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Shanakht 03

Shanakht – Episode 09!

Yayyy, I knew it, the thing we wanted to see the most would be covered in this episode & luckily, the whole episode revolved around our favorite Annie & Rohaan, so once again like I always say, I’ll say it again that I enjoyed watching Shanakht tonight. :)

As usual, Rohaan mother continues to be unreasonable because she thinks her son & her DIL (daughter-in-law) are being disrespectful towards her & her feelings just because Annie doesn’t agree on removing her Hijaab & Rohaan supports her. The way Rizwan gave in while speaking to her also went to show that she has always been irrational & just because she has had a submissive family, she has become a control freak who wants to control everything that happens under the roof of her house but little does she know that Rohaan has changed & he will always stand by the right, irrespective of what his mother would want.

On the other hand Huma’s also being stern on Rohaan as well. Till date she thinks he isn’t suitable for Annie & to add to her woes, she saw how Annie was left behind but being a mother I feel all her worries do seem realistic & rational but I also wish that she starts looking at the other side of the picture as well where she understands Rohaan as a person & sees through him keeping his appearance out of her mind because till now, as much as Amjad appreciates Rohaan, Huma still seems a bit uncomfortable at Rohaan’s mention & she still hasn’t come to a point where she’d praise him for all the efforts he has put in.

I must say the best part of the whole episode for me were the little conversations Annie & Rohaan had with each other. Even though it was obvious that Annie will never speak up for herself but at least what surprised me the most is that when it comes her Hijab, she does share each & everything with Rohaan about what she feels, how she doesn’t mind people’s comments & what’s going through her mind. I also liked to see how Rohaan is constantly being attentive towards his wife & making sure that she feels comfortable. Even though Annie doesn’t say much to him regarding the behaviour of his family but the way he apologizes to her for the things she has to face goes to show that deep down he’s well aware of the fact that his mother’s being rude for no good reason but all he can do for now is to stand by his wife & be patient at his mother’s irrationality.

Even though I am glad they didn’t delay the story by unnecessarily focusing on Kashaf’s wedding, but the opinions of Annie’s in-laws did contribute to the story as they clearly seemed ticked off as to how Kashaf was having a grand wedding whereas Annie didn’t, but just because Rohaan took all the blame on himself, it shows that Annie doesn’t need to worry much about what her in-laws think because now she has Rohaan’s back & he’ll support her no matter what.

Few of the bits that I enjoyed particularly were the way Annie got awkward when Huma directly asked Rohaan about the honeymoon plan. It was really cute followed by another perfect scene where Rohaan & Annie openly discussed how their mothers are being staunch but they’ll do whatever it takes to change their opinions. I love Rohaan’s easy-going take on such matters because he knows that being rigid would only make things difficult, so all he has to do it work towards it light-heartedly with a lot of patience. This episode gave us a feeling that as much as Annie & Rohaan are getting to know each other, they are respecting each other more. I loved how Rohaan continuously kept on telling her how much he felt sad in her absence. I also loved the conversation where Annie shared the things her father said about Rohaan, it showed that as much as she was thankful for having such a good husband she was proud of the fact that Rohaan’s a great human being too.

I must say even though Rohaan’s sisters didn’t have much to contribute to the story till now; I am glad that the writer/director has used each & every character with a lot of planning where everyone has to offer a thing or two to the viewers. Till now I found his sisters just as fillers in the story but seeing the trouble Zubia got herself in & the way Annie got to see her, I am sure Annie will play some sort of a role that will make Zubia regret what she used to feel for Annie & how she misjudged her.

I also appreciate the director for the fact that even though Hashim, Shireen & Ahmad don’t have much to do now in the story, they always have a scene or two just to show they’re also a part of the play. I am glad that Rohaan called Hashim, which shows that his friendship means a lot to him but I still feel it’s the only flaw in the story that Hashim hasn’t yet found out that Rohaan’s married to his cousin Annie, that too when we know that Rohaan is Rizwan’s son who happens to be a business partner of Hashim’s father. I mean being the only son, Shireen has always shared each & everything with Hashim, so I feel it’s highly unlikely that Shireen didn’t share details with Hashim about who Annie got married to, what was the name of her husband, what’s the guy & his family like, that too especially when they knew Annie was lucky enough to have found a guy who matched her mindset, so all the more reason to be more elaborate about Annie’s husband. Nevermind, other than that it’s a great drama & I want to know what would Hashim’s reaction be like when he’ll return to Pakistan to find out that Rohaan’s the one Annie has gotten married to. I hope the way Huma has such high regard of Hashim, he convinces her that Rohaan’s a gem of a person & Huma gives in.

I think it was once again a mistake on the editor’s part where they kept on showing the mean things Haris would say as the upcoming bit but seems like that scene will be a part of the next episode. I really liked the way Rohaan covered up what Haris said about music. I am looking forward to that conversation for sure. I must say I am glad that Kashaf still has good feelings about Rohaan & she respects him because she knows that Annie’s happy with him.

So, this was it from my side, once again a review full of praises for such a nice drama & a beautifully executed episode. Share your thoughts on this episode please & let me know how much you enjoyed/loved watching it? :)

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