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Shanakht – Episode 11!

Ohkay so, once again it was a fairly decent episode with a little happenings here & there. Even though this episode was somehow limited in progress, the pace was still smooth with one thing or the other happening in it. Really happy with the way things are unfolding in this play & how every episode is different from the other where you never feel bored or feel that the scenes are repetitive.

Isn’t it good to see that Beena has taken inspiration from Annie? Beena on her own has started to conduct a research on the matter as she feels inclined to it & gladly she has Annie’s support. I am sure when Rohaan will find out, not only will he appreciate Beena but will encourage her as well. Obviously, just like Huma objected on Annie’s choices, Beena’s mother is going to react the same way but luckily for her, she has Annie by her side to share her personal experience & incidents with her to keep her motivated & make her understand that walking on this path is comparatively difficult as to how it is by being in your comfort zone.

Rohaan left & Annie got busy with her office routine but what I loved the most were their phone conversations. I think it’s been ages & I probably don’t even remember that when did I last see a couple having a ‘normal’ conversation with each other where they spoke about daily routines, spoke about how they missed each other & how the husband demanded his wife to come & receive him at the airport. I think this is something we haven’t seen lately in our dramas & I always wondered when can we get to see such a couple who has realistic & casual conversations. Isn’t it great that we asked for it & we got it? :)

It was indeed sad to see Kashaf suffering at the hands of Haris. He has turned out to be the meanest person & to turn Kashaf’s life into a nightmare; he even resorted to domestic violence. Obviously, Huma feels for Kashaf & so does Amjad but he was right where he made her understand that relations aren’t cut off on such issues because every problem has a solution as well. Amjad rightly pointed out that Haris was Kashaf’s own choice. It was good to see that Huma reminded Kashaf of Annie & her part in their property, which she is entitled to even if she doesn’t ask for it. Huma has clearly understood that Annie has not bothered her as much as Kashaf has, both before & after her marriage. Obviously, what Kashaf is going through is a rough phase of her life but Huma & Amjad can’t help but draw a comparison between both Rohaan & Haris.

I totally agree to Rohaan’s opinion of Hashim, he actually is a ‘confused’ person who doesn’t know what he wants out of life. The way he tackled his marriage was very immature. Him not telling his parents about the marriage was another thing but the way he kept Faryal in the dark was again really odd. He should’ve at least told her like she said so that at least she could’ve prepared herself for being sidelined like that. I don’t know why but I find this whole Hashim-Faryal wedding aspect a bit forced right now. I am not too sure why but things could’ve happened pretty easily because Shireen & Ahmad were never strict parents but to show Hashim’s negligence & the urge to go for a stealth wedding doesn’t seem convincing to me. I hope in the future they do have something to justify this move of Hashim or else if this whole family is treated as a side track, it would be the right thing to do.

Looking forward to the next episode already as like I sussed, Rohaan & Annie both will come to Kashaf’s rescue & will do their bit in making Haris understand that he’s wrong. I think from now on, the story will shift on Hashim’s wife & Shireen’s issues with her but never mind, as far as we get to see our favourite duo happy with each other, nothing else matters. :) & oh yes, I liked the whole Annie-demanding-gifts conversation too, because it once again showed that they both are a normal couple where wife demands & husband teases her, it was rather sweet. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, share your say about it as well! :)

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

PS: You guys might’ve noticed, I am posting the reviews a bit late these days, that is because the daylight saving has started here & the episodes now air at the local time of 2-3AM, because of which I’m having a hard time adjusting to this change. Trust me, I am trying my best & will come back to posting the reviews as quickly as possible so till then, bear with me pleaseeeeeeeeeee. :D
Thank you all for being so awesome. :)

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