Bin Roye Episode 16 Review – Unimpressive!

This episode had plenty of moments which made me laugh and there were also scenes which made me relate to what Saba was going through and how tough this was for Irtiza. The last few scenes of this episode were somewhat better than the episode as a whole. Humayun Saeed and Mahira Khan’s electrifying chemistry made their scenes work even though there were hardly any dialogues or conversations between these two which were meaningful. Every time Irtiza wanted to start a conversation Saba was either sleepy or not in the mood. Saba’s condition clearly indicated that she wasn’t just throwing tantrums but was seriously disturbed and probably needed professional help yet her affluent and educated family failed to do anything about it. Most of the scenes lacked the kind of impact they should have had and Maaz has completely disappeared from the drama. He is like a ghost now, people talk about him but he is not seen in the drama!

The moments which made me laugh included scenes and dialogues focusing on Saba’s “cooking”! Also, the scene in the park in which dadi (the only person in this drama who knows exactly why Saba is acting the way she is) was absolutly clueless about Saba’s state of mind! And then there was another scene in which Saba’s mother and dadi called her to give her a lecture on how to serve her husband better. It was funny watching these women take up the role of typical susralis although one of these women was Saba’s mother and wasn’t even directly related to Irtiza. Saba’s mother’s absence from the dinner table also stood out like a sore thumb. This was supposed to be Saba’s first dinner with her family after weeks but the mother wasn’t even there! Also, watching Irtiza drag Saba from one place to another was repetitive after a while. Saba’s mother said she had a conversation with her but it was not shown so we can only imagine what it would look like when Saba and her mother actually talk about more serious things in life!

The scenes in Saman’s house in the US were much better than the ones back in Pakistan. Everything Irtiza said to Saba in all the conversations tonight lacked the kind of impact which his words would have had. ( Also, it would have been great watching Saba think about her present situation. Although her scenes summed up her state of mind quite well but the lack of dialogues made these scenes less impactful. Saba and Irtiza’s track is interesting but it needed to be explored. Unfortunately the writer failed to pen down conversations between these two people and add scenarios which would have given more meaning to this track.

The timeline in this episode was confusing as well. The story took a leap of few months in seconds at least twice. Although this drama is going to end very soon but even now there is no definite relationship between leading characters. Saba and her mother’s relationship has never been highlighted, dadi has conveniently forgotten everything and Saba’s father is closer to Irtiza than he is to his ladli beti! In my opinion Bin Roye was the biggest disappointment of this season because there were a lot of viewers who expected it to deliver.

The background score in tonight’s episode just like the previous few was highly inappropriate to say the least! There was romantic music in the background when Irtiza grabbed Saba’s arm and dragged her down the stairs! The preview of the next episode suggested that once again an accident will change the course of this drama.

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Fatima Awan

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