Sannata – Episode 9 & 10

To choose between one you lived your life for and the one you want to live rest of your life with is getting more and more difficult for Rukayya. She is obsessed with Pari as she spent her childhood by caring and looking after her like a mother. For Pari,Rukayya was her whole world till Azam step in her life. Azam, being educated but not experienced planned everything in favor of his and Rukayya relation-Getting attached to Pari was part of his plan too. Rukayya was completely unaware of the fact that Azam is solely doing all this for their future;At the same time, he was unable to see/predict aftermaths of his attachment with Pari.

Naseeban’s love story took an interesting turn as she lost the one whom she loved the most and now all she can do is to starve for him – starving so harder that even after getting married to Shabban, she didnot give up loving that imaginary tree-man. Those scenes whenever she talks to tree considering it as tree-man were deeply submerged in emotions and depicted the power of true love to the fullest.

Being brought in that beautiful house was not more than a dream for Rukayya and Pari. They never came across with this colorful part of world. Everything sounded alien to them and they were so hesitant to the situation. After watching and observing Aish dancing for few minutes, Pari felt like dancing the same way too. Rukayya found it strange as it was not part of what she taught Pari throughout her life and the outburst came in the form a strong  jerk along with slap. It was her hidden aggression for Pari that compelled her do that. She was angry at her because Pari made her deprived of the feeling she was living with thoughtout her life- the feeling of being a mother. Deep inside, her insecurity was shouting out loud because Pari was snatched away from her by Azam.Rukayya’s perceptions proved to be a fallacy as and when Azam proposed her and told her that he loves her beyond her imagination and what she fancies about his and Pari’s relation is nothing more than her series of perceptions.

With one issue resolved for Rukayya, came up a number of more for her. She was all convinced with Azam’s affection but was unable to come out of trauma which she is facing because of Pari. Pari was the one because of whom Rukayya and Azam’s relation was disclosed before time so Rukayya was unable to find a way out except for accepting Aapa Bi’s command. Despite of having intense feelings for Azam, she ignored her inner self and compromised with what Aapa Bi wanted from her.

Azam knows that Rukayya is not brave enough to accept him as her life partner infront of everyone only because she is few years older than her.Pari’s obsession is not allowing her to give up her Rukayya Aapa for Azam and for that she tore the letter into pieces that was sent by Azam for Rukayya.

After following and searching for Pari for so long, Shaiqi finally found her.It was when Pari came out to throw the letter away and she met him.He pledged her to come to Dargah again as she is the only one with the help of whom forgiveness will be granted to him, as he believed.

Pari,right from her childhood, assumed herself as Rukayya. With her age, assumption of being Rukayya also developed more in her. What turn the story of this show will take, due to Pari’s split personality kind of trait, remains a question mark.By far, it is the most interesting and perfectly directed show that is being aired these days.This show is raising its bar with the passage of every episode. Lets see how story will shape up in forthcoming episodes.

Lastly, I am extremely sorry for reviewing it so late due to certain commitments.

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Rabia Basharat.


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