Shehnai Episode 17 Story Review – Bakht Making Another Mistake

Ohkay so, this episode of Shehnai once again elaborated that the actual nature never changes & the niceness you see in others is basically a reflection of what you truly embody. This time around, Bakht is repeating the same mistake as Meerab & it is interesting to see how the tables have turned as it will give Meerab a chance to see how he was once in the same boat too.

Bakht Is Giving Hunain Another Chance

It took probably a single meeting & a few sob stories for Bakht to completely forgive Hunain & she didn’t stop there, she decided she even have to forget what he had done in the past too. In this entire situation, it is pretty clear that Bakht is once again ready to give Hunain another chance & although she may not have thought on those lines, she just wants to do something to show Hunain that she cares & she actually does. It didn’t take Bakht a minute before lying to her father to that she could help Hunain because she totally blames herself, thinking that all that Hunain has been through is because of what she did.

Hunain is once again getting involved in this entire situation because he only wants to take advantage of this golden opportunity that has presented itself. As if Qifayat wasn’t enough that now Bakht will have to deal with Hunain as well. Qifayat is on a single track right from the beginning, he wants to grab the wealth that actually does not belong to him & now exploiting Bakht in an emotional way is a new low that he has stooped to. Despite being a negative character, Qifayat actually hasn’t earned that resentment but after seeing how far he has gone, I do feel he deserves some kind of punishment too. Yes, he continues to get insulted by his wife, he is treated as a nobody but that doesn’t seem to be enough because none of this has forced him to think about bringing a change in himself. Qifayat was mean & he is still is mean but now he is involving Hunain which is unforgivable. I am glad that before it was too late, Meerab figured out everything & clearly knows what is actually happening.

Meerab feels helpless because now more than ever he wants to help Bakht but at this point, she is not ready to accept any of it, especially coming from Meerab because she holds him responsible for hurting her father. Right now, it is pretty clear that Bakht has lost her sense of right & wrong & thinks helping Hunain out is the only thing that she should be concerned about.

Saima & Saiqa came back & Tooba made a truce but she isn’t paying much heed to it. Tooba doesn’t have anything to do with Saima & Saiqa but only because of Ambreen, she is trying to be nice but it won’t last long as she will eventually find out that Ahsan & Saima are still seeing each other. The side tracks contribute equally in making the story interesting as the track of leading characters. It goes to show that the writer not only added a lot of characters in the story but knew how they should be used to make it far more engaging. At this point, I look forward to seeing what is going to happen with Saima & Ahsan as much as I want to see how Bakht will finally fall for Meerab.

Interesting Watch

This episode of Shehnai was quite fun to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed Qifayat’s victory & happy dance that he continued to do enthusiastically that too in the middle of all the females. He was happy & he wanted to show it. It is also quite interesting how Maliha has distanced herself from her, it is like she has understood that she is not losing anything while living with the family, so she is on the safe side anyways. Qifayat definitely needs to learn his lesson & it will be interesting to see he will get there. I really hope Bakht finds out about Hunain before she gets further invested in him, but it seems things are going to get a bit too complicated once again. Overall, Shehnai is still a fun drama to watch with a lot of twists & turns which make it engaging. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Shehnai.

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