Sanam Episode 12 Review – Hum Appke Hain Kaun?

You know usually when a drama is about to start, all those who watch it are always in a hurry to finish their chores so that they can sit back & enjoy the episode with few snacks…I wish my routine was the same before watching Sanam because before every single episode, I find myself running to grab a cup of black coffee, 1 to keep myself awake & 2 to nullify the headache that might begin while watching this drama. Anyways, with that being said, I won’t lie & will say that this episode was good in bits & pieces but there were as always, a lot such scenes & conversations which seemed unnecessary & a bit too stretched!

The first scene where Harib was at Sara’s place made me roll my eyes so bad, that I had my 1st sip of coffee. Looks like Harib knows that this Mohalla is named after him so like a true counselor of this mohalla, he was visiting Sara to check on her if she was doing alright, also, I had my 2nd sip of coffee when I heard Harib praising Sara saying ‘cooking karte hue achi lagti ho’, matlab meesna pan check kare koi, I don’t know if Harib is dumb or stupid (both are the same thing I know) to be complimenting Sara, knowing how she is still obsessing over him? Sorry, I had to take the 3rd sip of coffee to digest the fact that Harib was so masoom that he was ignoring Sara’s intentions. Also, can anyone tell me where did Extra-Small-Sized Daadi Amman go in this episode, since she was such an integral part of this drama where she was running the show in last so many episodes, so why was she absent? Use kar liya writer ne usay jitna use karna tha, abb zaroorat nahi hai uski? LOL! There goes the 4th sip!

Well, as if this Rishta of Aan & Farhan wasn’t anokha enough that the writer tried to make it more convincing by adding the Low BP angle to it, where it showed that Aan had to say yes to it because she was worried about her mother’s BP stooping a bit too low, well Aan, here’s a todka for you, jab bhi Amman ka BP low ho, to 1 glass Water mai 1 tsp Sugar aur 1 tsp Salt mix kar ke do, Insha Allah BP theek ho jayega aur BP ko theek karne ke liye appko MANGNI karne ki zaroorat nahi paregi. There I take my 5th sip, takay mera BP theek rahay. Anyways, Farhan’s mom plots with Sara that she needs to seal the deal ASAP because she feared losing Aan & her daulat, so there they swooped in with an artificial ring & Aan said yes despite not wanting to because she was worried about her mother’s BP. It was so evident that even Shabnam wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of spontaneous mangni but Shabnam, appko to pata hai na, aj kal mangniyan shaadiyan turwana hamare writers ka favorite mashghala hai, so fikar na karain, appki beti ki mangni bhi isi liye hui hai. 6th sip done!

So, I wonder if Harib went to talk to Sara about Farhan & his family, why didn’t he share his concerns with Aan immediately, like why did Harib wait for Aan to get engaged for him to confess his feelings to her? 7th sip. But, I will however say that as unconvincing as this entire mangni scene was, I actually & really liked the confession scene, where Harib was anxious, Aan was clueless & voila, there came a confession which changed everything. I liked the way the OST was used at that particular moment too, it added more charm to the situation but then again it was short-lived & we had to come back to face the reality that Harib & Aan’s millan isn’t going to happen until 10 talaqs, 20 halalas take place, so 8th sip!

So, all this while I was wondering where was Aila & then she came at the right moment to capture Aan & Harib’s confession. I wonder, which Mobile phone was she using that worked so amazingly from her balcony that too at night to click Aan & Harib’s pictures, but then after my 9th sip, I was reminded that I am watching Sanam, not Sense, so it’s alright!

Then came the scene where Aan had to be humiliated because of what Aila did. I liked that scene too because Harib seemed genuinely sorry & I actually felt for Aan because uska kasoor kya tha yaar? Sirf parathay hi to khilaye the us ne Harib ko, iska matlab ye to nahi ke kuch hai uske dil mai? But seriously, jokes apart, I actually felt for Aan & loved everything that she said about how her mother raised her & how hard she has worked, I love the bonding Shabnam & Aan share, it is the best thing about this drama in my opinion & with this, with the 10th sip, I finished my coffee to muster up the courage to gather my thoughts in this review for you guys!

The preview suggests that I will be needing 2 cups of coffee next week hopefully. Also, I know things will be very serious & I might not get a chance to make fun of everything but seeing the hospital scene was such a reminiscent of Diyar-e-Dil, Haseeb Hassan ko jaisay hi Diyar-e-Dil factor kam laga hoga, unhon ne hospital scene daal diya hoga & it is just me or the hospital was exactly the same one that was used for shooting Diyar-e-Dil’s hospital scenes too? Chalo we’ll find that out next week. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Snackam oh sorry, Sanam!

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Zahra Mirza.

ps: I love how the writer doesn’t forget to show the importance of food & some if not all the conversations do include the mention of food in Harib’s life, may be that’s what inspired me to talk about coffee too, at least itna to mera bhi haq hai khanay peenay pe!

Zahra Mirza

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