Ohkay so, I must say, the story of Thora Sa Aasman has become quite interesting at this stage & I really like how the director is taking things forward. This drama is completely different to what the viewers are being offered to watch lately & that’s what makes it even better because it is based on the harsh realities of life & the adversities people go through. What I love the most about this drama is that it is showing us how people in facing the adversity react & how conninvingly, those who create these adversities for people pose to be their saviors!

Ambar & Muneeza are facing the harsh realities of life. After parting from Mansoor, both Ambar & Muneeza have come out of their bubble & have realized that the world out there & the people in it are far more ruthless than they could have ever imagined. Mansoor actually treated them as his universe & sadly, him not being a part of their lives anymore has created so many problems for both of them. Muneeza actually thought that her brother & his wife will support her & her daughters financially but things were completely different to what she imagined.

Mansoor has not realized that he is committing one mistake after another. First mistake was getting married to Rakshi, second mistake was divorcing Muneeza, third mistake was parting ways from his brother Maqsood, fourth mistake was taking a complete ownership of the business, fifth mistake was calling the engagement of his daughters off & the final mistake that he is committing is handing over the chunk of his wealth to Rakshi. Mansoor is someone who gets easily manipulated & he is not realizing how Rakshi & Haroon Kamal are making the most of it. Mansoor is actually just a pawn but the masterminds are Haroon & Rakshi. In fact Rakshi is also doing what Haroon tells her to do but it is Haroon who is the actual puppeteer here.

It is actually quite mind boggling how far a man like Haroon Kamal can go to get what he likes. He has literally ruined everything in Ambar’s life to get closer to her & sadly his plan is working. Just because Haroon knew that he had no chance of winning Ambar over, he literally turned her world upside down & is now posing to be their well-wisher as he knows they are emotionally unstable, so they need someone to rely on & Haroon is making the most of the situation. It is actually quite sad that Ambar is incapable of reading people’s minds. Ambar committed a mistake by trusting Rakshi & now she is once again committing a mistake by trusting Haroon Kamal.

I must say I actually loved seeing Safia coming to the forefront & trying to tie the loose ends together. Safia chose to stay with her father initially as she knew that way she would be able to help her mother & her sister. Safia is far more analytical & practical than the rest of her family members, which is commendable. Roshaan is on a trip of his own where he is blaming Ambar for everything without even realizing that there is no reason to crib about something that has happened as he can’t undo that but then it is understandable because he is young & immature. It is actually quite shocking that even Muneeza is depending on Haroon Kamal, obviously because even she in her wildest dreams never imagined that she’ll live to see a day like this. Ambar is not that smart but Safia on the other hand is not only intelligent, but she is far more brave than anyone around her realized. Safia chose to end her engagement with Osama on her own terms because she knew that her relationship with him will demand a lot of sacrifices so she knew that at this point in her life, her family was her priority & she needed to keep her mind free from any other issues. I actually liked that Osama was ready to take a stand for Safia & he almost convinced his parents for his & Safia’s marriage but then even he started demanding a bit too much from what Safia could offer at this stage in her life, therefore it resulted in the end of their engagement too. I love how Safia can even see through Haroon Kamal’s intentions, it’s like she knows that a man can Haroon Kamal can never ever offer any favor to anyone without expecting anything in return. Muneeza & Ambar chose not to pay heed to what Safia was saying but the time will tell!

Where Nayab has started showing a lot of interest in Samar, Shahista Kamal has also started taking a lot of interest in Shaheer’s life after finding out that he is her son, the one they estranged the day he was born. Does Shahista actually think that by giving a few monetary favors to Shaheer & by hovering around him posing to be his well-wisher would justify her & her husband’s selfishness that they displayed years ago when he was born? Shahista should realize that by doing all these things, she is only making things difficult for Shaheer & also for herself because the day Shaheer will find out that she happens to be his mother, it also would be the day when Shaheer will ask her all those questions that she might not have an answer for. There is absolutely nothing at this stage that Shahista can do, which will justify her past mistake. It was actually quite shocking to see how Haroon reacted at the mention of Shaheer, it is unbelievable that being a father, Haroon Kamal is not concerned about him at all!

It was interesting how Shahista told Haroon that their son Asad wanted to get married to Ambar. Shahista herself is aware of Haroon’s nature & his evil intentions as he has been insincere to her in the past, that is why the moment Asad told her that he spotted his father with Ambar, Shahista knew that he was upto something & he wasn’t going out of the way for no reason.

Zarka came into the picture too & seems like even she has started making enough money once again to help Fatima raise Samar & Sani. It seems that even Zarka has kept a close eye on Fatima & her family because she knows that her sister Rabeea handed her children to Fatima. Things are actually slipping away from Fatima’s hands because sadly, one day she will have to give answers to all these questions that her children will ask about their existence & their biological parents.

Finally, Haroon Kamal said it. He confessed his feelings to Ambar but what’s left to see is that will Ambar become another Rakshi or she will be respectful enough to part ways with him by recognizing his evil intentions? Ambar should understand that she is the reason why her entire family is suffering so badly & is going through all the hardships so she should not act selfishly by ignoring Safia’s suggestions & opinions because even without interacting with Haroon Kamal, Safia knew that he was definitely upto something & his confession proved it. I hope it serves as an eye opener to Ambar & she also realizes that Safia called her engagement off with Osama for her & Muneeza’s sake. It seems like Mansoor has married another Muneeza, the woman he was running away from. Rakshi knows that she has Mansoor wrapped around her finger that is why she is putting forth one demand after another & looks like Mansoor is at the verge of losing everything, his wealth & his mind too!

Overall, these three episodes were done really really well. I am glad that the channel decided to air Thora Sa Aasman twice a week because it changes the pace of the drama & gives us a lot more to watch & discuss. I must say, so far all the actors have done a good job but the one who is shining the most is the actor playing the role of Shaheer, that actor has without a doubt has owned the character of Shaheer & portrayed it perfectly. I am not sure why we didn’t get to see this promising young actor in more dramas because he surely is a very fine actor. The direction of the drama is great, I love the usage of the OST at the right time & the right moment. I really like how the writer has shown us different reactions of different people when adversity hits them. I wish they had hired someone else as Safia because she has an important role to play & not only her character, but the acting needed to make a mark too but sadly, where the character is so strong, the acting is not. The rest is all good. Please share your thoughts about these 3 episodes of Thora Sa Aasman.

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Zahra Mirza.

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