Shart – Episode 05!

LOL! If you’re seriously looking to kill some time & want to watch a drama that makes no sense whatsoever, you can tune to Shart every Friday night because this drama has a similar pattern which is pretty much on the loop for now & this drama isn’t offering much because seems like they have nothing to show in the first place.

All the episodes of Shart are almost similar where they show us similar scenes every single time but in a different light. Every episode has a conversation of Afroz & Moomal about the bet they’re involved in. Every episode shows a scene or two about how hard Sameer is trying & the hard time he’s getting because of his boss. Every episode shows a cringe worthy scene where Emaad is eyeing Moomal & is on a trip of his own. Every episode shows a scene where Moomal is flirting with Emaad. Every episode shows how regretful Moomal is. Every episode shows Afroz laughing like a fool at the misery that’s about to overcome her life & then after every couple of episodes they show us a new character who makes an entry to impress Moomal & is so desperate that he puts all the desperado of the Earth, to shame.

Well, before Emaad was firing his staff, he should’ve fired Moomal instead because he pretty much knows she is making shameless passes at him & when people suss that, they talk about it so why was it so hard for Emaad to accept the fact that people are getting such vibes from both of them? Or even if not from Emaad, then from Moomal for sure? Looks like he will also end up firing Afroz out of his life once she will speak about him & Moomal in the same context!

To be honest, I felt sick when I heard Emaad say this was more like an ‘imtehaan’ for him after he unwillingly eavesdropped on both Moomal & Afroz. Well, I’ve got news for you Mr. Shiny Emaad, this is no imtehaan, this is a crystal clear situation where you are supposed to makes some changes in your life. Why is it so hard for him to just chuck Moomal out of his home? Yes, he is considering that but then looking at the way Afroz is hell bent on ruining her life, she will talk him out of it but then again, Afroz is a very flexible person who follows & believes what everyone else says or does, so it shouldn’t be a problem for Emaad to make a decision with finality about Moomal. I believe IF – after he has heard correctly what Moomal & Afroz spoke about, he doesn’t maintain a distance from Moomal then he is pretty much following the proverb which says ‘fasla na rakhain, pyaar hone dain’.

Did they really think that we’ll find Moomal (read Ayesha Khan) cute in such a bizarre portrayal of a home-wrecker? What makes it more difficult is the way she tries to act as if she’s in touch with her conscience by reminding Afroz time & again about how much she doesn’t want her to lose? The whole situation of this drama is so bizarre that it’s not even funny but I must ask, was Ayesha Khan so desperately looking for a work that she chose whatever gibberish came her way?

Oh so Sherry alias Desperado was absolutely annoying. This guy had no self-respect & even not even much brains to make a little more inquiry about Moomal before even asking her out on a dinner date? How much time it must’ve cost him to ask questions like who Moomal was, where did she come from? What was happening in her life & stuff like that? The whole dinner scene was really hideous where Emaad was having a moment of glory just because Moomal was point blank refusing to communicate normally with Mr. Desperado. It looked like Emaad felt victorious that Moomal was saving herself for him & it for sure was absolutely annoying.

I think Sameer’s track is totally one dimensional & has nothing to offer at all. Looking at Sofia saying that he isn’t focused & he isn’t fit to become a project head was totally unexpected because if there’s any person who treats his career as a priority is Sameer. What more proof does Sofia need when Sameer has staked his personal life just to shape up his career? Yes, they’re trying to show that Sameer is pretty much rattled deep within just because of Moomal’s absence in his life but then the events don’t make it seem convincing at all. Sameer just flipped out & got demotivated because he lost the project he was so eagerly working on so if Sofia wants to put a blame on someone, she should do that on herself because she made Sameer like that & his personal life has got nothing to do with his performance at work.

This episode didn’t offer anything new at all & in fact had quite a lot of mistakes when it came to the continuity in their dressing which makes it hard to follow the flow of scenes. Afroz was dressed in a blue & white kurta throughout the dinner & even in the succeeding scene where she conversed about the bet. Later, the same night probably a few minutes after that conversation, when she appeared after Emaad eavesdropped; she was seen wearing a beige/pink kurta? Similar thing happened with Moomal as well, where they showed it a single day at office & she was seen wearing a black & pink/red kurta & makes an appeal for the employee’s increment. Later, when Emaad is looking at her through the CCTV, she was dressed in something entirely different & after that when she comes back from the office, she was again wearing the same black/pink/red kurta that she wore before? It actually looked like it was a new day where she was gesticulating to make Emaad smile? I know all these things can be ignored but they do show the amount of interest the drama-making team had while filming this drama & it also showcases the lack of attention to detail. Anyways, share your views about this episode & let me know what do you think about this whole situation?

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