Shaniera Akram Slams Troll Yet Again

Diwali happened last week and it was celebrated all around the world as well as in Pakistan. Fashion designer Deepak Perwani threw a grand Diwali bash which was attended by the fashion, film, TV and sports personalities. Journalist Fifi Haroon was invited and she tweeted about it.

Like it always doesn’t go well with some people that the rest are having fun and they don’t have a life, a troll jumped and criticized her. So just when we thought it Fifi may give him a befitting reply, it was someone else who taught him a lesson. She’s someone you would never like to mess with. Slamming trolls is something she keeps doing and we love her for that. Well, yes we are talking about Shaniera Akram who had slammed a chai loving troll a few days ago and she’s replied to a guy who thinks Diwali isn’t part of our culture.

Shaniera Akram Slams Troll Yet Again

Shaniera tweeted, “One of Pakistan’s biggest designers, A world renowned cricketer, a dedicated international journalist, a popular budding actor, an amazing PR woman, All Pakistani,All employed,All working for the betterment of our country at their capacity! Which Pakistan are you living in dude?

Well, that’s one good response to someone ignorant of the fact that Pakistan also has minorities and they are allowed to celebrate their festivals with full freedom.

Sohayl Ahmed