Sang e Marmar Episode 11 Review – A New Beginning!

Awwww, I can’t help feel sad at the recent turn of events but somehow there are few characters who made the entire situation better. I loved how the writer has balanced out every single thing, like for one negative character, there are two positive characters who steer the entire situation in some other direction. Even though this episode focused on only one chapter, which was Safiullah’s marriage with Shireen, I totally loved the way the director took his time in conveying & covering each & everyone’s feeling about the whole situation. Props to the entire team of Sang e Marmar who even made the ‘dusri biwi’ scenario seem so meaningful & different. I think all those drama-makers who’re fixated with the ‘dusri biwi’ scenario should watch Sang e Marmar & learn a few lessons from it. Thank you Team Sang e Marmar once again, for giving us a beautiful beautiful drama which is filled with such beautiful characters.

No one can imagine what Shireen must’ve been through when just a few seconds before her Nikkah, she found out that the one she was dreaming of wasn’t going to become her husband. Obviously she had no other choice than to agree with what her brother & her sister in law chose for her but the note at which she left Saif ur Rehman’s house was enough to haunt him for the rest of his life. I actually laughed when I heard Saif ur Rehman talking about his ‘izzat’, delusion & denial is amusing at times. Even though Saif ur Rehman felt burdened & guilty, he should know that nothing can be undone, even if he wants to. I so wish, I really wish Baroo Kaka & Saif ur Rehman had that conversation before Shireen’s marriage because at least, that way it would’ve put things into perspective for the blind Saif ur Rehman as he obviously grew a little curious about the version his wife presented in front of him & the one he was getting to hear from Baroo Kaka. The timing wasn’t right & so was Shireen’s luck. ‘Yaad rakhna Lala, mai nahi, meri kismat kharab hai’, Shireen said it all, but if only Saif ur Rehman will understand that!

Gullalai conveyed the jealousy & feelings of such a woman perfectly whose husband was getting married again & she couldn’t do anything. Gullalai tried to be strong but she couldn’t keep up when she saw Shireen. The thought that she had about losing Safiullah to his young & beautiful bride Shireen was enough for her to feel bitter & that is why, all her reactions that followed after that particular the thought showcased her jealousy because at least this was something that was in her control & she was entitled to!

Honestly speaking, even though as much as I feel bad for Shireen, Gulistan’s wife & Safiullah’s mother changed the entire situation completely & didn’t make it seem so grim than it actually was. It was so good to see that at least there was someone who had a sense of justice in her, there was someone who knew what was right & wrong & there was someone who knew that Shireen was innocent & had nothing to do with what transpired in the past & that was Shireen’s mother in law. It was for the first time when Safiullah’s mother taunted Gullalai for not having a child because she knew that Gullalai was going off-track & she had to be reminded of how unfair she was in dealing with Shireen. Even though Gulistan’s wife hasn’t recovered from the loss of Gohar, it was so amazing to see her not going against her character by not displaying humanity in such a situation. It was like being a woman, Gulistan’s wife could relate to what Shireen must be going through, especially when she was not at fault, that is why she took the matters in her own hands & tried to normalize the situation by being nice to Shireen, by not letting Gohar’s murder clouding her judgment, by reminding Gullalai about how wrong she was & by also telling Safiullah to accept Shireen as his wife. It must’ve taken a lot for a woman like her who lost her son to be fair & just in this situation & Gulistan’s wife proved how emotionally, morally & ethically strong she was. Respect!

Everyone got a fair share to display their anger & frustration at Safiullah’s marriage with Shireen but the one who wanted to make the most of the situation was Sherbano but all her attempts fell flat because no one was buying what she was trying to instigate. Sherbano actually thought that she now got two preys who she could victimize but very nicely, she was shown her right place, first by Gullalai & then by her own mother. In a heat of the moment, Gullalai only judged Shireen on the basis of a the new found relation with her but Sherbano came as a reminder of how she can form a team against her, like she actually had to, in order to defeat Sherbano time & again because if she wouldn’t do that, Sherbano will not only walk over Shireen but on her too. How often do we get to see such women who support their daughters in law in stead of supporting their own daughters? It is actually quite amazing that Gulistan’s wife knows all her children so well, she knows that Gulistan has instilled this unfair sense of superiority in them because of which even Sherbano has turned out to be so irrational & bitter. Sherbano actually thought that she’d be able to run things in her father’s home just because on her demand, Gulistan got Shireen married to Safiullah but it was absolutely appeasing to see Gullalai & her own mother proving her wrong. ‘Aggar sab apne apne ghar mai rahain to In Sha Allah hamare ghar mai koi larai nahi hogi’, hah, I love how subtly Gullalai reminded Sherbano that she wasn’t a part of this home anymore but if only she’d understand!

Like always, this episode was beautiful & I had a great time watching it. I will once again thank the dialogue writer for adding those one-liners that change the mood of the entire scene. ‘Danton ka deedaar’ was another gem that got added in the book of amazing dialogues of Sang e Marmar. Even though in my entire review, I haven’t spoken about Shireen but I will say, that in my opinion, after Sania Saeed, this episode belonged to Kubra Khan. Kubra Khan actually portrayed the feelings of Shireen beautifully, even though it is because of the director & his impeccable work that we have formed a connection with all these characters, but Kubra Khan on her own made us feel the pain of Shireen at some other level. Starting from being shocked to get a news of who she was going to get married to at the time of her Nikkah, to entering a completely new place like a stranger, more like an invited guest who no one was happy to see, to someone who was blank at what her life had in store for her, Kubra Khan conveyed it all & nailed it. I loved the flashback that Shireen had about her childhood interaction with Gulistan Khan. Shireen never would’ve imagined that the times will change in such a way that the man she saw as an embodiment of kindness in her childhood will turn out to be the man who’d ruin her entire life. Uzma Hassan has done a wonderful job as hateful & bitter Sherbano, I love how she always has something to say to Torah, even when he is being normal with her, supposedly at least! I’m really happy with the progress of the the story & appreciate the fact that the drama is still interesting & still going strong!!! Please share your thoughts about this amazing amazing amazing episode of Sang e Marmar.

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