Seeta Bagri Episode 05 – Episode Filled With Fillers!

Ohkay so, this episode of Seeta Bagri wasn’t as impressive as the previous episode was. I think this has been & this will be the pattern of this drama, where some of the episodes are going to be good & some are going to be just alright. I found some of the scenes a bit too unnecessarily stretched, backed with such a loud background music that in stead of looking tastefully dramatic, it ended up looking a bit too forced & dragged!

So, this episode showed how each & everyone’s life was unfolding. The initial part of the episode was dedicated to Mala & her tantrums. She decided to elope but informed Seeta about it, Seeta found her & upon finding what Mala was about to do, Ratan lost his cool with Nandini. It was good that Seeta tackled the entire situation with a lot of wisdom & told Mala that she should apologize to Nandini because Nadnini was just being over-protective. Even though I know it is good that both Ratan & Seeta have accepted the fact that they weren’t meant to be together, but seeing them behaving like complete stranger seems a little strange. Ratan also seems emotionally upset at one moment, but the very next, he seems perfectly alright with Nandini.

This episode focused a lot on what Haji Sahab & Ratan were facing because of extortionists & how they chose to file a complaint against them with the police. I am sure this issue is far from being over because even though for the time being, the police rangers did sort things out by taking the matter in their hands, those extortionists won’t sit quietly & once bailed, will create even more issues for Ratan & Haji Sahab!

Mala & Seeta along with Nandini came to a solution that where Seeta can give tuition to the girls, Mala can teach them dancing. Nandini liked the idea but she seemed more interested in the the commission that she was going to get. It was good to see how all the ladies came together & paved a way for themselves. I would have liked if they had shown that Seeta was not only trying to make a change on a smaller level, but she got along with Aleezay & started working with her on the project which was focusing on bringing a change in the entire community.

Overall, this episode seemed more like a filler & had not much to it because all the situations were elaborated by relying so much the meaningless scenes that it didn’t give me much to discuss. Sarwat Gillani seems to be the best thing about this drama, it is her acting as Seeta that really makes me tune to this drama. I think may be the upcoming episodes will start to get interesting because a new face & a new character will be introduced, not only in the drama but in Seeta’s life too. Let’s see how that goes. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Seeta Bagri!

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