Shart – Episode 02!

Ohkay so, this episode was just ohkay, it wasn’t outstanding but the flow of scenes was tad bit better & I say that because I felt Moomal’s heart-break & her character got a lot more coverage than it should have. I still haven’t been able to form a soft spot for her character may be that’s why I didn’t enjoy seeing how things were revolving around her.

Moomal is down & depressed because of what has happened in her life & I really appreciate what Emaad & Afroz are doing for Moomal because that’s what friends do but I don’t think it’s wise of them to put their life & their relation on hold just so that they can pamper Moomal. I still don’t understand why Afroz is so comfortable with the chemistry both Moomal & Emaad share. Emaad is giving her a lot more importance than required & Afroz doesn’t seem to mind it at all. Yes, we all get it, they are best of friends but I think when two people, who are in love, get married, all the empty spaces are filled automatically where your priorities change. Going by what was shown, it still somehow looks like Moomal is still Emaad’s priority & Afroz is just his partner who stays with him in his home. No matter how liberal or open minded one is, the comfort level between your husband & your female friend would definitely make you uncomfortable but I just don’t understand how can Afroz be so normal & remain unaffected when she can clearly see Emaad giving Moomal the utmost attention & probably the attention she should be getting too.

I don’t understand what Moomal wants. It was clear that she estranged her father to get married to Sameer but when she got him, she suffocated him in such a way that pushed him to find a breather outside this relation too. Previously we heard Sameer saying he wasn’t in love with Moomal to begin with but going by what I saw, he also seemed pretty much in love with Moomal, so what made him change & even if he wasn’t in love with her, what made him give up, in front of her, that he ended up marrying someone he didn’t love?

Obviously what Moomal is going through is hard on her but she needs to understand that when she’d come seeking a shelter in someone’s home & cry her wits out in front of them, they will consciously or unconsciously give her a lot more attention, which now is making her uncomfortable. Moomal has seen how much she means to Emaad & Afroz so it is obvious that they are going to do everything to make her feel better & they are only trying to divert her mind but seems like she has made up her mind to just be unhappy no matter what happens in her life.

I felt that whole ambush therapy session with the chummy psychiatrist was forced & completely unnecessary because it just didn’t make much sense. What he said was something which a person without a degree in psychology can tell too which was that Moomal should be treated like a normal person & she doesn’t need so much sympathy, attention & care. It’s funny how Moomal keeps on talking about what went wrong & what has happened to her but when someone tries to talk to her about the solution rather than the problem, she flips out. Moomal seems like a control freak who even wants to control the words that come out of people’s mouths. She is not immune to listening to others that is why she puts up a show every single time Afroz or Emaad try to talk her out of this misery.

The note at which this episode ended left me in a great deal of a shock. I took Afroz as a wise person who wouldn’t commit any such mistakes but all of a sudden she looked like someone who’s gotten bored of her life & wants a new adventure for which she is ready to forsake her marital life & this was just so expected of Moomal. She literally has no life of her own because she has already ruined hers, so she obviously needs some activity in her life to prove her point of how bechari she is & how bad Sameer was, because of which she is ready to wreck Afroz’s home too. I don’t think this isn’t how you pay back those people who have helped you in your hour of need.

I really wanted the story to shift from Moomal onto someone else but going by the preview, it is obvious that she’s going to be all over the place as she now has a new target to achieve. I hope Sameer outbids her & teaches her a few lessons in life, which she obviously hasn’t even after a failed marriage. Anyways, this was it from my side. I really like Nida Khan’s wardrobe & I still am having a trouble seeing her & Ayesha Khan as age fellows because they just don’t look like it. I tried to ignore talking about the unnecessary skinship in the first episode but now I too think they are taking the comfort level between the friends to a whole new level which is so unrequired & unpleasant to see. They could’ve gone without it because it just wouldn’t have changed anything & it doesn’t contribute to the story in any way. So, there you go, share your say about this episode please & let me know how did you find it.

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