Shikwa-Episode 12

Okay, so this was another decent episode of ‘Shikwa’. Apart from Mehar and Saqib’s growing relationship, Sidra’s Prince Charming and some greedy relatives’ schemes, the story didn’t progress much.

Mehar has finally accepted Saqib as her husband whole-heartedly. She has come into terms with the reality that she’s now Mehar Saqib! She can’t stand anyone looking down upon Saqib. And this is the very reason she was enraged by that ‘abbu wala comment’. One thing did confuse me though: when Saqib confessed his love for Mehar, why did she seem so surprised? She watches so many movies and all, so why Saqib’s confession caught her off-guard? I mean, after all Saqib was doing for her, you didn’t have to be a psychic to guess that he was in love with her! Well, Saqib and Mehar have now started living a normal married life. Saqib’s slightly romantic side was a bit too umm ‘funny’ to digest but then again, I won’t say the scenes were lackluster! Saqib really deserves his share of happiness.
Saqib is about to leave for Sharjah and one of his friends has planted this seed of suspicion in his mind of ‘not leaving Mehar all alone in an empty house’.

Moving on to the side-track, our handsome doctor does have a name-Shariq! Shariq lives with his mother and sister. Munazzah and Adeel are clearly impressed by Shariq’s thoughtfulness and good manners. He even drove them home from the hospital. Up till now he looks like a pretty decent guy, and it’s evident that he has grown fond of Sidra! I don’t understand what were they thinking when they picked that girl for playing Sidra’s character. Since the side-track has to do a lot with her, she should know how to deliver her dialogues properly but sadly, the director didn’t pay much attention to her.

“Greed is the lack of confidence of one’s own ability to create.” I think this explains the cheap tactics of Mehar’s relatives. Mehar’s Phupo is keen on getting his son employed in Saqib’s company while Mehar’s Chachi wants her brother to go abroad through Saqib’s reference. I wonder why these greedy relatives are given so much coverage-they better have some significant role to play in the upcoming episodes because right now, their constant nagging is putting me off.

After watching the whole episode, I couldn’t help thinking why Mateen and his mother were totally out of the picture this time because considering the end of the preceding installment, I feel they should have showed how Mateen reacted to this insulting rejection.
So, this was it folks! What did you guys think of the latest installment? Feel free to share your thoughts!

P.S: I apologize for submitting the review so late this time. This weekend was quite busy for me. Sorry guys!


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