Sang e Marmar Episode 24 – Rewarding Journey!

Ohkay so, this episode of Sang e Marmar was a little too slow in comparison to all the previous episodes that we have seen so far, but I still had a great time watching it, only because these characters have evolved in front of us a great deal & have given us so much of warmth that it feels you’re watching your own people & their lives unfolding in front of you. I think it is amazing that where they gave a lot of coverage to who Gulistan used to be, they are now taking their time in showing what is he trying to be. This episode revolved around the subject of Aurang’s marriage & the reaction of all the ladies, I feel may be the outcome will be different to what we are being shown right now because this drama has always been unpredictable & that makes it even more exciting where at this stage, we all are still left guessing & wondering about what is in store for us! What an amazing journey it has been so far!

Seriously, who does Sherbano think she is fooling? She tried really hard to convince Da Jee to prevent Aurang Palwasha’s marriage from happening but she had no idea that Gulistan had made his mind way before. Even though Sherbano tried to use her own marriage as an excuse but she thinks Gulistan doesn’t know her & that is her biggest mistake. The way Gulistan cut her words short & told her to look after her home went to show that even he is well aware of what Sherbano is capable of. Even though Gulistan was a little too busy all his life taking care of his father’s business, but when it comes to him being a father, he was never oblivious of each one of his children & their personality traits. Gulistan has pretty much lost hope in Sherbano that is why he remains unaffected by what she is doing & what is happening in her life.

What Gulistan did to that stranger went to show that it was his own frustration building inside him that got the better of him. What Gulistan said to that poor fellow were basically the things he was rebuking himself for. Gulistan knows he has wasted his entire life in doing things which weren’t right & now as the time is passing by, each & every single day serves as a reminder to him of the entire time, almost entire life that he has wasted. Even though I didn’t understand the lyrics of that song clearly but I am sure it had everything to do with Gulistan’s Achilles Heel. I also feel that just because Gulistan always had this religious side to him, that know-how has finally taken its course & is helping him in putting things into perspective. Gulistan was always in touch with religion, while still doing something that any child would do, which was following the footsteps of his father without questioning him & without realizing whether it was right or wrong, but now after losing so much, he has finally realized that he has wasted probably his entire life, that is why he finally admitted that despite living such a long life, Baraan Khan didn’t make anything out of it. I loved the conversation Gulistan had with Shireen, he connects with her on a very different level & it is something beautiful to see.

I loved the hug that Aurang & Gulistan shared. Aurang as a son can see the drastic changes in his father. Aurang has seen his father’s both good & bad side. For Aurang, Gulistan was always an embodiment of pride & arrogance but now every single day, Gulistan is changing Aurang’s opinion about himself, that is why Aurang has not only grown closer to him but he has developed a lot of respect for his father too. The way Aurang hugged his father represented how much Aurang feels for him & for all the losses that he has endured.

Palwasha finally got to realize that things were pretty different in Gulistan’s house for her, the vibe that she got from Shireen & Shameem confirmed her worst fears. The conversation that Shireen & Palwasha had was simple but beautiful. I love how the writer plays with these characters & where at one point he might make them seem a little selfish, on the other, he makes them look like a victim too. Shireen did use Gulistan’s name but didn’t honestly say that this is what she also wanted, at that moment, I felt bad for Palwasha, but the next moment when I read Palwasha’s letter to Shireen, I felt bad for Shireen & this is what have always loved about this drama & its characters, that pretty much the very next moment, you get an entirely different perspective & insight into the characters. Shameem has given up on the hope of seeing Palwasha as her daughter in law because she knows that Gulistan will only do as he pleases & since he has already decided that he wants Aurang to get married to Shireen, nothing can change decision now. Somehow I have a feeling that may be the guilt will become overbearing for Shireen & may be she will back out, but let’s see!

I had a good laugh at the Insha Allah that Durkhane’s mother uttered when Durkhane’s mum in law to be spoke about her death, lol. I love the comic timing of all these actors I swear & I will thank the writer for having such an amazing sense of humor. Somehow when I saw Sherbano dancing & Gulistan walking on to that scene, it took me back to how he walked in on Rakshi when she was dancing, like is this another reality check that Gulistan got all of a sudden? Must be!

I had a great time watching this episode. For the first time it seems that the preview that was shown last week was misleading. Throughout this episode I kept on waiting for Gulistan Shameem’s conversation where Gulistan intends to tell her another secret but looks like we’ll have to wait another week. I think Aurang will find out about Gulistan’s decision but let’s see & also, seeing Palwasha all heart-broken, I am interested to see what havoc Torah Khan will create this time around. Uzma Hassan is such a phenomenal actor, like every time she embraces the screen, she makes us all hate Sherbano’s character so much, which goes to show what a powerful actor she is. Sharmeen Ali & Kubra Khan both performed brilliantly as well in this episode. I can’t wait for the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sang e Marmar.

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ps: I really wish that the so called #TeamPalwasha will share their opinions respectfully & not only with an intent of disagreeing/arguing with the reviewer. Also, you guys don’t need to gang up to make your voice heard. I hope you guys realize that just like you guys are free to have your own thought process & opinions, similarly, I am entitled to have mine too so when I am not convincing anyone to see the drama through my perspective, you guys shouldn’t as well. I am definitely not in a mood for unnecessary arguments, hope you guys understand! Thanks!

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