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Sannata – Episode 6


There comes a time when one is unable to judge that what will happen next; After watching this episode, I am feeling the same. Azam was bending towards Rukayya in previous episode and now he seemed to be quite much concerned for Pari while avoiding Rukayya to the fullest. My head is full of confusion now. Hopefully ,by the time I will reach at the end of this review, I will come to a conclusion.

Episode started with Naseeban and postman’s discussion which was clearly depicting that Ashfaaq Mamoo is cheating his sister by living a luxurious life and by letting Aapa Bi and her family live in starvation. Rukayya has already developed feelings for Azam and as soon as she saw that letter along with those pictures, her instinct told her that it will be solely for her. By the way, I didnt find that poem  engaging, except from its end.

Pari is continuously observing Rukayya because she is sounding so indifferent to her. Her Rukayya Aapa is slowly transforming her attitude into not-so-caring whenever it comes to opt between Azam and Pari and Pari is not liking it at all.

The Dargah scene was spot on once again. Modern version of Amir Khusroo Qawwali,sang by Sahir Ali Bagga, is as much soulful as the original Qawwali itself. It takes the scene to another level and create an aura that can’t be explained in words.And if we add Sajjal Ali’s absorbing expressions in that teb tou 4 chaand lag jatay hain. While Teepu (the mysterious man) is finding peace, he thinks of Pari as his Mehboob with the help of which he can get inner peace as advised by his Murshid.

Sajjal Ali’s acting in this serial reminds me of her role in Mohabbat Jaye Bhaar Mai. She is as outspoken and blunt in this serial as she was in MJBM except for that scary kind of attitude that she brought in her in this show. It literally made my heart to beat much faster and took my breath away for a second when Sultana was planning to end up Aapa Bi’s family peace  by creating fuss among them and Pari stood right at her back as soon as she turned.. Uff.. That was hilarious.. And that verbal spat between them was bang on !

Salma and Aapa Bi were not expecting that Azam will come back because according to them Azam had worst three days of his life while living in their Hawaili. But they were wrong, he came back and this time he had some plan in his mind for Pari. He tried to make her as much easy with him as he can and for the sake of gaining Pari’s attention, he asked Rukayya to stay away from him.

While exchanging their thoughts bluntly about Rukayya, Azam took the discussion to another level where he can make Pari comfortable with him and started teasing her just for getting closer to her. This was the first time when he came across the fact that Pari gets fits whenever she finds situation difficult to handle.

For the sake of recovery, Pari will have to go through torture phase and Azam will try to protect her. Thats what preview of next episode says.I am anxiously waiting for next episode as I want answers to the questions that are spinning my head over and over again.

Rabia Basharat.