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Shikwa-Episode 21

Let me start by making an announcement: this play really IS turning into a shukk-causes-destruction drama. The episode literally had ‘been there seen that’ written all over it.

Anyone watched drama serial, ‘Meri Beti’? You see, thinking of a whole NEW story, and a completely FRESH development is a bit too exhausting, don’t you think? So our dear writer tried to take some ‘inspiration’ from Meri Beti. Samjha karo yaar! Writers bhi thak jatay hain, akhir ko who bhi insaan hain! In order to see her daughter tie the knot, Shariq’s mother wants him to agree to ‘watta satta’. And what amuses me even more-the actress who played the role of Junaid Khan’s sister in Meri Beti is Shariq’s sister in Shikwa too LOL. Shariq and Sidra’s side track was already a complete lackluster and by this obvious attempt of plagiarism, I am convinced that their main aim is to put the viewers to sleep. Believe me-now I can expect absolutely ANYTHING from ARY.

For a change, Firdaus Aapa was a tad bit tolerable (if not likeable) in this episode. That phone conversation with her son went on to show that even though she doesn’t admit it a loud, she does regard the way Mehar cares for her. Chalo, ek aur taraqqi hogayi! And I also liked the way she defended Mehar in front of Yasir. Haha, I never could have imagined myself using the word ‘like’ for something Firdaus Aapa had said/done :P


At first, I was getting the impression as if Mehar is deliberately trying to get extra-candid with Yasir but no- even when she went to the beach with Yasir, she made it clear that ‘Mei Mrs. Saqib hoon’. However, I still think going to the beach with someone like Yasir just to ‘kill time’ wasn’t something quite appropriate-especially when Mehar knew what kind of person Yasir is. Apart from getting a job overseas, Yasir’s purpose behind spending time with Mehar was also to make her develop feelings for him (at least that’s what I could gauge).  The only scene I found a ‘bit’ likeable was the last one. Firdaus Aapa and Mehar both gave Yasir a long-awaited shut-up call. By the way, don’t you think the camera focused on his facial expressions for a bit too long in that particular scene? I think Yasir now has some kind of revenge brewing up in his mind OR maybe the way Mateen was pushed out of the picture, Yasir would be gone for good too (I hope so). See, this is what I was talking about-the writer uses Yasir just for the sake of some tension and climax, and that’s about it! Now the only person who concerns me is Saqib. He seemed pretty sure kay ‘Mehar mujhay dhoka day rahi hai’. To be honest, I think the writer is too tired to have a clear plan as to what to do with the story.

All in all, it was one dull and dreary episode. As much as I enjoyed the last couple of episodes, this one proved to be an uttter disappointment. Did you guys watch the episode? Please share your thoughts on it.

Maryam Mehdi