Seeta Bagri Episode 03 Review – A Little Too Rushed!

Ohkay so, even though this episode of Seeta Bagri was interesting, I am not too sure about the way the director has taken things forward because where at hand I was feeling a lot for one character, I was a bit too unsure about the feelings of other characters too. It is always good for a drama to have a good pace but it surely becomes a drawback when things happen in such a jiffy that important events aren’t elaborated properly.

Just because Badrinath told Seeta how he thinks Ratan should get married to Nandini, Seeta immediately backed out because she thought things through & every little thought of hers told her that this was probably the most favorable situation for Ratan as he needs someone’s support at this moment. It was beautifully showcased how Seeta was struggling hard to let go of someone she loved so deeply, but also trying to make herself stronger because she knew she had no other option left. Seeta has seen how hard Ratan has been struggling & he is almost at a point of breaking down because things are getting out of his hand, so in this situation, if there’s one person who could help him or take care of him, it is Nandini. Seeta knew that if she plans her future with Ratan, Ratan will have nothing but a little more worries added to his account as he knows Badrinath wants someone well-settled for Seeta & even Seeta desires being with such a life partner who is at least educated & does well for himself & Ratan’s situation wouldn’t allow him to achieve any of that as he was not in a position to. It was a well thought out plan that pushed Seeta to the conclusion where she had to understand that moving away from Ratan’s life was in fact the best favor she could do to him.

Now talking about Nandini’s feelings. To be honest, when her character was introduced, I thought that she was just a hopeless romantic who got infatuated with Ratan but may be after seeing his emotional inclination towards Seeta, she will back out & that’s all that I could deduce from her character but to be honest, to see her falling in love with Ratan that too so madly didn’t seem convincing enough. It’s like the director didn’t give me anything to understand what Nandini was thinking or what was it about Ratan that made her fall in love with him to such an extent, in such a short span of time because honestly, in this episode when I heard her confessing her love to Ratan, I found it a bit too fake & dramatic. I think where Seeta’s feelings were made pretty clear, the director didn’t really give much thought into the fact that he should establish Nandini’s thought process too.

As much as I like Badrinath & the bond that he shares with Seeta, I didn’t understand one thing, which was, that he immediately read Nandini’s mind & intentions that she was interested in Ratan, even though it’s been a few days that she came to live with them, so how come Badrinath never saw the love Seeta had in her eyes for Ratan? Fathers, especially those who are a single parent & share a very strong bond with their daughters are very very intuitive & they actually have the prowess of reading through their children’s thoughts, so I am not really sure how come he couldn’t see what was in Seeta’s mind?

Overall, this entire episode was quite decent but just the way things have been taken forward seemed a little unsatisfactory. Ratan & Nandini’s marriage came out of nowhere too because at one hand Ratan was dying to be with Seeta but just a single conversation with Badrinath, Nandini & even Seeta was enough for him to forget all about the love he had in his heart for Seeta? I am sure things will still be difficult for Nandini because Saeen won’t leave her alone & it will give rise to a new set of problems that both Nandini & Ratan being her husband would have to face. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Seeta Bagri!

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