Kuch Na Kaho Episodes 16 & 17 Review – What Fun…Not!

Manhoos, bechari, ayah, goongi – and now besharam. You name it and Aina is it! With the death of Nadia and seeing Mohsin crumble (quite literally I have to add), Faraz quits his job and decides to stay on in Karachi. Since Aina and Sajal’s childhood home is now up for rent, the whole tabbar is staying at Mohsin’s house and for the meantime helping out with Tabinda. Mohsin’s hysterical reactions made me shift uncomfortably in my seat because normally you do not see men break down on screen like that and even if that was the intention, to show how grief has overwhelmed Mohsin, well Emaad Irfani’s acting was actually a bit on the comical side and secondly, it was hard to link this broken front to the man who was always putting his wife down. Yes, in the last few months he seemed a bit gentle in a couple of scenes but I could not help shake my head when he yells out (after her death) about Nadia not ironing his clothes properly. Poor Nadia!

Sajal and Faraz. Sigh. Do I have to talk about them? Okay, quickly then. Sajal is still spewing venom and is quite resourceful for she is still after Aina’s case but now is also ‘onto’ Faraz and keeping tabs on him. Faraz’s friendship seems innocent enough for now but I wonder if Sajal’s attitude will make him think otherwise. You know how earlier a woman would rarely have makeup on etc and come shaadi and she is always dolled up? That is the case with Sajal – in a different way. She was nice, sensible, warm – till she got married. This negative, wailing, self pitying woman is doing my head in.

As for Mohsin. He does not even know about Aina’s marriage, divorce and baby. Phir bhi the way he treats Aina is insane! Imagine if he found out all she has been up to. I found Aina’s cowering before him a bit odd but then maybe she is trying to be accepting since he has suffered such a huge shock but it is disappointing for I was happy to see Aina get a job and begin to look out for herself. But with this episode, the fringe was back in place as was poor, bechari Aina who now has a very desperate Noman trailing after her, making Mohsin think she is besharam for stringing him along and letting him speak to her and visit her! Noman is also a weirdo, for he happens to be everywhere – catching Aina on the streets, then watching her get hit by the car, visiting Mohsin at work. Yes, yes we get how angry his family is – I would lose my mind if I heard that line one more time.

And no, I have not forgotten the most important and extremely creepy scene. I say creepy for it creeped me out more than the movie Conjuring 2 that my husband had on TV while I watched these episodes on my laptop in an attempt to block out the horrifying screams from the TV! Mohsin mistaking Aina for Nadia and the way he poured his heart out and she just stood there – if that scene was meant to touch us, or be emotional in any way it really did not. Maybe if there had been some beginning of romance between the two, or they had been married or something – but Mohsin and Aina like that was too soon and too weird! Especially as it seems that neither of them is going anywhere anytime soon.

While I get Mohsin is grieving and everyone is trying to make sense of their lives, I wish Aina would bounce back and not take Mohsin and Sajal’s negative attitude anymore. Haye, Sajal really needs to get out of everyone’s life, mine included! It looks like Aina and Mohsin are meant to be spending more time together so then please let us get on with it and hopefully see more than a rerun of Mohsin-Nadia again with Aina cowering this time, instead of Nadia! I am curious to see Mohsin’s reaction when he learns what Aina has been through and whether Aina will come across Imran any time soon. I will be honest, not many dramas on air, save the truly amazing few are holding my interest nowadays and I did not really enjoy these two episodes much either. I do hope the constant negativity is sucked out soon. What did you all think of these episode? Please share your thoughts.

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Kunwal Javid

Kunwal Javid