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Sehra Main Safar – Episode 17!

Ohkay so, this was hands down one of the best episodes of Sehra Main Safar & I also must say that this drama has shown us probably the best closure to a messy relationship ever. This episode was intense, emotional & perfect in every aspect & what made it even better was Zarnish Khan’s phenomenal performance.

So, Ayaaz just knew what he was doing & also because he had a way of reaching out to Annie, he mustered up the courage & went ahead with his plan of informing Iqra about everything that he saw. It was quite intelligent of Ayaaz that he clicked Annie & Shehryaar’s pictures to be presented as an evidence to Iqra. Iqra would’ve never believed Ayaaz if it wasn’t for those photos but just because she herself saw Annie at Taimur’s wedding & saw the earrings she was wearing, Iqra had no choice left than to believe Ayaaz because she couldn’t help putting the pieces together & solving the puzzle immediately. Iqra’s approach was good where she wanted to have a conversation with Annie. Any girl in such a situation would want to do that but what made Iqra different was that she never wanted to meet Annie in order to beg her to leave her husband for her. She just wanted to get the confirmation in order to believe that both Ayaaz & Iqra weren’t mistaking the situation.

I so wish they hadn’t shown Nuzhat as a negative character because she is at side-st of all the side characters, so her being negative didn’t really make an impact & seemed unnecessary. Yes, her link with Annie was believable considering how Annie works in a parlor so the way Ayaaz got Annie’s number through Nuzhat was convincing & realistic but other than that, the whole scene of Nuzhat telling Taimur to not involve Ayaaz in his business seemed forced. Anyways, Ayaaz got Annie’s number & Annie being her bold self not only agreed to meet him but she thought that introducing Shehryaar to a random guy would be a great idea too. I really liked how each & everyone was planning something on their own like Nuzhat wanted Ayaaz to get insulted, Annie wanted to boast about her boyfriend in front of a complete stranger, but it all turned out to be a complete package & that too in Iqra’s favor.

Coming to the show-down scene, I really liked the way it was written, the dialogues that were chosen, the way the entire scene was directed & how well it was enacted too. It was the most important scene of the entire drama & it was amazing to see them putting just the right amount of hard work that was needed to pull it off. Ayaaz knew that he’ll be able to get Annie’s confession about her relationship with Shehryaar but both Iqra & Ayaaz never really thought that Annie will take it a step further & invite Shehryaar to the shenanigans too which will serve as the the last nail in a coffin. Iqra found out everything she wanted to know & all the things she said to Annie were spot on. Annie really needed to know that Shehryaar wasn’t trust worthy & how he wasn’t even worthy enough for Iqra to be begging him from Annie. Iqra knew she was strong enough & she also knew that it was Shehryaar who needed her & not Iqra who needed a man like him. I loved how no further justification were needed & no explanations were made, Iqra walked out that instance as she was done with him. I call it a perfect closure!

I really liked how Iqra’s parents consoled her & showed her their support because at times like these, girls going through such a tough time really need a safety net to fall back on & her parents provided that for Iqra proving that their love for her was unconditional. Iqra didn’t even convince her parents & just when she said that she wanted a divorce, they agreed because they knew that their daughter wasn’t the one who was at fault & ending a messy relationship doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. I was pleasantly surprised actually that Iqra’s mother who was quite conservative was perfectly fine with her daughter’s decision & not only that, she told her that she will support her no matter what happens, which was refreshing to see.

I must say, I really really liked this episode because it was different & the treatment all the situations got was refreshing to see too, where the girl wasn’t seen thinking about forgiving her husband’s infidelity because she needed him, she knew her life was worth more than living with a guy who never really loved & respected her, it was also refreshing to see the parents being supportive of their daughter’s choices & decisions because they had this faith in her that she was better off without a loser like Shehryaar.

It was good to see the karma getting back at Shehryaar but even then he was worried about holding on to one of the ladies at least because both of them did some earning, so if not Iqra then Annie was still an option for him. I must say I had a laugh at the scene where Shehryaar was so frustrated but he couldn’t afford to throw his cellphone considering it was expensive & he was a miser. But yes, I must say, I most certainly don’t understand the sudden realization that Annie got & also her response didn’t convince me one bit because the way she seemed surprised at the things Iqra told her about Shehryaar were the things she herself should’ve had an idea about. Ohkay, I understand, she must’ve thought that Shehryaar was buying all these gifts for her from his own pocket but the way she was like ‘tum hum dono ko dhoka de rahay the’ seemed unrealistic because she herself knew that the guy she was dating was married & was mooching off of his wife in order to save up the money to get married to her in the end, so how come this thought never really crossed her mind that all the expensive things he started gifting to her ‘after his marriage’ could’ve belonged to his wife & also before this meeting she was totally cool with the fact that her boyfriend was married? Annie’s track & reaction was a little unconvincing but other than that, the entire episode was brilliantly done.

I must say, Zarnish Khan has impressed me yet again with her phenomenal & effortless performance, she really has given Iqra’s character her heart & soul & it obviously shows. The preview of the next episode didn’t promise much but yes, I don’t really get why’d Iqra want to visit Shehryaar’s parents house before leaving him, let’s see. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this brilliant episode of Sehra Main Safar & tell me how much did you enjoy watching it.

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