Sang e Marmar Episode 06 Review – Massive Props to The Entire Team of SeMM!

Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I saw such riveting performances. I don’t remember watching an episode that kept my eyes glued to the screen the entire time & I also don’t remember watching an acting that stirred the emotions so convincingly that it overwhelmed me. Honestly speaking, I don’t think I have enough words that will do justice to the effort, the hard-work & the flawlessness with which the entire team of Sang e Marmar has brought this drama in front of us. Even though I know it is not going to be enough, but all I can say is, thank you team Sang e Marmar for setting the bar so high & for giving us such a drama that took us into another world & making it seem so real as if we were experiencing everything firsthand. Thank you so so so so much once again!

It is not a secret anymore that what happened to Gohar was because of his own faults & it was also a reward that Gulistan got for all his wrongdoings that he has committed so far. In just a spur of a moment, Gulistan Khan got the verdict based on the sorrows & the defeats his victims must have faced because of him, but sad is Gulistan Khan still didn’t learn his lesson. Not even for a second Gulistan reflected on why he lived to see such a day in life where he will have to bury his son with his own hands & witness him lying in the grave. Gulistan Khan is someone who is so determined about the fact that everything he has done till date has not affected people gravely & this is the main reason why he was deprived of self realization, even after experiencing Gohar’s death.

This is probably the first time Torah experienced what it feels like when you get to see the destiny’s spin on the one you hate & the one who took away your mother from you. Just a minute expression of Torah where he looks at the sky & blinks his eye was enough to show that deep down he was grateful for Gulistan’s suffering as it was long due & he was thanking The Almighty for His decision. Torah has been such a subtle character but I must say, people around him must’ve always looked down on him because of the color of his skin & because of his mother’s ethnicity, but he is the most intelligent man in that entire clan because he doesn’t let his emotions control him, rather he is the one who knows how to put his emotions to good use. Everyone around him like Gulistan, Safiullah, Gohar even his wife Sherbano, they all run high on emotions but the one who has a strong hold on himself, his anger & his vengeance is Torah & that sets him apart from all of them & makes him a very intelligent man. Torah has played his cards really really well because even though he was the one who instigated everything, he ended up being the first one to deliver the news of Gohar’s death to Gulistan to assure him that he was just as shocked & grief stricken as Gulistan must be.

Even though I do know that Gulistan has committed far too many sins, but I actually felt sympathy, not for him but for his entire family especially his wife because she was innocent & she didn’t do anything to go through such a pain in her life. Gulistan’s wife has to be the most harmless woman but she got tangled up between the wrongdoings of her husband & ended up losing her son. Gulistan never allowed his wife to have a control on their children, that is why his children have become a reflection of their father. The only child who turned out to be a reflection of his mother is Aurang & that probably is because she spent more time with him & Gulistan had no say in his upbringing. What made me feel bad for Gulistan was that while his wife was complaining that he didn’t allow her to see Gohar’s face which actually made me feel that he was too cruel for not understanding a mother’s feelings, Gulistan let us know that had his reasons & he didn’t allow that to happen because he knew that she wouldn’t be able to see her son in that condition. The way he described what Gohar looked like was actually heart-wrenching because all of a sudden my mind shifted to the mother who had to listen to the gruesome details that will haunt her for the rest of her life. That entire scene was so so so emotional & I must say, Saniya Saeed channeled the sufferings of a mother who just lost her son impeccably.

Saif ur Rehman’s wife is someone who knows how to make the most of the situation. She knew that if Saif ur Rehman will spot Shireen in the house, he will never trust her again & he will blame her for falsely accusing his sister, that is why, she made sure that when Saif ur Rehman returns, he doesn’t get to meet Shireen & Shireen doesn’t get to tell Saif ur Rehman that she wasn’t the one who went to meet Gohar. Just a single move of Saif ur Rehman’s wife was enough for her to earn her a clean slate so that she can rewrite everything to suit her needs. She is trying hard to get rid of Shireen because she hates the fact that Saif ur Rehman not only loves his sister but trusts her on top of that as well. Even though the plan that she presented in front of Saif ur Rehman was the best option for the entire family but what she did with Shireen was unforgivable. Shireen ended up taking the blame for Durkhane’s mistake because deep down she blames herself for everything that happened, but also she wants to protect her friend as Shireen saw that without doing anything, her name was being dragged, so she didn’t bother trying to clear her name as she knew no one would believe a word that she will say in her defense!

Gulistan Khan’s ego is hurt & now he is going to do everything to avenge Gohar’s death. In stead of taking this as a lesson & as an eye-opening experience to realize that he must be making some mistakes, he already prepared himself as he knows he has a battle to fight. Saif ur Rehman proposed a piece of land to settle everything but I am sure Gulistan will add a few more things to the bargain. I loved the way Torah reminded Gulistan of how he insulted Saif ur Rehman’s father. The flashback scene was done so well because it showed how Gulistan Khan got a high by putting people down & how he judged them based on their profession & their wealth. It also showed how Torah has worked all these years to earn Gulistan Khan’s trust because now when he is playing his game, Gulistan Khan can’t even question Torah’s intentions.

This episode was heart-wrenching while still being beautiful because it was beautifully directed & filled with beautiful performances from each & every single actor. Saife Hassan as a director has elevated the level of this intelligently written script & he has extracted the best performances out of all the actors. While watching this episode, I couldn’t stop noticing the attention to detail which is always a part of the director’s job. The way Gulistan ran bare-footed after hearing about Gohar’s death went to show the helplessness of a father. Noman Ejaz flawlessly elaborated what a father goes through when he is forced to face the worst nightmare of any parent. The way Aurang’s mother cried after meeting Aurang went to show the bond they both share & it also shed a light on the fact that she knew it was only this son of hers who would understand her & who would console her just like no other. The way Gullalai turned her face away when Aurang entered the room was enough to show how these women are trained to keep a low profile. I must say that entire scene was on some other level & the performance of Saniya Saeed was so convincing that unconsciously I shed a tear or two. It shows what a powerful actor can do, that despite knowing that it was a guy like Gohar who died, Saniya Saeed made us forget about everything & forced us to only feel the pain of a mother who loves her child without any limits. The way Torah’s face was gleaming with satisfaction & the way he was trying hard to let Gulistan know that he is in solidarity with him was depicted with perfection by Paras Masroor.

Noman Ejaz, Uzma Hassan, Tipu Sharif, Mikaal Zulfikar, Kubra Khan, Omair Rana, the actress playing the role of Maami, each & everyone gave their 100% & made every reaction seem so real & heartfelt but the one that in my opinion stole the show in this episode after Saniya Saeed’s performance is Kaif Ghaznavi, my my, I absolutely loved her acting & I love the way she has added so many shades to her character. From persuading Shireen & Durkhane that that she was their well-wisher, to making her Maami happy, to convincing Saif ur Rehman that she only wanted what’s best for him & her & then not faltering every-time she was about to get exposed for playing a game, Kaif Ghaznavi showed that she had a tight grip on her character & she not only owned it but nailed it as well. To make the viewers hate & still understand a thought process of a character is a tough job & Kaif Ghaznavi phenomenally achieved that with her flawless acting. This entire episode was filled with power-packed performances & I felt it ended a bit too quickly. I can’t wait for the next episode already. I am so glad I got a chance to view & review a drama like this. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful & emotional episode of Sang e Marmar.

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