Sang e Marmar Episode 13 Review – Slow Yet Superb!

Ohkay so, nothing substantial happened in this episode but they did show some reactions of all the characters regarding different issues and it surely was a decent watch & I most certainly had a great time watching it as I always do. This episode might have been slow however, the preview of the next episode suggested a lot more drama so I am definitely looking forward to it.

This time around, Torah got the coverage & he was running the show. In the last few episodes he most certainly took a backseat, so it was necessary for him to put a step forward & conduct his plan. As much as I liked seeing his input in different matters, there were a few things that concerned me as they seemed a little odd, which I will discuss later but for starters, I will commend the writer Mustafa Afridi & also the actor Masroor Paras for giving life to a character like Torah. It is actually quite amazing that even though he is very calculative & manipulative, you can still see through his intentions as to when he is genuinely concerned about someone & when he is just putting up an act in front of someone to extract some satisfaction out of their misery. When Torah spoke to Shireen, I felt everything that he said to her was heart-felt & he was just extending some support to her, may be because he knows that he was the one who transpired everything that brought Shireen to this stage where she had to get married to Safiullah. Even though Torah was sure that it was Saif ur Rehman’s sister who was involved with Gohar, he still felt bad seeing Shireen so down & depressed because he could feel that her life was over & there is no way for her to step out of this deep pit. The thing which I found a little odd was his comment about Shireen giving birth to Safiullah’s child, that too so casually in front of his mother in law, which I don’t think is something that is discussed so openly in such a conservative environment. Also, as much as I enjoy his manipulation, I really wish he had left the ladies out of his agenda, where he was actually enjoying seeing Gullalai in such an emotionally unstable state. Gullalai broke down in front of him because she felt Torah was genuinely consoling her as he shares the same sorrow as her, but poor Gullalai had no idea that Torah was just a spectator who was enjoying the show!

Right now, Torah’s main motive is to keep Gulistan Khan deprived of his dream of having a grand child, that is why he kept brain-feeding Safiullah against Shireen so that he harbors more & more hatred in his heart for her. Torah would do anything to make sure none of Gulistan’s wishes are materialized as he wants to see him suffer.

I felt really bad for Shireen – as if getting married to Safiullah wasn’t enough that now she had to see Aurang & Palwasha together, where their behavior was clearly telling a tale of how much likeness they both had for one another. The moment Shireen stepped into Safiullah’s home, she realized that things won’t be easy for her, but little did she know that she’ll have to see her one true love being in love with someone else as well. At least, Aurang knows everything that Shireen felt, that is why he was a bit conscious & I believe he did the right thing by telling everything to Palwasha too. I don’t know why, but seeing how shocked Palwasha was upon hearing this news, I had a feeling that may be she will back out & may be she will play the cupid by bringing Shireen & Aurang together, I am not sure if it is going to happen but may be because I would love to see that happening, it’s a wishful thinking on my part!

I just love how Gullalai breaks down but picks up the pieces & strengthens herself emotionally as she knows that she has a new battle to fight every single day of her life. She knows Shireen is not at fault & she is just a victim of the circumstances too, that is why Gullalai has never targeted Shireen & in stead, she cries on how no one took a step in the right direction to help her overcome her ordeal. Gullalai may not say it to Shireen but she doesn’t have a problem with her because her complaint is with her husband Safiullah & all those who arranged his marriage with Shireen. I love all the comebacks Gullalai always has in store for Sherbano. Sherbano still believes she runs things in Gulistan’s place but Gullalai showed her, her right place & I am sure Sherbano won’t sit quietly as she has a score to settle that is why as the precap suggested, she will accuse Gullalai of being interested in Torah. I am sure Sherbano has no idea that she is digging her own grave because of all the people, Torah will twist things against her in such a way that she wouldn’t have even imagined!

Overall, this episode was slow but definitely interesting. To be honest, I was relieved to see Gulistan Khan/Noman Ejaz in the preview of the next episode because he was most certainly being missed. Also, it is important for him to be around after Safiullah’s marriage since he is the one who arranged it, so he needs to be well-aware of the dynamics of his house after Shireen’s arrival. Looks like Saif ur Rehman will try to find out the truth & he will interrogate the spy who told Saif ur Rehman about Gohar & supposedly Shireen. I am actually glad that things are going to get intense from the next episode onward, I really wish to see what Saif ur Rehman’s reaction would be when he will find out the truth. Also, I want to see if Torah will help Shireen in any way if he will also learn the truth that it wasn’t Shireen who went to meet Gohar that day. Like always, the performance of all the actors was spot on & even though Mikaal Zulfikar has been performing really well in this drama, in this episode in particular, he looked really nice, like there was some sort of charm in his personality, which was good. Masroor Paras was once again the star of this episode & so was Sania Saeed, I just loved her acting throughout the episode but in that scene in particular where she was trying to get rid of Sherbano as she couldn’t tolerate her bitterness, Sania Saeed portrayed the feelings of a mother who has given up on her hopeless daughter perfectly. So, this is it from my side, please share your thoughts about this episode of Sang e Marmar & let me know how excited are you for the next episode. :)

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