Shukk Episode 3 Review

Shukk Episode 3 Review

From this episode onwards I would be reviewing Shukk for you. I hope you would like my reviews. If not to g jo karna hai kar lena,mein naheen jaan chornay wala! Also, beware that I have been quite inconsistent with my earlier reviews of the two dramas that I was reviewing. But I intend to do this one till the end warna sub ko galliyan parain gee including me. Why did I decide to review this drama (I know nobody has asked me, phir bhee bataunga bhayiyon aur behno because I am the reviewer here! ), I found this drama very real and not over the top like other dramas on air right now so couldn’t resist reviewing it for you people.

Coming to today’s episode, it started with Maham urging Atif to find out where Sehrish is busy these days. Sorry if anyone’s offended but each time Mr. Atif appeared on screen I felt like you could fry an egg over his large bald head (ahem,what about my own hairfall,never mind!). Somewhere Maham’s voice sounded like someone else’s to me, maybe Ainee Jaffri but I could be wrong. Off course to err is human and going by this definition I am super human.

We also got to know in this episode that Sania and Ehtisham were once engaged but then this engagement was called off. The reason for engagement being called off wasn’t revealed. We just got to know that Ehtisham always liked Sehrish and got engaged to Sania on his mother’s pressure. In future, this would prove to be a reason for ‘Shukk’ or doubt by Sehrish on her loving husband Ehtisham and on Sania by his husband thanks to his mother.

The difference between the two mother-in-laws was brilliantly depicted. Sehrish’s mother-in-law is sweet and understanding. She doesn’t blame Sehrish for not bearing her grand children and attributes it to Allah’s will while Sania’s invalid mother-in-law not only curses and abuses her but talks negative about her to her son who’s working abroad. She also tries to create rift between Sania and her son Rumi.

Rumi has got a liking for Sehrish maybe because of the tense environment of his house. He threw his ball constantly inside Sehrish’s house which landed each time at Sehrish’s mother-in-law’s feet who wondered whether the ball had springs as each time she threw it out it landed back. This scene was especially very cute and nicely done as Sehrish got that it was Rumi who’s behind the ball trick and brought him inside. They had such a good time that they didn’t realize that Rumi hadn’t informed his mother or grandmother about coming to their house. When they took him back, Sania was quite rude to them and her mother-in-law also shouted from inside on which Sehrish went to her and khoob lattay liye us ke (sorry couldn’t find a befitting English word for it so thought thoree see English kee tang toroon jaisay aj ke dramas mein actors Urdu kee tang tor rahay hain!)

Because of Sehrish’s outburst, Sania’s mother-in-law ended up in the hospital leaving Sehrish quite guilty. It was another cute scene where Sehrish and Ehtisham were going to the hospital in their car and Sehrish was praying loud to Allah Mian to save Sania’s mother-in-law. However, once in the hospital Sania was quite rude to Sehrish who was making all sorts of offers of help to her. Later, Ehtisham confronted Sania about her rudeness to his wife on the road. Sehrish saw them from her window, seeds of doubt begin to take root. Hats off to Ehtisham’s mother who understood on her own why Ehtisham and Sania were having a conversation on the road even though she got to knew about it from Sehrish.

The episode ended with Sania indirectly taunting Sehrish about not knowing about children as she’s childless and Sehrish walking out of Sania’s home. It might herald a new beginning of friendship between the two and off course thicken the shadows of doubt already there.

Overall the acting of everyone was upto the mark. Ayesha was brilliant as she confronted Badar Khalil (Sania’s mother-in-law), when she was angry even while back home, the way she prayed for Badar Khalil in the car, the way her expressions changed in the last scene when she’s reminded me of being childless. Adeel was equally effective as the loving husband, Shamim Hilali as the good natured mother-in-law of Ayesha and Sanam Saeed as the subdued wife who is at the receiving end from her mother-in-law’s side. Badar Khalil was however, over the top and loud. I personally didn’t find her part convincing. The child who played Rumi was also cute.

I also lament the screen time devoted to the nosy couple Atif and Maham. I understand they are there for a purpose but need they be present in so many scenes. They aren’t exactly eye candy you now plus their irritating tactics. The one-location where Ali, Sania’s husband talks on cell to his family also stuck out like a sore thumb (off course they didn’t want to shoot abroad but why just this strange looking room as one location, it’s as if Ali had nothing else to do than to sit in his room all day, waila like me!).

Now that I have said all that I wanted to say this week, I hope that this review turns out to be every reviewer’s dream. Maximum comments, maximum and unlimited praise in simple words and words for which you need to open Oxford dictionary, no one disagreeing with me and people saying ‘where were you earlier’. O God I need to open my eyes now, I have rolled much far on the floor after having fallen from the bed. O no Masi, don’t broom me, I can bath, I assure you!