Sanam Episode 09 Review – Ye Kya Ho Raha Hai Allah Miyan?

Ohkay so, this drama taught me one amazing lesson, that after you have had a gazillion parathas, pizzas, cold drinks & ice creams, one thing you definitely shouldn’t miss is a cup of green tea *sipping from my cup of green tea*. Oh well, may Allah bless my dear sister who doesn’t watch this drama, but just because she happened to watch a promo of this drama, she innocently asked me if Aila was back in Harib’s life after a plastic surgery, then I had to tell her that no, Harib has a thing for mentally challenged & mentally scattered ladies & the new face that she was talking about was of Harib’s first love Sara & not his first wife Aila, haha!

I must say, I loveee the way they reinforce the importance of FOOD in our lives week after week after week. I love how all the ladies keep on hovering around Harib like food-fairies, be it Shabnam, Aan & now Sara, how sweet. I am sure it won’t take too long before Fatima will start sharing her cupcakes & ice creams with Harib too, but you know what, I don’t blame these ladies, zahir hai bhai itni nazuk si, kamzoor si jaan hai Harib, to khana thoosana to banta hai boss. I love how all these ladies have set a roster & work in peace & harmony where Aan attends Harib for breakfast, Shabnam takes care of lunch & snacks & then Sara takes care of his dinner, this man’s life is sorted! WAH! But I think since Sara has some competitiveness in her, she will now compete with Shabnam to see kaun Harib ke pass khana pehle pohachata hai, & honestly speaking, I am actually really very excited to see the race between Sara & Shabnam! I now get the reason why Harib has curbed the urge to get married, because he is being well taken care of so biwi ki kya zaroorat. He has a mother around him, he has an ex-girlfriend around him & he also has a future wife around him, to bas sara mamla set hai na bhai! I am sure Harib must’ve done some amazing deeds in life, because of which Allah blessed him with such amazing neighbors who only focus on feeding him, how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

Khabardaar kisi ne Harib aur Aan ko misunderstand kiya to, they are JUST FRIENDS alright, JUST CLOSEEE FRIENDS. Such close friends who are so comfortable with the idea of posing to be a ‘couple’ for a 7 year old *shivering with disgust*. Ohkay so, because of this episode, we learnt about all the things that Fatima loves to eat & Sara doesn’t, aur Masha Allah Harib ka pait to waisay hi khulla hua hai, so it doesn’t even matter what comes in front of him because he is like a chalta phirta food vacuum machine. While Aan was having a time of her life connecting with an Extra Small Sized Daadi Amman Fatima, Sara was eyeing Harib & thinking about all the luxuries she can bring back into her life if she somehow traps Harib again because he now has everything that she left him for.

Honestly speaking, on a very serious note, my appeal to the parents of the child actor playing the role of Fatima is that they should actually be more careful & cautious about all the dialogues that our not so intelligent dialogue writers write for her & make her say, like seriously, I am sure it is going to have such negative impact on her. I know the tone of my review is humorous but this is actually something that I am writing out of concern because the way Fatima said to Sara ‘aggar appko larkon ki wajah se yahan rehna hai etc’ was so not appropriate for a child of her age. I really think the parents of that child artist have to & should monitor & screen the dialogues that the directors make their daughter say because seriously, even if it is for a drama, it is so not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, now that I have my public service message out of the way, let’s focus on other good things (coughing in sarcasm) that this episode offered. I liked the conversation Shabnam had with Harib, she is someone who actually lightens up the mood & I thank Hina Bayat for being a part of this drama, because she really brings in some sighs of relief when she shows up. We were also shown how much Khurram loves Aan but honestly, I am not going to take a guy seriously who chooses to sleep on a pink checkered bed-sheet which is actually designed for girls, so whatever!

Oh well, I actually applaud in sarcasm for Mona Haseeb for glorifying such a pathetic concept that a woman even after getting married & having a child can still be in love with her ex-boyfriend, wow! After all the Talaqs, Halalas, living with your Ex-boyfriend, trying to go back to your ex-husband after divorce (reference Mann Mayal), we now see these so-called writers glorifying such a hideous thing under the banner of LOVE! I know Mona Haseeb must be really proud of the character Harib that she conceived, that is why like a true mother to Harib she introduced all those ladies who take care of his appetite, but sorry Mona Haseeb, Harib is not such a catch that a woman even after getting married & having a child would be in love with him. There’s a limit to showing pathetic concepts & I think they really really need to draw a line now because all these things are getting out hand. I hate the fact that being a female herself, Mona Haseeb has made Harib a center of every woman’s universe, be it Shabnam, be it Aila, be it Aan & now Sara, she has made every girl who came into his life such a desperado who has no self-respect & no sense of right & wrong whatsoever. Alright, we know that Sara didn’t get the LOUUUUUUUU from her husband Faisal, that’s completely alright, but when a woman becomes a mother, her entire life, her personality, her priorities…every single thing changes, so I am not sure what made Mona Haseeb pen down such a hideous concept, character & conversation where she showed that Sara’s heart was still skipping a beat after seeing Harib. This is so inappropriate at so many levels, like it is disgusting!!!

I actually thought that after getting all the backlash from the entire Mannu/Sallahuddin/Jeena sharing a roof without any relation in Mann Mayal, Haseeb Hassan will be cautious but he proved that he still can touch new lows by showing such hideous concepts once again!!! The theme of this drama was still alright where they showed that a bechara got married to a girl who had some psychological issues but now to see all these ladies turning into desperadoes for him is absolutely sickening. Aur preview ka to poochain hi mat, looks like Harib’s frenemy Shehroz will come back & this time around he will be on team Aila because he will doubt Harib for being in touch with Sara all these years while he was in a relationship with her Aila & I can’t even begin to imagine how ugly the situation will get. I won’t be surprised if Aila & Shehroz will also move to that suburb, I think they should rename it as Harib Mohalla since everyone in that Mohalla seems to be related to Harib. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Sanam!!!

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Thank you Sara for saying ‘Ye kya ho raha hai Allah Miyan’…My thoughts EXACTLY!

Zahra Mirza

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