Sang e Mah Episode 6 Story Review – The Revenge

Ohkay so, every episode of Sang e Mah brings a new set of revelations with it. Undoubtedly, everything is being presented in such a manner that it makes you ponder upon it. While watching the flashbacks in this episode, I wondered if all of this actually happened or this was entirely a fragment of Hilmand’s imagination? It will definitely be interesting to learn more about the past. I must say, usually in a lot of dramas, they fail to connect you with the characters that you barely think or want to know about what happened in the past, but in Sang e Mah, the entire story is based upon what happened before & they have established the storyline convincingly.

Hilmand’s Plan

Shehrezaad has made it very clear that she is here to stay & will not return until she finds out the reason why people commit Gagh. Marjan tried his best to convince her, more so that she wraps it all up & leave but that definitely is not going to happen. Shehrezaad is quite persistent & I like her confidence as well. Although she has been welcomed by Marjan & his family, she respects them for hosting her but when it comes to her work & her commitment, she has made it obvious that budging is definitely not an option. Her conversation with Hikmat also showcased how easy it is for her to communicate with people. She has a deep understanding of emotions & feelings, this is why she tries her best to get to the root cause of everything. Shehrezaad has figured out what Hikmat is going through, this is why she wanted to extend some support to him.

It was definitely quite interesting to learn more about Mastaan & his family background. Hakeem Guru Baksh was Mastaan’s father. According to Hilmand, he helped Marjan in poisoning his father. This is exactly why Hilmand paid a visit to Hakeem Guru Baksh before he passed away, only to remind him of what he has done & how Hilmand was going to avenge his father. Although it is still unclear whether all of this was exactly what happened or not, but the look on Guru Baksh’s face when Hilmand said all these things to him directly pretty much gave the impression that he must’ve been guilty of what Hilmand was accusing him of.

In this entire equation, it is quite perplexing how Marjan steers clear from every accusation that Hilmand directs at him. He makes it look like he hasn’t done anything & in actuality, he is the victim. However, seeing how he is suffering definitely shows that there is a lot that is weighing heavy on his heart. While watching this episode, I definitely found myself wanting to see whether Marjan was actually guilty or not.

Mastaan did not get married to Harshali because he decided to sacrifice his life, making up for killing Asad Ullah. I liked seeing the different perspectives where Zarghona has not been able to move past her husband’s loss but Gulmeena felt like she needed to be present for Mastaan because she has seen how he has been trying his best to make up for what he has done. Gulmeena made it very clear that although she must feel the absence of her father, she also held Mastaan close to her heart because he has been a brotherly figure to her all her life. I really like the kind of relationship Gulmeena has with Mastaan as well as Badam Gul. It is all very sweet to witness. I liked how they explored all these equations & the journey each one of them was taking. Hakeem Guru Baksh & Marjan shared the same burden, Mastaan was paying the price for killing Asad Ullah, Harshali was suffering because of the love she had for Mastaan & in this entire picture, it was Hilmand who had beef with all of them.

Hilmand & Marjan’s interactions definitely have to be my favorite scenes from every episode. I really like the clarity Hilmand has. The way Marjan outbids Hilmand in intelligence goes to show how far ahead he is in terms of experience but it is always interesting to see how Hilmand leaves Marjan speechless with his bluntness & harsh words. Marjan has tried his best to convince Hilmand to see him as his father but Hilmand has made it quite clear that he is never going to accept that.

Phenomenal Performances

This episode of Sang e Mah was nothing short of a treat. Sania Saeed stole the show with that short scene of Jirga where she demanded justice for her husband’s death. It showed that her honesty & uprightness left a long-lasting impression, that is why all of them still remembered how she fought for herself the day her husband died. I also really liked seeing how they showed people from the Sikh community were a part of the Jirga. It presents a nice image of how easy it is to co-exist peacefully & how important it is to have everyone feel included as a part of the decision-making committee. Noman Ejaz has always done wonders when it comes to such characters but it is commendable how Atif Aslam has matched that level of performance & has established such a strong screen presence that too in a frame that is shared by experienced & seasoned actors. All this while, I always wondered why Zarghona was fine with Mastaan working for her but not with Gulmeena mingling with him. It now became clear that more than the difference of religion, it had to do with the resentment in her heart for what Mastaan did to her husband because like they have established, they all live peacefully together therefore Zarghona’s comments about their community only stem from the bitterness she feels after becoming a widow. Hania Amir has also given a convincing performance as Gulmeena. I like her character a lot too. Atif Aslam has been phenomenal as Hilmand & I must commend the writer Mustafa Afridi for writing down such brilliant dialogues. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sang e Mah.

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  • It was a thorough review, Zahra. I liked your take on Shaherzaad character. Another part I like is, your details on Zarghona-Gulmeena-Mastaan-Badam gul equations. Also, the detailed explanation of the past events and the aftereffect of it on many lives. Many puzzles were solved, but yet to be solved the mystery for Haji Marjan’s involvement in Nasrullah’s killing. My opinion is, what it seems is deceiving. The poison thing with Marjan & Guru Baksh could be misleading in some way and Marjan may not be involved in the killing. The second marriage of his mother with Marjan could be on Hilmand’s mind and that’s how is connecting the link to Marjan for his father’s death through half a knowledge he gathered from the gossip of the people of town. Because remember, Hikmat said to Shaherzaad, Hilmand was 4 or 6 years old when his father died. The part in your review I like most was your highlight that the drama is showing Guru Baksh, being a minority in the country but shown as a member of Jirga. This is the good message the country is giving to the outside world.
    Interesting to see Chausar (or Chaupar) Hilmand was playing. This game has totally vanished nowadays.

  • Detailed and Thorough review Zahra. Thank You!! Brilliant episode explaining why Zarghuna does not cover her head (mandatory in Pakhtoon Culture). Noman Ejaz always outdone himself. Such a great actor he is. Everyone is phenomenal in SeM. I believe Hilmand believes in whatever his friends tell him and is “kaanon ka Kacha”. His close friend did not tell him abou Sabz Ali or Hikmat’s affair. They only share the points which make him go against Marjan. Also, the conversation between Marjan and Hakeem was meaningful and full of ambiguities. We are not sure whether Marjan is innocent or not. Let the story unfolds.