Seeta Bagri Episode 7 Review – Purposeless!

Ohkay so, as the episodes of this drama are passing by, it is getting more & more evident that this drama is everything what I expected it not to be. I had such high expectations considering the cast of this drama but it is sad to see it turning into a star-studded disaster. I actually thought that the director will be touching upon the issues that the minorities face & how people around them empower them by coming to their help, but it is turning into a disaster with each passing episode because the situations are boring, one-dimensional & uninteresting. This drama is past the stage where the drama-makers take the time to establish the plot & now when it has happened in Seeta Bagri, it is getting confirmed that this drama & the story in general lacks substance & I don’t think it is going to change for the better ever!!!

So, the Star Plus inspired villain/hero Aakash was the one who sent police to Badrinath’s house because he thinks by saving Badrinath from the police, he will be able to convince Seeta & win her over. I thought Seeta shared a very strong bond with Badrinath, but that has fizzled out ever since Aakash has come into the picture because I found it actually hard to digest that Seeta didn’t immediately tell her father that Aakash came to their house in his absence & tried to harass her. Being innocent & clean-hearted is one thing but being slow-wit is another & I am sorry to say, Badrinath seems to be the latter, because his judgments have always been wrong when it comes to his daughter especially. Badrinath could sense Nandini’s love for Ratan after a minute of meeting her but he never came to know about the relationship that was budding between Seeta & Ratan, right under his nose & even now, he thinks Aakash is the perfect choice for Seeta, but from which angle, I am unable to understand!

To be honest, every time I see an emphasis on Seeta’s ‘education’ & how much Seeta ‘loves’ it, I can’t help but laugh because I wonder if Seeta feels so passionately about studies, why is it that at the age of 25, she has only done a simple BA? Considering how many times this fact about Seeta has been rubbed on viewer’s faces, they should have shown that Seeta just completed her PhD.

Honestly speaking, the entire track of Aleezay & Taimur is so boring, I mean a mosquito can easily grab my attention when they both are on screen as their acting, their chemistry & their screen-presence, absolutely nothing works! The dramatic scene that happened between them in the last episode proved to be a filler & the mention of it in this episode left me scratching my head, like so much drama for nothing? That surely was a case of filler gone wrong! So, Taimur is into Aleezay & he wants to get married to her while Aleezay is throwing tantrums & I am still unable to figure out why did the writer assume that the viewers will be interested to see a love story between NGO workers? Also, I found it amusing that out of nowhere & without doing anything, Aleezay & Taimur informed Badrinath & family that they will be opening a health & education center in their area!?!?! When did it all happen & where? I didn’t see it, may be the editor chopped those scenes off or the director didn’t shoot them in the first place!!!

The love story of Ratan & Nandini is cringe-worthy, to an extent that if you forward their scenes, you’ll feel better because they literally have nothing else to talk about. It is actually not fun seeing an overly grown Maina romancing & being mad about her Mithu. I just can’t believe that when the drama began, I actually thought Ratan’s character will have a very strong role play in the story but seems like he got tangled between Baby-Making & Flu-Eradicating Tablets, like euuuuuuu, their dialogues are just so cheap & bizarre…like seriously, euuuuuuuu!!!!

Anyways, this drama is getting worse & worse with each passing episode. I actually wish they had given Seeta/Sarwat Gillani at least 3 more sets of Shalwar Kameez because her repetitive clothing doesn’t make her look like a daughter of a man who makes Rs. 1500 from his fruit & veggie stall, in fact it sheds a light on how limited the budget of the production house was. Also, I think I ignored & avoided talking about this aspect for quite long but it’s time for me to speak – the usage of Hindi in the dialogues only goes to show the fixation of the writer/director with Bollywood or Star Plus dramas because being a Pakistani Hindu doesn’t mean your national language isn’t Urdu. It’s like implying that all the Pakistani Muslims living in Pakistan speak Arabic in stead of Urdu; their national language. Every region & every country has a particular language & religion doesn’t change that, that is why even if the director wanted to show them as Hindus, he could’ve just kept the language purely Urdu with a very few Hindi words which they use in greetings & stuff. To be honest, this is just coming across as a project that the writer/director wanted to do because he was too inspired by Bollywood Movies or Star Plus dramas because that Aakaaashhhhhhh echo in the background seals the deal as well. Please share your thoughts about this masterpiece called Seeta Bagri!

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