Sehra Main Safar – Episode 18!

Ohkay so, this episode of Sehra Main Safar was good because it showed how Iqra was getting back to normal & was picking up the pieces. The best bit about this whole phase that Iqra was going through was the support of her parents because without their support, she would’ve never been able to overcome this rough patch of her life.

I spoke about it before & I will speak about it again that I most certainly don’t understand the sudden realization Annie had. She knew all along that Shehryaar was married & was cheating on his wife with Annie, so when she was perfectly alright with the fact that she was dating a married man, why did she start having guilt pangs & all of a sudden felt the need to retract herself from this path? After shedding a few tears, she was perfectly fine with Sherhyaar being married so that’s why hearing her say that she felt cheated upon & felt deceived didn’t really make sense at all.

Ayaaz helped Iqra get back to normal because he knew that she was a victim & not the culprit in this relationship. It was good to see that Ayaaz felt for Iqra & understood her pain. Without an ulterior motive, he just wanted to lend a shoulder to cry on & it was good that Iqra without being skeptical or analytical decided to rely on him emotionally because Ayaaz proved it once again that he was there for her like a friend in need. Throughout the episode, I really liked how Iqra’s parents supported her & thanked her enough for all that she had done for them before getting married. Indeed, it was only because of Iqra’s financial support that her father could get back on his feet, start afresh & be in this position where now he could support her.

I really think Shehyaar as a dose of negativity was enough that now the introduction of Ayaaz’s Bhabhi; Nuzhat as a villain seems unnecessary & looks like a poor attempt of keeping the viewer’s interest alive in the show by relying on the typical mirch masala. All Ayaaz did was take a decision of not getting married to Nuzhat’s sister, so it doesn’t really seem necessary to be showing her spewing venom against him time & again. Seems like Ayaaz’s mother isn’t too happy with Nuzhat too & for obvious reasons because she has done everything to disappoint her mother in law by forcing Taimur to ignore Ayaaz & not making him his business partner. I really think the addition of Taimur & Nuzhat is a waste of screen-space in this drama because their track is boring, has nothing to offer & is typical where Nuzhat is your typical Bahu & now Jethani & Taimur is only getting paid to smile & nod at his biwi’s betukki suggestions like an obedient servant. I so wish they had ended the drama next week but the preview has left me in doubts where Nuzhat is all over the place & Taimur is not giving her a much needed shut up call!

I must say the scene between Iqra & Shehryaar’s father was very sweet. Iqra knew that she won’t be needing these things again & if she had got them back, they would’ve only reminded her those painful memories from her failed marriage, that is why she decided to help Shehryaar’s sister as she knew that his family was innocent & they were struggling too because Shehryaar was selfish as he only cared about maintaining his lifestyle & not much about fulfilling his responsibilities as a son & a brother.

I also must say that the conversation Iqra & Shazia had was really nice too because it showed that they both were the victim of circumstances & now when they were past that stage, they overcame their insecurities & bitterness & understood that their family never turned against them. It showed that they both learnt it the hard way but in the end they did realize that at certain point, they were wrong & they turned bitter whereas their family only loved them like they did before. Also, Ayaaz has finally told his mother what he wants & that is Iqra once again. It was good to see him showing full support to Iqra & not letting his mother state the otherwise because he knows that Iqra wasn’t at fault & it was Shehryaar who couldn’t value her presence in his life.

Overall, this episode was good because it showed some progress. The preview of the next episode left me disgusted because of the negativity that Nuzhat spread. I so hope that they end the drama next week & don’t prolong it to show how jealous Nuzhat is of Iqra. They can use the next & final episode for that & end it on a good note because this drama is past the stage where the chewing gum loses its elasticity. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sehra Main Safar.

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