Sangat – The Most Reckless Script Ever!

Adnan has conveniently been relegated to the background and this drama is now all about Ayesha’s relationship with Shahwez. Watching a rape victim confide in her rapist and then asking him for suggestions or what looked more like support and help had to be the worst thing we have witnessed in any drama so far. Ayesha cannot confide in her mother who is a very strong woman because somehow she feels that Shahwez is the only one who will have a solution to her problem. Wasn’t it bad enough that this person violated her in the worst way possible, now the viewers have to watch her relying on him as well. Who is the real victim here? Shahwez, Ayesha, Adnan or Sangat? Sangat has practically been disowned by everyone. Ayesha is not thinking about getting her daughter treated but she is still thinking of ways to get rid of this child. It is just plain sad how the status of a mother in this drama has been turned into a monster who is capable of thinking about everyone else except their own child. Why couldn’t Ayesha dedicate her life to Sangat? If “that room” reminds Shahwez of what he did to Ayesha howcome Sangat does not remind him of how he violated her since she was a direct outcome of that act??? Is the writer trying to show that Shahwez is a better human being than Adnan and Ayesha because he is willing to accept a child no one else is willing to take responsibility for?

One more question…..Was Sangat’s illness used only to take the story forward? And now that it serves no purpose, there is absolutely no mention of her illness. When Ayesha was at her in laws’ house, every other day Sangat used to end up in the hospital and now all of a sudden she is steady and there is hardly ever any mention of her illness. The conversation between Shahwez and Ayesha after she convinced him not to kill himself was just plain shocking. It was like a conversation between two prisoners who were locked in a cell together and no one could understand their situation better than the two of them!!! Soul mates? Is that the other word for such people?? While Ayesha told her mother off by making her realize that all the degrees she had, had failed to ‘enlighten’ her in any way, it seems like she has stopped judging Shahwez altogether. The dirty looks and the mean lines spoken by Ayesha every now and then mean absolutely nothing when her actions convey something completely different.

This will be my last review of Sangat because I have had enough of watching a rape victim being ridiculed to the extreme. I would like to tell the writer of this drama that a woman does not always need a man in her life to survive. Also next time you sit down to pen a script please remember that a rape victim cannot have a normal relationship with her rapist even if she is unfortunate enough to be the mother of his child. Ayesha had much better options to save Sangat and to put herself out of her misery than relying on her rapist. Slowly, the writer is trying his best to convince the viewers that even though Shahwez is a rapist he is the only person right now who can protect both Sangat and Ayesha since he “loves” them both! Sorry, I am not buying this twisted logic at all! Sangat has to be the most reckless and thoughtless piece of writing and the worst drama ever made.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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