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Shanakht – Episode 16!

Hmmmm, it was kind of a slow episode but never mind, may be because they’re showing us new set of problems of a newly wedded couple altogether & also because we don’t think so highly of Hashim, that’s why his issues doesn’t seem appealing for now but after the preview of next episode, I am sure we’ll have an interesting developments in the story because I think this time around Annie will be involved in their fiasco too.

Ohkay, so Hashim is trying to change Faryaal because now he is not comfortable with who she is, how she dresses up & what her mindset is. It’s obvious that they both are having compatibility issues but on the other hand, I think Hashim deserves a credit for at least trying to face his problems & finding solutions for the first time. I still feel it’s important for him to change himself first & lead by example because actions speak louder than words. Till now Faryaal knows that Hashim fell in love with who she was, it wasn’t like one fine day without knowing much about her, he decided to get married to her. Hashim jumped into this relation with his eyes wide open & now if his perspective has changed, he should blame himself first before blaming Faryaal because she is still trying to make her marriage work despite the drastic changes she is seeing in Hashim which are keeping him unhappy all the time.

I think it was rather sweet of Faryaal to show some consideration to her in laws but the way Shireen reacted was totally uncalled for. I really think just like Rohaan’s mother, Shireen also needs some activity in her life because looks like her idleness is really taking a toll on her mental state & rationality. I think for once Shireen needs to understand that instead of blaming Faryaal & altercating with her, if she’d deal with her patiently, it would be beneficial for her own household. I really think it’s unreasonable of Shireen to blame Faryaal for everything related to Hashim. If Faryaal’s guilty, I say Shireen is equally guilty in eradicating the peace out of Hashim’s life as well.

Finally, I think we saw a ray of hope in Hashim’s life because all these problems have brought him to a threshold where he is really thinking about what’s missing from his life & I think this question will change the course of his life. I think this is just the beginning because before expecting anything from Faryaal, Hashim will now try to work on himself because he is the one who really needs to change & only then his life will shape up according to his desires. I liked what Ahmad said to Hashim because the sudden change in his personality will not only affect him but people around him too & it’s better that before expecting others to change themselves, Hashim needs to transform his mentality & mend his ways to make others understand what he wants out of life as well.

I really love how Annie & Rohaan are always a team when dealing with anything in their lives. I really like seeing Hashim, Annie & Rohaan spending time with each other because the couple doesn’t know how they’re indirectly helping Hashim in revaluating the priorities in his life. I think it was a subtle but a right move where Hashim decided to involve Annie & seek her help as he knows Annie has left a great impression on Faryaal & she can really make Faryaal understand the situation better.

Overall, it was a pretty decent episode & yes, now I can watch Shanakht peacefully because the fear of something happening to Rohaan has subsided. Phew! Share your thoughts please. :)

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