Sang e Marmar Episode 17 Review – Intelligent Piece of Work!

Ohkay so, like all the previous episodes of Sang e Marmar, this one was absolutely amazing too. I think I need to look for a new intro when it comes to Sang e Marmar because just the way the makers of this drama give us beautiful episodes week after week, I keep on praising them the same way week after week too. I love how this drama has so much of balance, it’s like the director knew that the story could become a bit too heavy & dense for the viewers, so he made sure to turn one page of the past at a time for the viewers to grasp everything that happened & also to understand the reasons that lead the story to a certain event. If we take a closer look at the pattern of each episode, each & every single week, the drama-makers made us familiar with one grave situation from the past because they knew that the viewers won’t be able to handle more than once such incident per episode.

Well, what Gulistan Khan did with Baraan Khan is most certainly open to different interpretations but yes, keeping the judgments aside, I will say that I felt bad when Gulistan broke down. Imagine the pain he must have been through & imagine the pain his father must’ve been feeling, that he chose to put an end to his life himself. I am sure it wasn’t easy for Gulistan to see his father in that condition in the first place, it never is easy for any child to see their parents suffer, but it must’ve taken Gulistan a lot to do what his father told him to because even he must’ve had enough of seeing his father in pain. So, this revelation put an end to all the speculations that the viewers made about the fact that may be Gulistan himself killed his father for power, authority or money but no, all he did was fulfill his father’s wishes. Even though, for that particular moment, I did feel bad for what Gulistan had to do, but the very next moment, I was also reminded of what Gulistan Khan did to Torah’s mother too. May be this was karma’s spin on Gulistan Khan that where he took life of someone’e else’s parent, he himself faced such a situation in life where he had to take his own father’s life with his own hands too. Honestly speaking, when the episode began & we saw Torah reminiscing about his mother & seeing a few of those flashbacks of Rakshi having a good time with her kids, I didn’t really understand the reason why all of a sudden the director was showing us Rakshi & her kids, but the moment we made it to the scene of Baraan & Gulistan Khan, I then knew how & why the director established the connection between Rakshi, Baraan & Gulistan Khan. I always say that I don’t really like when the drama-makers leave so much for the viewers’ imagination, but this is most certainly not the case with Sang e Marmar, it is because in the initial episodes, the director has made us familiar with all the necessary situations & scenarios, that now when he only shows us some snippets from the past, the viewers immediately find out the connection between different events, which is absolutely amazing. In my opinion, it is like the director Saife Hassan, even by showing us everything, still keeps us engaged in such a way that he gives us some points to ponder while we’re watching the episode, to make the entire experience a bit more engrossing & enjoyable & for that I thank him once again. Thank you so much Mr. Director for giving us this beautiful beautiful beautiful drama!!!

I loved the transition that Shireen showed in this episode, where from being jealous of Palwasha, Shireen then came to a closure by handing over the peacock feather; the most prized possession of hers to Palwasha to finally convince herself that a few things weren’t meant to be & she had to move on. I loved how the director in the beginning of the episode very subtly showed that Shireen grew envious because of which she literally rubbed the temple of her forehead in hatred because Palwasha tended to the bruise that Shireen got, but later on she understood that Aurang didn’t belong to her & Palwasha most certainly wasn’t responsible for what Shireen went through, so she made herself understand that it was better for her to accept the reality & not think about something that wasn’t possible anymore. I think because of the way Gulistan & Shameem take care of Shireen & how they treat her with so much of love & respect, despite not wanting to, Shireen would convince herself to accept Safiullah so that she can give birth to the grandchild that Gulistan is waiting for. Shireen has always been quite selfless where when she becomes affectionate towards someone, she goes out of the way to do everything in her might to please them, so this time around, I believe she will mentally prepare herself for this journey too, because she has developed a lot of respect & love for Gulistan & Shameem.

Aurang finally took Gullalai to the doctor & I liked their little interactions. Gullalai actually sounded like someone who for the first time in her life stepped outside of her village & outside of her comfort zone, because of which she was anxious & curious to see how things were going to work out in her favor. I am not sure why & even though I feel I might be wrong because this drama has always been quite unpredictable, but I have a feeling may be something huge is going to happen & may be this time around, Safiullah will pay the price, due to which Gullalai might not be able to see him again, because Torah & Safiullah are planning something against Saif ur Rehman, so this is just a thought that crossed my mind because the way they both parted at a sweet little note, I felt may be they might not see each other again, but let’s see!!!

Surprisingly, Torah wasn’t unhappy when Palwasha informed him about what Shameem did & how she gave her approval for Palwasha & Aurang’s marriage. May be because Torah knows that out of all the family members, Aurang is the sanest & most decent person & most importantly, Palwasha likes him, otherwise I actually thought that may be Torah will once again start thinking about the ways to manipulate his sister but he has always done everything to please Palwasha so for her sake, he would happily agree to her & Aurang’s marriage. The way Torah complimented Sherbano, for the first time I felt that may be he loves her a lot because going by the flashback of their wedding scene, Torah seemed pretty happy, it looked like he wholeheartedly accepted this marriage but it was Sherbano who drew the line so Torah chose to abide by it, but seeing how he looked at her, I felt he actually loves her a lot, because of which he puts up with everything that Sherbano throws his way. I don’t know why but for the first time I feel I’d like to see Torah & Sherbano together, finding happiness in their marriage because they both deserve their fair share of happiness too & it will be quite interesting I believe!

Finally, Durkhane found a way to Shireen’s home & with a lot of determination, she made sure she gets to meet her best friend before her brother arrives. It was actually heart-touching to see Shireen happy & Durkhane walking an extra mile for her friend. Even though Sherbano didn’t leave a good impression on Durkhane, it was good to see that the rest of the family members treated Shireen’s friend with a lot of respect, because this way, Durkhane will return with her heart at ease & her mind at peace & more than that, she will be able to tell everyone that Shireen’s condition is not as dire as people think it is. Finally, Shireen got a breather & she got to share everything that she had in her heart. It was actually sweet of Durkhane to inform Shrieen that Saif ur Rehman already started regretting his decision & more than that, she intends to tell him the truth if he will inquire about it one more time. Palwasha eavesdropped on their conversation, but it was actually good that she got an insight into Shireen’s heart that she no longer has anything to do with Aurang & she wishes well for Palwasha & Aurang. I don’t know why, I still feel may be Palwasha will play the cupid seeing how nice & selfless Shireen is, or if not, this is what I would love to see honestly.

Overall, this episode was perfect like all the previous episodes of Sang e Marmar. I had such a good laugh seeing Bulbul having the time of his life even in such a dire situation, he most certainly gave Baroo Kaka a hard time & sadly got a beating for it. The preview of the next episode seemed quite promising & got me excited already. Torah is not going to sit still now as he will try to get Safiullah enraged by using Shireen’s name, but he won’t be lying because this is what he thinks is the truth that the girl Gohar was involved with was Shireen. I loved the conversation Shameem had with Durkhane & Shireen, she always brings a smile to my face. It is actually quite nice to see that Shireen has such a loving mother in law who actually treats her like her own daughter. Even though at the moment Gulistan is also being considerate towards Shireen because of his own ulterior motives, still it feels good to know that at least Shireen is not being mistreated & at least Sherbano can’t target her because her father doesn’t allow that to happen. This episode once again belonged to all the actors but the star of this episode for me was the director Saife Hassan because of the way he directed this episode so intelligently & with so much of control over all the situations. Even by leaving a lot of things at the viewer’s imagination, Saife Hassan didn’t falter & did justice to his position as a director & I thank him once again for that. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful beautiful beautiful episode of Sang e Marmar.

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