Sanam Episode 11 Review – Harib Chowk!

OMG, this episode was so funny that I can’t even tell. Just like Harib implied in the precap that Aan couldn’t understand the silence between them, so I am implying the same thing that if you can’t understand the undertone of sarcasm in my review, then you’re not my friend, lol! Anyways, this episode was boring to say the least because it offered absolutely nothing!

I am not sure what made the writer & the director think that by adding Shabnam’s in laws in the story will provide comic relief in a drama? Sorry (not sorry) but every single time they show up with that hideous tun tun tun music in the background, I am reminded of those 5PM comedy dramas that usually no one watches because they have everything to offer except humor & comedy. Also, I must say, the level of stereotyping in this drama is ridiculous because the way the team of Sanam has implied that those who belong to interior Karachi & speak in a certain way are worthy to be laughed at is demeaning & insulting on so many levels. I think it’s about time that we should avoid this kind of so-called ‘humor’ in our dramas where Punjabis are made fun of their Punjabi language & now Karachites are being made fun of because of the way they speak in a certain manner! Not cool Team Sanam! Also, every single time they show up, they actually change the scenario so much that I feel I am watching some weird drama like Mohabbat Bhar Mai Jaye or Jhanjaal Pura, like I know every drama needs a set of supporting characters but these characters are not even fillers, they are just misfits who do not belong to this story at all!

Anyways, Harib took Aan on a ride, only to sit quietly with her, that scene was done nicely for a change because it showed how he wanted a friend to share his silence with him & Harib knew that Aan was the only one who could do that. This was probably the first & the last scene of the episode that made sense, had some touch of emotion to it & was done nicely, but as the rest of the episode progressed, it reminded me that I was watching Sanam, a drama which is running for the sake of defying basic logic & common sense!

A major part of the episode was dedicated to Shabnam’s in laws & I thank the director for it because I didn’t have to pay attention to what was happening in a drama, not that I need to pay attention to it anyways but still. Shama came to fix Taimur & Aan’s marriage only to find out that Shabnam won’t allow that to happen.

The moment Sara came in with her aunt & spooky zombie-esque cousin, I knew they were impostors & were only there because Sara must’ve told them how Aan & Shabnam were the easy targets as they are a little too simple minded. I must say, I had a good laugh at the way Sara & her aunt forced Shabnam to say yes, it looked like they were selling 3 piece Lawn ka Suit to Shabnam & were persuading her to finalize her purchase, like seriously, bas drama bananay ka mauqa mila hai to kuch bhi dikha do, kuch bhiiiii, beshak uski koi tuk ho ya nahi!

I must say I find Shehroz’s random humanity pangs a bit too funny. After throwing resignation letter at Harib’s face & following Aila like a puppy, Shehroz was now trying to make Aila realize what she did with Harib at his office was wrong? Ye acha hai, pehle teeli laga do phir agg bhujanay ke liye paani bhi khud hi daal do. I had a good laugh once again when Aila announced that she will be moving to Harib Chowk. Uf, so dramatic na!?!?!

So, Harib has finally fallen in love with Aan & looks like in the next episode he will declare his love for her. Lekin bhai zahir hai, jab tak 10 talaqain, 20 halalas aur 50 mangniyan nahi tootaingee, Aan aur Harib ka milan to hoga nahi, so bas dekhte jao. The precap promised some more senseless drama where now Aila will blackmail Harib by showing him some pictures of him & Aan together, to is mai aisa kya hai? I must say I had a good laugh seeing the level of AAG Harib was ready to jump in, hahahah, itni aag mai se to macchar bhi bach ke nikal jaye but oh well, for a second I forgot that I was watching Sanam, kyunki, naam hi kaafi hai!

Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sanam & yes, once again, I thank the casting director for bringing in Hina Bayat in the show, she is literally the backbone of this drama & she is the only one I enjoy watching in Sanam!

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