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Shakk Episode 4 Review

Thank you everyone who liked my last review and thank you everyone who did not like my last review either. You guys made me think. Per sochi peya to banda gaya so if you find me gone in this review, don’t mind it!

This week we saw further developments in the story. Sehrish and Sania were finally able to strike a friendship together as they went for a walk. Though for some odd reason they walked just outside Sehrish’s home and sat near that also. It was apparent that Sania was new to the surroundings even though both of them lived in the same neighbourhood. During this time period, Sehrish’s husband kept on sitting in the balcony and looking at her. Sehrish also knew about it without even looking up which was very cute and reflected the understanding and love between the couple. However, what stuck out as a sore thumb was that the road where Sehrish and Sania were sitting was far away from the house and balcony where Ehtesham was sitting. That’s why we never saw Ehtesham looking down and actually seeing Sehrish. Ah these production cheats! This seemingly harmless walk led to another storm in Sania’s household as her mother-in-law found her missing and called up her son telling him ‘Woh ghar se bhag gayee hai’. Even before this scene was played, I knew it by heart. I could even say the dialogues perfectly. Why? Simply because ARY had spent the whole week making us memorize the scene. Once again, due to this harmless walk, the mother-in-law ended up in the hospital. Twice lucky (not in Sania’s case here and sorry for being mean, can’t help it!) Badar Khalil had already given ‘mara mun dekhnay kee kasam’ to her son Ali. I wonder the age of this kasam, apnay bachpan se mein issay dramon mein dekhta aa raha hoon. Any guesses? Jo saheeh guess kar le Electra us ka hua (a la Neelam Ghar style).

In a jiffy, Ali winds up his business in South Africa (read just one room and one sofa) and lands up in Pakistan to honour his mother’s kasam and to ensure that his mother is properly taken care of. Due to this hullabaloo, we also got to know that Sehrish is pregnant. Her mother-in-law and husband welcomed the news, asked her to be extra careful now and started caring more about her. They had a lovely conversation on the breakfast table which was again in total contrast to Ali’s come back scene with his family where both Ali and his mother blamed Sania for not taking care of her mother-in-law. Ali also behaved roughly with his son who knew him just through the pictures. The kid was visibly afraid of his father and ran away which was once again attributed to Sania’s doing. Someone just knock her husband and mother-in-law with a fry pan so that stars race in front of their eyes like cartoons and they can see some sense (sorry for being graphic, I just get so angry at these two characters it’s amazing how I stop myself from murdering them!)

The irritating couple Maham and Atif surface once again. Ehtesham had confided in Atif about Sania being his ex-fiance and like a robot put on auto, he went to his wife Maham and blurted it out. Maham obviously wanted to make the best use of this secret but it was the bald headed Atif who somehow restrained her. She still mentioned it in a non-noticeable manner to Sehrish when they went to congratulate her on her pregnancy. Thankfully, these two had less screen space this time but I still wish I had a magic wand which could have made both of them disappear (the wand would most probably have been stolen by now going by Pakistan’s law and order situation but no harm in wishing!)

This episode further established certain things. Firstly, Sehrish’s mother-in-law is a very sweet person, the way she congratulated Sehrish on finding out the good news, going out and shopping in place of her and laughing at Ehtesham sitting in the balcony and waiting for Sehrish were all very nice and feel good kind of stuff.

The scenes between Ehtesham and Sehrish were also nice, when she goes out for walk and seeks his permission or when both of them lie in bed talking. I just wish that physical closeness shown in those two bedroom scenes was avoided. It somehow spoiled the otherwise good and fast paced episode for me.

The spooky smoke in the background of the road where Sehrish and Sania were walking was something I could not understand. It wasn’t Bhoot Aya or Koi Hai type of series or was it? Also, Sehrish saw from her room’s window that the ambulance was parked in front of Sania’s home. I really don’t think that Sania’s home was that close (or maybe I am missing something here, am I?). Expecting more fireworks in next episode as Sania would now somehow want to congratulate Sehrish and become the target of her mother-in-law again and this time her husband also. Chalain kafee batain ho gayee. Ub ap logon kee baree. Bus jo bhee bolain, khayal karain ke lagay tha kar ke is dramay kee tarha :)