Saving Shoes From The Winter

With the winter increasing rapidly, our lips get dry, hair get static and most of all noses get red. In all this our shoes also start getting damaged. Winter’s harsh elements, wear leather shoes out. Salt stains emerge after a few heavy snows and ugly cracks form after weeks of damp weather. However, that can easily be prevented. This winter, we can save our soles by using these simple steps for wintertime shoe maintenance. This article is to solve the shoe problems of the readers. As shoes are a very important part of ones personality and people have to change their shoes regularly in winters, this article will be helpful for everybody. In winters, the shoes that are used are made of leather, fur or mostly or suede. It is easy to clean and preserve these shoes by using some simple household things.

Starting off with the salt stains on the leather boots, white vinegar is the solution for this. Many people use this trick to solve the problem by mixing white vinegar with water and applying it on the shoe with a cotton ball or a cloth. Once you find the stains vanishing then rub it with a dry cloth and repeat the process if needed. Many other ways are also used to remove the salt stains from leather shoes, which include; a good shoe polishing and using salt stain removal products. If you have other techniques as well then please share with us through your suggestions. Now coming to the hunter boots, rubber boots like these develop a bloom that resembles the salt stains but it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Olive oil when applied on this can help keep the boots safe. Apart from this warm soapy water must be used to clean these sorts of boots regularly to keep them safe from the winter.

Sometimes there are cases in which dirt gets stuck in the suede shoes. Most of the time we don’t clean shoes more often this is what creates problems and makes the shoe look worn out. In this case there are products such as suede eraser or suede bars they can be used to erase the stains and blemishes from the suede shoes. Other alternate of this is a white rubber eraser; it can do the trick as well. Just use it gently but first it is necessary to test on a small area to see whether the eraser is causing any harm or not. This is because sometimes an eraser can cause discoloration as well so you should be careful for that. Apart from this a suede brush can also help is removing mud and stains. It restores the nap of the suede and it can also help to remove any parts of the debris left after using the eraser. If a brush can not be used, try using a baby wipe for cleaning after the usage of the eraser or a small amount of detergent can be mixed with water to remove the dirt and give the final touch.

Sometimes the shoes that have fur as their part are often seen becoming rough and the fur becomes tangled and dirty. The answer of this problem is none other than corn meal. It is corn meal not corn starch. They are two completely different things so be careful. Corn meal basically absorbs the dirt and oil that gradually builds up on the fur. You will have to put the shoes in a brown paper bag or any sort of sealable thing that is big enough to fit the shoes, then add a cup or maybe two of corn meal and seal the bag and shake it well. Let the shoes stay as it is for an hour and then take them out and use a brush to remove the residues of corn meal. This will clean all the dirt which is stuck in the fur. Now coming to the issue of the fur heading off in different directions and looking messy, all you have to do is use a slicker brush which is actually used for the dogs and cats. It will allow you to comb the fur and make it look as good as new.

These are some of the issues with there remedies which are easy to adopt and good in showing results. I will suggest all the readers to take help from this article, follow the instructions and make your shoes safe and clean during the winters. If you have some other ways to solve the winter problems of shoes then do let me know by giving you precious and valuable comments in the comment section.

Written by: Moomal Hassan.

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