Sanam Episode 17 Review – Akela Hai Mr. Bechara, Ms. Bechari Chahiye!

Ohkay so, aj tak mujhe coffee itni karhwi nahi lagi par abb kya karain. There are few such dramas where when their episodes begin & end, the viewers really can’t keep a track of time because they are so engrossing, but these past 40 minutes were the longest 40 minutes of 2017 & honestly speaking, I kept on checking the timeline of the uploaded video again & again because I just wanted it to end as it was just so slow, boring & uninteresting!

Can someone please tell me how is Aila affording to stay in such a huge house that too on rental? Like Aila is not in contact with her parents, so that thing is out of the picture that they must be sponsoring her spying-spree, plus her house-mate, Shehroz is Masha Allah se so gaya ghuzra that he can’t even afford an anday wala burger for himself, so it is actually quite nonsensical to show that both Aila & Shehroz are living in such an area, in such a huge house that too on a rental, without having any financial support or backing from anyone. Shehroz’s insaniyat pangs were just like him, boring & uninteresting. I find it quite amusing that Shehroz doesn’t forget to push Aila’s agenda in front of Harib that she still wants to be with him? Like the conversations in this drama have become so repetitive & boring that if you watch this drama on mute, you’d still be able to figure out what these guys are talking about, because they have nothing new to talk about in the first place. Chalo jee, acha hua Harib ko 5 mahinay baad sharam o haya ka khayal aa gaya because of which he told Shehroz that it was quite odd that he was sharing a roof with Aila & next thing we know, Shehroz packed his bags & left, matlab he is so besharam & beghairat, that if it wasn’t for Harib’s late lecture, he wouldn’t have left on his own, haan bhai muft ki chatth aur anday parathay kisay buray lagtay hain!

Oh PHULEEEEZZZ Shabnam, stop trying so hard to make it to the list of worst mothers of 2017, because everything that you are doing goes to show you want to score a top position in that list this year. Honestly speaking, Shabnam’s character was the only good thing about this entire drama & it is a shame to see that thing turning into a disaster. Shabnam has so much of an insight into everything & she seems quite concerned about a lot of intricacies too like she can sense some ‘pareshaani’ on Aan’s face & she even feels it is inappropriate for Aan to be with Harib at such an odd hour, but if there’s one thing she is unable to see, that is Farhan & Nayla’s motives & the 12AM look on Aan’s face. I heard Harib talking about Aan’s 6th sense, like I am bringing that up because this is such a phenomenon that the writer is aware of, so why did she forget that when it comes to their daughters, mothers are quite intuitive themselves. Every mother knows what her daughter is going through & in stead of turning a blind eye from it, every mother tries to communicate with her daughter, especially those mothers who’re a single parent & have only one daughter in their lives, so, I wish in stead of showing Shabnam being so indifferent to Aan’s feelings, the writer had shown that Shabnam grew even more concerned when she didn’t see Aan as happy as she was expecting her to be!

Wah Ri Mohabbat, kya kya karwati hai, jaisay aik dupattay wali bechari ko aik na-mehram becharay ke galay lagwa deti hai. So, Aan couldn’t find anyone else & that is why the moment Shabnam spoke about Harib’s dinner, Aan scurried to him, yes, I like their friendship, I do understand that Aan has no one else to talk to & confide in, so it’s alright, but there was no need of showing that ‘friendly’ hug, that too after Harib has confessed his feelings to Aan. Aan’s entire act of ‘app kya keh rahay hain’, ‘appne kya kaha’, ‘kaho na, kaho na pyaar hai’, ‘kaha na, kaha na pyaar hai’ was actually quite annoying & her oblivion seemed quite forced because all of a sudden Aan started looking like a patient of Short Term Memory Loss, because the way Harib’s dialogues were hinting about his love for Aan should have been enough but in stead Aan started questioning what Harib was saying & why? Behan jee, us din chullu bhar aag mai dubki maarte hue Harib miyan ne izhar-e-mohabbat kiya tha, app wo bhool gain yan GUGU ka khitaab app lena chahti hain yan itni chalaak hain ke Harib se phir se aik confession ugalwana chahti hain masoooooom ban ke? I think in stead of shoving Anda Parathas down Harib’s throat, Shabnam should give Aan some Badaams in the morning in stead kyunki BITTU ka haafza kamzor ho gaya hai!

Anyways, the entire conversation that Harib & Aan had about Farhan’s dhoka & Shabnam’s damma was sooooooooooo long that even my coffee finished but that scene was still going on. Seriously, this entire conversation has been happening from the past so many weeks where Harib is in a fix thinking whether he should tell Shabnam & Aan about Farhaan or not. Anyways, it was good that Aan decided that she would tell the truth but seeing Shabnam’s uncombed hair compelled her to stay quiet. Chalo jee, looks like this drama & Aan’s on Mann Mayal & Mannu track, but here’s a little bonus for Aan, because in this drama, Farhan already has 2 kids, so she wouldn’t have to wait till she gives birth to her own so that she could return to Harib after getting divorced from Farhan.

The entire conversation about Qasab being khatarnaak & Qasab doing Farhan & Nayla’s tukray wasn’t funny actually & in fact it seemed quite forced. This episode was boring & I thought it couldn’t get boring than this but the preview of the next episode proved me wrong because it told me that things are going to get even more boring in the episodes yet to come. Shabnam aunty, sudhar jayein, nahi to appko worst mothers ki list mai dalna hi parega. Oh, I always thought that Aan’s full name would be Aan Shaukat Qureshi but she was like Aan Ahmed Qureshi, hmmmm, Sanam ho aur loopholes na hon, aisay to halaat nahi! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this BEAUTIFULLLLLLL (ahem ahem ahem) episode of Sanam!

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