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Shanakht – The End! <3

AWWWWW! So with this episode, the journey of Shanakht has come to an end. I can’t praise this drama & the effort of the whole team enough for giving us such beautiful characters & an equally beautiful play that’s going to stay with us for a long long time. I must say, this drama was a complete package & the note at which it ended didn’t really leave a space for anything else & for me it was perfection personified. :)

The issues of Faryaal & Hashim’s marital life took a bad turn & when they were about to fall apart, people around them made an effort to bring them back together. I actually laughed when I heard Shireen saying she has compromised a lot on her own because that was nothing but a lie. I am glad that Ahmad took the situation in his own hands & tried to knock some sense into the Ma-Beta duo who were hell bent on ruining the peace in their home. Shireen actually needed a reality check because like Ahmad rightly said, she was equally blameworthy for instigating the havoc that overtook Faryaal & Hashim’s lives. Both Shireen & Hashim were responsible for the way Faryaal was behaving because she was justified in doing that as all she had to do was see herself getting compared to Annie for no good reason. I am sure if it wasn’t for Ahmad, Shireen would’ve left no stone unturned to part her son & daughter-in-law. Ahmad’s intervention couldn’t have come at a better time because he saw how constant comparison, nagging & taunting took a toll on Faryaal which also affected Annie in some way.

Faryaal felt she needed to speak to Rohaan because she thought she knew what was going on between Hashim & Annie but I loved that conversation where Rohaan clearly told her how much he trusted Annie. Another beautiful aspect that was covered in this play & was emphasized on enough through their relation was that the element of trust is the most important factor for having a successful martial life. Rohaan knew where Faryaal was going with her allegations & he stopped her at that very moment because he knew both Faryaal & Hashim were facing problems but that didn’t mean Annie should face the brunt for something she wasn’t responsible for.

After days of sulking over what Faryaal said, Annie decided to overcome it with the help of Rohaan & then she decided to deal with the issue because she only wanted to save Faryaal & Hashim’s marriage. I loved the final confrontation between Annie & Hashim where she clearly told him the things he needed to know. I must say once again Hashim proved himself to be such a person who lacks a mind of his own & has no direction in life whatsoever because in the end he ended up getting influenced by Annie as well. I know what Annie said saved their marriage & it was supposed to be that way but seems like Hashim never really used his brains himself & always wanted someone to hold his hand & lead his way. Anyhow, I loved the conversation Annie had with him because it was written perfectly where she really made him realize his mistakes & sided with Faryaal because all this while, she was never at fault. So, with this, the mess of Hashim’s life got sorted & Faryaal was spared from the further misery & I think no other end would’ve suited this drama better.

In the end, I just want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to the writer/director Amna Nawaz Khan for giving us Shanakht; a beautiful play that we all were waiting for. For me, Shanakht wasn’t just a story of few pious characters but it was more like a journey about how they attained the inner peace & how one such decision changed the course of not only their lives but the lives of people related to them too. Shanakht emphasized on the fact that how people should lead their lives in accordance with the teachings of Islam because when you experience an inner awakening & try to understand what your religion says, it only has a positive impact on your life & then gives you an edge to lead an exemplary, influential & inspirational life. I am so glad that the focus of this drama wasn’t only confined to the dressing or a headscarf & a beard  but it had a very strong message within, which has been relayed loud & clear. A big shout out to the whole creative team of the drama as well & last but not the least, a standing ovation for Maya Ali, Fahad Mirza, Noor Hassan & Kanza Wayne for playing their roles to perfection, especially Maya & Fahad for beautifully breathing life into the characters of Qurat ul Ain & Rohaan because they’re unforgettable & will remain with us for a long long time. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this play because I actually fell in love with it the moment I started watching it & it has been a beautiful journey for sure. Thanks a lot to the regular readers & supporters for appreciating my reviews on Shanakht too. :) Share your thoughts & say with me about this episode of Shanakht please & let me know how much you enjoyed watching this drama. :)

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Zahra Mirza.