Shanakht – Episode 17!

Ohkay so, I think the show has reached to its final stages where the last things are being taken care of & then they’ll wrap up the story properly with a happy ending. Things have gotten worse only so that they can be sorted out once & for all.

I’m sorry to say but Hashim is a perfect example of a hypocrite person who is selfish to the core. First he got married to the girl of his choice because he had some agendas in his mind, by ignoring rather forgetting about his parents completely & now ever since he has gotten married, he has wanted to see such changes in his wife that she is unaware of. How is Faryaal supposed to know what change Hashim’s in a mood to see today? It’s like as the days are passing by Hashim is getting more & more conscious about his wife’s personality, attitude & behaviour only for the worst. I think when Hashim himself didn’t care about his parents at all, how does he expect Faryaal to walk an extra mile for them? What she knew all along is that she was Hashim’s priority because he gave her such an impression & now when she is only focusing on her husband, Hashim has an issue with that too. He needs to know that Faryaal is just being herself where she is comfortable with him & also with the people around her, so his long sermons do not help the situation at all.

I know a few readers might not agree with me on this but I think Faryaal is fully justified in how she is reacting because she has a full right to be frustrated. Ever since she has walked into Hashim’s life, she has only seen herself being compared to Annie & has always been belittled because of her. I think any girl would react exactly the same way when she will see her husband being a fan of some other lady & wanting his wife to change herself so that she can reach the bar raised by the ideal woman & also I think it was way out of the line for Hashim to admit that he regrets rejecting Annie, this would’ve definitely cause a dent on Faryaal’s ego so he shouldn’t expect her to stay quiet on this. I find Faryaal justified because like she said, Hashim liked her the way she was & how in her wildest dream she would’ve thought that one fine day her husband will wake up from a deep slumber & will have an entirely new ideology up his sleeve. Faryaal belongs to UK & she isn’t conscious of those values or constraints a Pakistani family follows, so instead of being frustrated & impatient, Hashim should try to convey what he expects from her a bit more politely & appropriately. I completely blame Hashim for being so selfish & impatient that now all of a sudden he wants everything to happen according to him & he has so quickly fallen out of love & has grown out of his marriage that everything Faryaal does only makes him uncomfortable & unhappy.

Another unreasonable person of this family has to be Shireen. She is bored & lonely; therefore Faryaal is facing the brunt of her MIL’s boredom. Hashim is Shireen’s only child & she’s well aware of how careless & spoiled Hashim was before too, so why is it that ever since he has gotten married, Shireen has only held Faryaal responsible for his behaviour? She doesn’t waste a single opportunity she gets to brain feed Hashim against Faryaal & still she thinks her DIL is the only reason of her son’s agitation? Shireen wants Annie to help her with the redecoration whereas it’s always the DIL who does these sorts of things so that she can show some interest in her home & feels like a part of the family. That’s another way of welcoming a DIL but Shireen has never taken a step towards Faryaal to show her acceptance & then she thinks Faryaal will change herself for her MIL whereas Faryaal doesn’t have a reason to do anything for anyone in that house because instead of treating her with respect & showing some patience & politeness to her, they all have jumped down her throat & have pressurized her which she doesn’t deserve at all. I know people think it’s DIL’s responsibility to adjust, change & even compromise but I think it’s the duty of every single person to act reasonably. Faryaal has herself heard Shireen badmouthing her so many times, so what makes Shireen think that Faryaal will ever be able to respect her & same goes for Hashim, the moment he hears his mother’s sob stories, he loses his calm with Faryaal, so if he was such a mama’s boy, why didn’t he think about his mother before getting married to Faryaal in the first place?

Even though I feel bad for Annie for what she had to go through but I felt equally bad for Faryaal where Hashim screamed at her in front of Annie. I think before expecting anything from anyone, Hashim needs to bring a change in himself because he should know, changes don’t occur overnight, there’s a lot that has to be sacrificed in order to achieve something & if he wants to see Faryaal adjusting to his liking, then he should give her some time & more than that, some respect because by the end of the day, she’s his wife & not some servant who’d only follow his commands. I don’t think even after Hashim will change, I’d ever bring myself to like his mean character because he wouldn’t do anything for anyone but will expect that the universe will revolve around him. Share your thoughts on this episode please.

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