Shakk – Episodes 7 & 8 Review

Finally the inevitable happened. Sehrish fell down from the stairs and lost her child and as I had predicted this caused a strain in Ehtasham and Sehrish’s relationship. I feel almost like a conjurer, bring on my crystal ball aur who kabootar kahan bhag gaye jo hat mein se nikalnay thay!

My heart pains for this couple as I loved them but what can we do! Bad things happen to good people and hota wohee hai jo manzoo-e-writer-aur-director hota hai. Ehtasham was holding up right till the moment Sehrish told him that she deliberately used the stairs as a means of proving a point to him since he had confined her to bed only and was over-protective of her. Sehrish owned up to her mistake of being plain silly which led to the incident but Ehtasham could not.

Btw this is another one of those plays where a miscarriage has caused a strain in the relationship. Other such examples are Shehr-e-Zaat, Kankar etc. Though it was done quite realistically here, falling from the stairs is again a ploy used in so many serials. I mean is falling from the stairs the only reason of a miscarriage. I can google and find a thousand ways but alas it looks like our drama makers have never heard of google! Koi in logon ko google ke baray mein bataye…

After the miscarriage, Sehrish is at her mother’s place and Ehtasham has severed all forms of contact with her. He doesn’t pick up her phone and doesn’t come to see her either. He doesn’t even talk to his own mother since he knows she’d ask him to bring Sehrish back. For how long he continues like this and doesn’t own up to his own mistake of being over possessive remains a question.

As a means of putting her down Ali allowed Sania to do a job. It was made to look like a great favour to her by her husband and mother-in-law. Lekin us bichari ko baghair experience ke 150,000 kee job mil gayee. We poor souls should all consult her. Hamain to experience ke sath itnay kee job itnee miltee Sania Madam hamaray sir pe bhee hath rakh dain.

To make matters worse Sania has found a job in Ali’s office as his project assistant. Ali is totally paranoid on having Sania on his team and Sania is not so happy either. Except for her son, her family is making it look very bad for her that she’s doing a job. Her husband is having inferiority complex on knowing that she’s more educated than him. Naheen, doctor naheeeeeeennnnnnn! The scene where Roomi says Sania should do the job was very cute. I have a feeling eventually Ehtasham would get convinced of Sania’s abilities and the two would get along but this would cause doubts in the minds of their respective spouses. The irritatingly irritating Atif found out about Sania and immediately called Maham to share this ‘big secret’ with her. Yar issay office mein kuch kam wam de diya karo itna khoobsoorat to hai naheen k sirf shakal dekhnay k liye office mein rakha hua hai!

I mean urggg we got to see Atif so much in these two episodes that I almost tried to hit the wall. Infact, we saw him much more of Atif (you hearing kidnappers!) than Sehrish. Infact, Sehrish had very few scenes in 8th my ‘favourite couple’ Maham and Atif in again many scenes Maham spilling the beans (not literally episode while I wanted to see more of her. Dil maange more! The preview again shows folks warna gand par jata aur production assistants kee shamat atee) to Sehrish about Sania being ex-

fiance of Ehtasham and Maham and Atif talking about the divorce of Ehtasham-Sehrish. Things are looking pretty bleak here for which we would have to wait till next week. You guys wait while I will try to arrange for some target killers for Maham-Atif.

Dialogue of the two episodes: Maan hai to lar lo aur ana tum dono ke beech honee naheen chahiye.




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