Shart – Episode 04!

Ohkay so, even though the story for now is hideous, the direction is still better & that makes it easier to watch. More than the current situation, I am interested in finding out what happens by the end of the betting period because I really want to see what their reactions will be & what would’ve transpired by then.

Just because Moomal hates to lose, she is ready to keep the guilt pangs aside & is willing to stay focused on her motive, which is to draw Emaad towards her & that is completely ridiculous. She knows what it feels like when your marriage falls apart but still she is ready to take that chance to prove something to Afroz. Why does Moomal forget that both Emaad & Afroz are her best friends & are those people who have helped her in the lowest point of her life, but just because her brain is small & her ego is bigger, she is doing something completely wrong? Moomal should know that this trait of hers to win every single time has taken her nowhere & she has ended up losing everything she has ever loved, so why doesn’t she take this as an opportunity to rectify herself? At one hand she poses to be a lot more shattered but on the other, she knows what her problem is but chooses to overlook it? Even though they have shown us plenty of times how Moomal feels bad about what she is doing but then she was the one who proposed this bet to Afroz, she was the one who instigated all this & she was the one who couldn’t see how her best friend Afroz was madly in love with her husband & trusted him blindly, so none of her guilt pangs compensate for what she is doing & none of it make her look innocent.

Even though what Moomal is doing is wrong but the way Emaad is taking all that is a lot shadier. Does he really think that by ignoring his wife & by giving an undivided attention to a girl who is suffering from heartbreak, he is actually helping her? Only Emaad knows deep down what he feels for Moomal so he has a lot more reasons to maintain a safe distance from her because for him, Afroz should be everything & a centre of his universe but sadly, his orbits have shifted. Even though it may seem that he is only trying to help Moomal but he should also be aware of the fact that he may be giving some wrong signals & especially the mental state in which Moomal is, she is a lot more vulnerable & he can unintentionally fall for him, so he should really know where to draw a line. He has started to lie to Afroz because of Moomal, he is doing things which he doesn’t usually do because of Moomal & when he is around Moomal, he forgets about everything else, so I think he should really gather himself & go back to where he actually belongs. While saying I love you to Afroz, more than he was telling it to her, he was actually reminding himself about his responsibilities. The thing I hated the most was that even though he only is trying to help Moomal & even though he doesn’t know about the bet yet, after receiving some fishy signals from Moomal, he was actually trying to give a meaning to all this. He still referred to Moomal as his ‘mohabbat’ while Afroz was right next to him, so his love confession to Afroz seemed nothing but a farce because he himself knows he doesn’t mean all that as he is pretty much in love with Moomal; his ‘friend’, till date.

Instead of giggling at what Moomal is doing, Afroz should be a little more attentive & concerned because till now, Emaad hasn’t spoken to her about the passes Moomal has been making on him. Yes, Afroz trusts her husband which is good but then she should be a tad bit worried about the transparency that is missing between her & her husband. This is a clear signal for Afroz that Emaad keeps things from her because if he was actually honest & sincere, he would’ve told everything to Afroz right away so I don’t understand where does she get such a confidence from because if Afroz was a little more brainy, she could’ve sensed something odd in the way Emaad has been behaving lately. She might really think that Moomal is not her match & Moomal won’t be able to snatch Emaad away from her but when it comes to Emaad, what gives her such a strong belief in him? Yes, they both do have a healthy relation but as it comes across, Afroz has done some wrong calculations there.

Seems like Sameer has started to feel the absence of Moomal in his life but that is only because he failed at a small thing. Just because he couldn’t get what he wanted & he couldn’t prove himself to his boss, he started thinking about his wife Moomal. I really hope for the sake of Sameer being away from the mess, he starts doing extremely well in his career & gets so busy that he doesn’t get a time to think about Moomal because she has found an activity for herself too that is keeping her a lot busy!

Moomal obviously comes from a dysfunctional background where her father remarried & he estranged her just because she wanted to get married to Sameer & may be this is why she clearly has some physiological issues but that doesn’t mean she makes her best friends face the brunt of it. She has lost Sameer & she should be a lot more cautious because she could lose both Afroz & Emaad as well. I really don’t understand when Sameer clearly stated that he didn’t love Moomal, why did he accept her proposal? Both the girls in this group formed a new example where they proposed the guys & the guys set an example too by showing submissiveness to the extremely controlling girls & agreeing to marry them while not being in love with them. What a group I must say.

Anyways, so this is what it is. I really hope Emaad chucks Moomal out of his home because I really hope he has heard what’s churning in her mind & how she is playing games with both of them. I really hope he doesn’t fall prey to any of her tactics & saves himself & his marital life from getting ruined. Let’s see what happens next. Share your thoughts please.

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