Sanam Episode 19 Review – Yawwwwnnnnnnn!

Oh ho, you know what, I was actually waiting to watch Sanam this week because the last two dramas that I review (Sang e Marmar & Khuda Aur Mohabbat) are so intense, power-packed & amazing that I use Sanam as a laughing therapy, where I have a great time watching it because to me it is nothing less than a sit-com but I will confess, I am disappointed, because this episode in stead of making me laugh made me so bored that I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the TV screen & while it ran in the background as a noise, when I checked after probably 2 hours, the episode still had 13 minutes left!!! This episode of Sanam was not only boring but sooooo slooowwww that I am sure a turtle could’ve won the race in its comparison!

So, after getting to know what Harib feels for Aan, Aan ended up confessing her love for him too but they both are so becharas, so majboor that they can’t speak because Harib’s mouth is stuffed with all the Anda Parathas that he can’t open it up in front of Shabnam to tell her the truth & Aan is being a bechari dukyari for no reason because I think she still hasn’t recovered from Mannu hangover, so she is just being a Mannu again. I must say, when I saw this scene in the promo after the drama began, as I was looking for its OST, I liked this scene & I actually got so excited because I was like I can’t wait for this moment as it will be so heart-touching & emotional but now that I saw this scene, I felt cheated because so many bizarre things & situations have happened before & after this particular moment that it just killed the charm & seeing this scene actually didn’t stir any emotions. Aur Aan ki sharafat ki to misaal dunya bhar mai nahi milti. Yes, she has been hugging & bugging Harib as a friend but this time around, she confessed her feelings to him to matlab ye hug dena zaroori tha? I am not sure if her name is Aan or Jalebi, since she is so soo sooo soooo seedhi na? Hai na?

Chalo jee, Gugu ka shadi kalnay ka mood nahi ayeee, alay lay lay lay layyyy, Gugu ko ghuccha aw gayawwww. Farhan was only ready to get married to Aan because he thought he will get millions & millions from her & his life will be sorted but he got a reality check & now he is not in a MOOD to get married, exactly like someone in this drama has said (not sure who it was because I wasn’t paying attention) ke ye gudday guriyon ka khel nahi hai but seems like the writer’s past time was getting her barbies & kens married, divorced & halala’ed because of which she came up with such a hideous script & this is exactly what is happening in this drama. This goes to show how NICE & SORTED the writer’s mentality is, hai na? Tauba!

Anyways, Shabnam is getting insulted & literally slapped with shame because of the way Nayla & Farhaan are treating her but I am sure heart-attack mai Shabnam ke deemagh ke saath saath ankhain bhi kaam karna band kar chuki hain, since the writer made her totally handicapped, both mentally & physically, due to which she is unable to see how she & her daughter are being treated by Farhan & his mother. Also, you know what made me believe that Shabnam has her eye-sights going, it was the Electric Blue suit that she bought for Farhaan, hahahahahahahah!!! Aan ko waisay hi shock laga hua hai, Shabnam ne pura intezaam kar liya ke abb unki beti ko Current bhi lag jaye!

Anyways, see, I told you guys na, ke writer ki hobby rahi hogi gudday aur guriyon ki shadi, talaqain aur halalay karwanay ki, because of which she threw in a discussion about Halala just so casually, as if Aila was planning to make Chinese for dinner & she was thinking of buying spring onions for Chinese rice. Aila was like Halala kar lete hain…awwwwwwww, how cuteeee & innocent na? Shame on Mona Haseeb for literally mocking this severe punishment & literally using it as a TRP generator, how ridiculous is that, I swear!!! I prayed last week & I will pray once again, Ya Allah, miraculously aj ke baad wo saray PENS toot jayein jo Mona Haseeb apne haath mai pakrain script likhne ke liye. Please say Ameeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Sara & Nayla had a nasty confrontration. It was funny how both the negative nancys were trying to put each other down. I must say hosla hai Sara ka itna besharam hone ke liye, like your daughter just recovered from a fatal accident & there you are obsessing over Harib like a nymphomaniac. Sharam ani chahiye. Khair, I don’t think Faisal’s masoomana ‘I pity you’ would be enough for a besharam nymphomaniac like Sara!

This episode was ridiculously long & boring, but somehow I am seeing the light at the end of tunnel because I have a feeling this crappiest crappy crap is going to end pretty soon, InshaAllah. I honestly lol’ed at the precap of the next episode because looks like jo Electric Blue Suit Shabnam ne Gugu ke liye khareeda tha, us ka current unhain khud hi lag jayega LOL! Please share your say about this oh-so-ah-mazing episode of Sanam!

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