Shanakht – Episode 14!

Hmmmm, this drama is indeed breaking some norms here. It was once again a very well-paced episode but the main focus was purely on Hashim. I do still not understand how his & Faryal’s track will unfold but I wish whatever happens, they end up sorting their own matters by leaving Annie & Rohaan alone.

To be honest, I really thought that Faryal’s mother would push her to stand against her in-laws but all the advices that she gave to her daughter really came as a pleasant surprise to me. I never thought that she’d tell her daughter to compromise & will make her understand how she needs to work on her marriage. After this I really thought Faryal would show some concern but before blaming her, I think the whole blame goes onto Hashim. I really am having a hard time liking his character because to me he seems like a very confused person who has got no brains of his own. One fine day, he woke up & didn’t want to get married to Annie. Another fine day, he got married to Faryal without even giving this relation a second thought. Now he barely has a time for his wife but he’s shamelessly eyeing his best friend’s wife & cousin Annie & what for, I really have no idea about that.

I don’t think Hashim was such a child that he really took his friend’s words about a religious girl seriously that he ended up marrying Faryal because after meeting him again, all sorts of different thoughts started gushing through his head & for all the wrong reasons. I was right; Hashim is a quitter because now instead of looking for solutions, he’s just trying to avoid his problems. He is capably seeing Faryal’s weaknesses & faults but he doesn’t have a nerve to take the matter in his own hands & guide her rightly. Does he really think that just by verbally reminding her repeatedly about the differences between the dynamics, he’d be able to rectify her & mould her? Hashim needs to give her some time rather than avoiding her using workload as an excuse & yes, why is it that the oh-so modern & liberal Mr. Hashim is having a problem with the idea of his wife doing a job? She belongs to UK & that’s such a done deal there, but his shock doesn’t help the situation at all. Faryal has a lot of free time on her hands so it’s better to utilize it because Shireen makes her feel unwelcomed, so to keep her sanity intact, Faryal has made the right decision.

I can clearly see that Hashim has started to take some interest in Annie because he wanted to speak to her but changed the topic the moment Rohaan showed up which I thought he might’ve wanted to speak to her about Faryal but the worst fear was confirmed when he clearly showed his disappointment just when Annie didn’t show up for the dinner. I really think the joint-project was a bad idea to begin with because both Annie & Hashim are oblivious of what’s churning in his mind. I really didn’t like the way he went around telling Annie how inconsiderate Rohaan was & how typical she has become because before saying all that, he needs to know that he has a love-wife of his on waiting for him at his house but sadly, he has someone else on his mind & that makes me dislike his character even more. I think Hashim shouldn’t really let the past memories cloud his mind to an extent where he’d stop seeing the good in his wife & will start fancying Annie as a perfect partner. Hashim himself knows that Rohaan is a very easy-going person & now while working with them he himself has seen how stronger their relation is, so before getting carried away with his feelings, he should rationally back out but then can we expect anything better from such a selfish person like him, who only puts his wishes ahead of anybody else? I so wish Annie tackles him wisely & gives him a shut up call when needed because let’s face it, Annie is way out of his league & I certainly don’t want to see them together, EVER!

Annie has pretty much taken the charge of her house & office & she is maintaining the balance between the two perfectly. It was good to see Rohan’s mother being all praises for her Annie & now when she has gotten to know her, she couldn’t tolerate the way others spoke about Annie as if she was some uncultured person. I think the transformation that Rohaan’s mother has shown is very realistically portrayed & what makes it better is that she has not only recognized her mistake but has rectified it too. & yes, I certainly like the calm & peaceful Huma a lot better as well. It was good to see her having a conversation with Shireen where not because she herself is in such a position, she tried to make Shireen understand how she should give a chance to Faryal as well because Huma was speaking while keeping her own experience in mind. Huma clearly misunderstood Rohaan but was totally impressed by Haris & now she has understood that you really don’t know what lies inside someone’s heart & just because she herself has seen how she was wrong too, she wants Shireen to let go of Faryal’s mistakes as well. To be honest I still feel Shireen’s being unreasonable because she is hell-bent on not budging & is so overwhelmed by the detest she has towards Faryal, that I don’t think anything’ll be able to change that.

I must say I had a panic attack when I saw the accident scene in the upcoming clip but thankfully the crisis was averted. I hope they don’t begin the series of misfortune after all this because first Rohaan wasn’t feeling well & then he had a minor accident. To be honest when I heard them talking about the flight, I was scared but thankfully Rohaan showed up in the next episode’s preview, phew! :)

This episode had some great conversations once again & I really like the way Rohan always steals the moment to praise Annie whenever he can. This time around it was her name that he said a few good words about & it really shows how sweet a relation of a husband & wife is when they’re completely in love with each other. Well, there is a jinx (Hashim) hovering around them & I so wish someone shoos him away, lol!

It goes without saying but I’d have to do the honours so yes; I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode of Shanakht as well. Share your thoughts, your fears & your worries please. :)

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